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Top 125 Pakistani dramas to watch before you die

Pakistani Dramas are a mixture of soap operas, theater plays, musicals, orchestras, thrillers, fashion parade, and reality shows –all rolled into one. My list will make it easy for you to choose which one to watch.

Housewives absolutely adore Pakistani dramas because their focus is mostly on women.

I have compiled this list of 125 top Pakistani dramas for you to watch based on viewers’ reviews, recommendations by other media researchers, and reruns in other countries.


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1-25  Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani dramas Pyaray Afzal

A story of the unrequited love of a girl from a higher economic class.

TV network: ARY Digital

Directed by Nadeem Baig

Written By Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Starring: Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayeza Khan


Alif is about the bond of humans with Allah and how a guy and a girl reach God through different channels.

TV Network: (TV Series) Geo Entertainment

Created by Sana Shah Nawaz and Samina Humayun Saeed

Written by Umera Ahmad

Starring: Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Ali, Kubra Khan and Ahsan Khan

Pakistan- dramas Diyar e Dil

Diyar e Dil is a story of a dysfunctional Patriarchal family that eventually gets its act together.

Network: Hum TV

Created by Momina Duraid

Starring: Osman Khalid Butt, Maya Ali, Meekal Zulfiqar, Sanam Saeed, Hareem Farooq

Humsafar 2011

Humsafar is a story of how people from the opposite ends of the economic spectrum cannot mix romantically due to different attitudes.

TV Network: Hum TV

Directed by Sarmad Khoosat

Stars: Fawad Khan, Mahira, Naveen Waqar, Atiqa Odho

Pakistan- dramas Meray Paas Tum Ho 2019

A story of an underdog government worker who was about to be completely defeated by a rich businessman, who nearly stole his wife.

In the end, he gets to slap the businessman.

Directed by Nadeem Baig

Written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Starring: Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan, Adnan Siddiqui

Sang e Mar Mar 2016, previously Daasi 2016

Sang e Mar Mar is a story of revenge, honor, and traditions between a loving couple.

TV Network: Hum TV

Starring: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kubra Khan, Sania Saeed, Noman Ijaz

Directed by Saife Hassan

Pakistan- dramas Ranjha Ranjah Kardi, Hum TV, 2018

Ranjha Kardi is a story of an idealistic girl who wants to climb out of the grinding poverty she inherited from her parents, the right way.

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Directed by Kashif Nisar

Starring: Iqra Aziz, Imran Ashraf, Syed Jibran, Asma Abbas, Ammara Butt, Munazzah Arif

Zindagi Gulzar Hai 2012

Story about a loving couple from different economic backgrounds; the lady protagonist has a forceful character and hence its popularity with women.

Network: Hum TV

Directed by Sultana Siddiqui

Produced by Momina Duraid 

Inkaar 2019

Inkaar is based on the real-life story of Khadija who was stabbed by her classmate for refusing marriage.

Network: Hum TV

Starring: Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf, and Sami Khan

Pakistan- dramas Suno Chanda 2018

Suno Chanda celebrates Pakistan’s elaborate and rich wedding traditions

Network: Hum TV

Directed by Ahson Talish

Written by Saima Akram Chaudhary

Jackson Heights

Jackson heights is a realistic and entertaining story of Pakistani expatriates surviving in New York, USA.

Directed by Mehreen Jabbar

Written by Vasay Chaudary

Produced: Humayun Saeed

Starring: Marina Khan, Adeel Hussain, Aamina Sheikh, Noman Ejaz, Ali Kazmi


Dastaan is the story of the trials and tribulations of a Muslim family that had to migrate to newly independent Pakistan, with little or no resources.

Network: Hum TV

Based on Bano by Razia butt

Directed by Haissam Hussain

Starring: Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch, Mehreen Raheel, Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan

Pakistan- dramas Do Bol 2019

Another entirely different background love story, but it has interesting twists.

Network: ARY Digital

Written by Sarwat Nazir

Produced by Humayun Saeed

Starring: Hira Mani, Affan Waheed.

Dil Mom Ka Diya, 2018

A story of incessant greed, but popular

Network: ARY Digital

Directed by shahid Shafat

Starring: Neelum Muni, Yasir Nawaz, Hira Mani and Imran Ashraf

Pakistan- dramas Dil Lagi, 2016

A love story in rural Sindh

Network ARY Digital

Produced by Humayun Saeed

Directed by Nadeem Baig

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Starring: Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat

Pakistan- dramas Udaari, 2016

Udaari is a social commentary adapted into a drama set in the marginalized communities of rural Punjab

Network, HUM TV

Written by Farhat Ishtiaq

Directed by Mohammad Ehteshamuddin

Starring: Samiya Mumtaz, Bushra Ansari, Ahsan Khan, Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed, Hina Altaf Khan 

Ehd e Wafa, 2019

Ehd e Wafa is a story of the life of four friends.

Network: Hum TV

Directed by Momnia Duraid

Stars: Ahad Raza Mir, Alizeh Shah, Osman Khalid butt, Zara Noor Abbas 

Pakistan- dramas Khasara, 2018 

Khasara is a story of four friends that aspire to join the rich people’s club, but not together.

Network: ARY Digital

Written by Maha Malik

Directed by Shahid Shafaat

Starring: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Sarwat Gilani, Junaid Khan, Sonia Mishal

Pakistan- dramas Bay Dardi, 2018

Network: ARY Digital

Written by shagufta Bhatti

Directed by Ahmad Bhatti

Starring: Affan Waheed, Aiman Khan, Bushra Ansari,  

Shehr e Zaat, 2012

Shehr e Zaat is a spiritual journey of a lady from worldly pursuits to purely religiosity.

Network: Hum TV

Director: Sarmad Khoosat

Starring: Mahira Khan, Mohib Mirza

Pakistan- dramas Khamoshi, 2017

It is a story about two sisters having different outlooks toward life, one, naïve and straightforward whereas the other conniving and selfish.

Network: Hum TV

Directed by Ilyas Kashmiri

Starring: Zara Noor Abbas, Affan Waheed, Iqra Aziz, Bilal Khan 

Pakistan- dramas Tum se Mil Ke, 2015

Tum Se Milke is a romantic drama series.

Network: ARY Digital

Starring: Rabab Hashmi, Sumbul Iqbal, Affan Waheed, Feroze Khan

Pakistan- dramas Yaqeen ka Safar 2017 

Yaqeen ka Safar is a story of a boy and a girl who grew up under abusive and difficult circumstances, in their own homes.

Network: Hum TV

Created by Momina Duraid

Written by Farhat Ishtiaq

Directed by Shahzad Kashmiri

Starring: Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Ali, Hira Mani, Shaz Khan, Suhaee Abro,

Pakistan- dramas Meri Ladli, 2012

Mere Ladli is about the troubles of love marriage in Pakistan.

Network: ARY Digital

Written By Maha Malik

Directed by Nadeem Siddique

Starring: Sajal Ali, Urwa Hocane, Sami Khan, Ahsan Khan

Bashar Momin, 2014

Bashar Momin is a thriller that dabbles in romance, envy, greed, and love.

TV Network: Geo Entertainment

Written by Zanjabeel Asim

Starring: Faysal Qureshi, Ushna Shah, Sami Khan, Jinaan Hussain, Maheen Rizvi, Nauman Ijaz, and Hina Khawaja Bayat.


26 – 50 Pakistani Dramas

Alif Allah Aur Insaan, 2017

Alif Allah aur Insaan is about Sufi Spiritualism

Network: Hum TV

Directed by Ahson Talish

Starring: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ushna Shah, Shehzad Sheikh, Kubra Khan, Imran Ashraf

Daam, 2010

Daam is a story of two lady friends from different economic backgrounds, whose friendship is severely tested.

Network, ARY Digital

Directed by Mehreen Jabbar

Starring: Sanam Baloch, Aamina Sheikh, Adeel Hussain, Nimra Baluch, Sanam Saeed, Faisal Shah

Baaghi, Urdu 1

Baghi Drama is based on the controversial and path breaking Social Media sensation of Pakistan, Qandeel Baloch and how she was murdered by her own brother.

Directed by Farooq Rind

Starring: Saba Qamar, Osman Khalid Butt, Khalid Malik, Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat, Hareem Farooq, and Irfan Khoosat.

Aisi Hai Tanhai, 2017

Aisi Hai Tanhai is about the negative effects of social media in deeply conservative societies.

Network: ARY Digital

Written by Mohsin Ali

Directed by Badar Mehmood

Starring: Sami Khan, Sonya Hussain

Khaani, 2017

Khaani is based on the real story of the murder of “Shazeb Khan.” Shahzeb was murdered by a boy of an influential family despite misbehaving with Shahzeb’s sister.

Network: Geo Entertainment

Written by Asma Nabeel

Directed by Anjum Shahzad

Starring: Sana Javed, Feroze Khan

Mann Mayal, 2016

Mann Mayal is a story of love across two social classes – a topic that you find appearing quite frequently in Pakistani dramas.

Network: Hum TV

Written by Samira Fazal

Directed by Haseeb Hassan

Starring: Hamza Ali Abbasi, Maya Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Ayesha Khan, Aiman Khan

Cheekh, 2019

Cheekh is a story of Rape in a conservative society and the shame and complications it brings for the abused.

Created by Fahad Mustafa

Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Directed by Badar Mehmood

Starring: Saba Qamar, Emmad Irfani, bilal Abbas, and Azekah Daniel.

 Pehli Si Muhabbat, 2021

Pehli Se Muhabbat is a love story –period.

Network: ARY Digital

Starring: Hassan Shehryar Yasin, Sheheyar Munawar, Maya Ali, Saba Hameed, Hina Afridi

 Yel Dil Mera, 2019

Yeh Dil Mera is a romantic thriller with twists involving murder, revenge and love.

Network: Hum TV

Written by Farhat Ishtiaq

Directed by Aehsun Talish

Starring: Ahan Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Adnan Siddiqui, Zarnish Khan, Mira Sethi

Khaas, 2019

Khaas is a story of an ambitious and beautiful girl who wants to pursue her career and is being derailed by a narcissistic former boss.

Network: Hum TV

Written by Danish Nawaz

Starring: Ali Rehman Khan, Sanam Baloch, Hira Tareen, and Haroon Shahid.  

Suno Chanda 2, 2019

Suno Chanda 2 is a continuation of Suno Chanda 1, and takes up the story after marriage and the troubles that come afterward.

Network: Hum TV

Written by Saima Akram Chaudhary

Directed by Ahson Talish

Starring: Farhad Saeed, Iqra Aziz, Raza Talish, Sabeena Farooq, Nabeel Zuberi, Ali Safeena, Mashal Khan, Durr e Shewar

Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan, 2009

Network: Geo TV

Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan is about faith and fidelity for a woman in an Islamic society.

Written by Umera Ahmad

Directed by Babar Javed

Starring: Samiya Mumtaz, Faysal Qureshi, Adnan Siddiqui, Sarwat Gilani, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Sameena Peerzada, Ismat Zaidi

Aunn Zara 2013 A-Plus entertainment, 2013

Aunn Zara is a family drama about a couple that wants to escape their over involved family and the comedy that comes with it.

A-Plus Entertainment

Written by Faiza Iftekhar

Directed by Haissam Hussain

Starring: Maya Ali, Osman Khalid Butt

Ishq Zahe Naseeb, 2019

Ishq Zahe Naseeb is about the romance of a girl and even has some indications of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Network: Hum TV

Written by Hashim Nadeem

Directed by Farooq Rind

Starring: Zahid Ahmed, Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, Sonya Hussain, Zarnish Khan

Yaariyan, 2019

Yaariayan was previously named, apnay se ajnabi. This is a story of the love, marriage and disruptions of two sisters born to a conservative family.

Network: Geo TV

Written by Samina Ijaz

Directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain

Starring: Ayeza Khan, Junaid Khan, Momal Sheikh, Muneed Butt

Kaisa Hai Naseeban 2019

Kaisa hai Naseeban was previously title Mangharat. This is a story about dowry in Pakistan and the abuse that it brings.

Network: ARy Digital

Written by Sameena Aijaz

Directed by Ahmed Bhatti

Starring: Ramsha Khan, Muneeb butt, Uzma Gillani

Hum Aapas Mai 2019

Hum aapas mai is a story of five families living in an apartment complex and trying to be aloof, indifferent toward each other, not realizing their fates are intertwined.

Starring: Afshan, Haider Ali, Maria Baloch

Pyar Ke Sadqay, 2020

Hum TV

Pyar ke Sadqay is about two social misfit people, one a naïve girl and a boy abused by his overcritical father.

Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Directed by Farooq Rind

Starring: Yumna Zaidi, Bilal Abbas,

Ishqiya, 2020

Ishqiya is a story of love and betrayal centered around two sisters.

Network: ARY Digital

Written by Mohsin Ali Shah

Directed by Badar Mehmood

Starring: Feroze Khan, Hania Amir, Ramsha Khan, GOhar Rasheed

Phaans, 2021

Phaans is a story of a sexual assault survivor maid in a rich household

Network: Hum TV

Written by Samina Ijaz

Directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran

Starring: Zara Noor Abbas, Sami Khan, Shehzad Sheikh

Safar Tamam Hua, 2021

Network: hum TV

Written by Rahat Jabeen

Directed by Shahrazad Sheikh

Starring: Madiha Imam, Ali Rehman Khan

Jhooti, 2020

Jhooti is about a lying and deceiving lady who aims for whatever she wants without any scruples or morals.

Network: ARY Digital

Written by Ali Moeen

Directed by Syed Ramish Razvi

Starring: Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain

Raqeeb Say Hum TV, 2020

Raqeeb Say is a love story of a woman who escapes her abusive husband and lands with her former lover.

Written by Bee Gul

Directed by Kashif Nisar

Starring: Hadiqa Kiani, Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Iqra Aziz

 Dunk Hum TV, 2020 ARY Digital

Dunk “sting” is the story of false sexual harassment case against a professor that destroyed his life; it is based on a real story at Sargodha University.

Written by Mohsin Ali

Directed by Badar Mehmood

Starring: Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, Yasra Rizvi, Noman Ejaz

Dear Karachi 2020

Dear Karachi is a letter a disappointed inhabitant of his beloved city wrote to the city itself.

Directed by Shehzad Malik

Writer: Shehzad Malik

Star: Shehzad Malik, Sarah Babar

51 -75 Pakistani Dramas

Raqs e Bismil, Hum TV 2020

Raqs e Bismil is a story about the love that no girl could get or the one that got away.

Written by Hashim Nadeem

Directed by Wajahat Rauf

Starring; Imran Ashraf, Sarah Khan

Anaa Hum TV, 2019

A love story of a girl

Written by Samira Fazal

Directed by Shahzad Kashmiri

Starring: Hania Aamir, Shehzad Sheikh, Naimal Khawar, Usman Mukhtar

Mushk, Hum TV 2020

Mushk is a story about a girl from a conservative family who goes abroad for higher education and gets married of her own free will.

Written by Imran Ashraf

Directed by Aeshun Talish

Starring: Imran Ashraf, Momal Sheikh, Urwa Hocane, Osama Tahir

Deewar e Shab, Hum TV 2019

Deewar e Shab is about dancing girls who were once thought to be the epitome of culture and etiquette.

Written by Aliya bukhari

Directed by Iqbal Hussain

Starring: Nausheen Shah, Sarah Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Zainab Qayyum, Tara Mahmood, Kinza Hashmi 

Shahrukh ki Saliyan, Geo Entertainment, 2019

Shahruk ke Saliyan is a romantic drama.

Written by Muhammad Younis Butt

Directed by Mazhar Moin

Starring: Ahsan Khan, Ramsha Khan, Raza Zaidi, Rehan Sheikh

Balaa, ARY Digital, 2018

Balaa is the story of a physically handicapped girl who destroys all her relationships around her due to her insecurity.

Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Directed by Badar Mehmood

Starring: Bilal Abbas Khan, Ushna Shah

Baandi, Hum TV 2018

Baandi is about the sufferings of poor peasants of landlords and the problems their girls go through to escape.

Written by Asma Nabeel

Directed by Ahmad Kamran

Starring: Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt, Yasir Hussain, Hina Dilpizeer

Khuda Aur Muhabbat, Geo Entertainment 2011

Khuda aur muhabbat is a love story and spiritual journey of a loving couple, the girl a daughter of a lowly imam masjid and the guy from an elite household.

Written by Hashim Nadeem

Directed by Anjum Shahzad, Ali Usama, Syed Wajahat

Starring: Imran Abbas Naqvi, Sadia Khan, Kubra Khan, Feroze Khan, Iqra Aziz, Junaid Khan

Sabaat, Hum TV 2020

Sabaat is a story of a love between two university students who initially had different outlooks on life. It is centered in Rawalpindi ARID agricultural University.

Written by Kashif Anwar

Directed by Shahzad Kashmiri

Starring: Sarah Khan, Ameer Gilani, Mawra Hocane, Usman Mukhtar

Mera Abru, Hum TV, 2019

A middle-class girl who comes across a rich businessman in office.

Written by Farisa Afzal, Wasiq Ali

Directed by Furqan Adam

Starring: Noor Hassan, Sanam Chaudhry, Saad Qureshi, Jia Ali, Mirza Zain Baig

Prem Gali, ARY Digital, 2020

It is a love-at-first-sight story and about obsolete traditions that keep a loving couples apart.

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed

Starring: Farhan Saeed, Sohai Ali Abro

Merh Posh, Geo Entertainment, 2020

Mehr posh is a story of the abuse that women suffer in a regressive society that gives little rights to women; a man can divorce his wife on just a rumor.

Written by Misbah Nausheen

Directed by Mazhar Moin

Starring: Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimur

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Hum TV, 2020

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is loosely based on the sandhi Folk story of Lila Channisarr, who abandoned her husband and family to find riches and power.

Written by Abdul Khaliq Khan

Starring: Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain, Mansha Pasha

Dil Kya Karay, Geo TV, 2019

Dil kya Karay is a love triangle story.

Written by Asma Nabeel

Directed by Mehreen Jabbar

Starring: Feroze Khan, Yumna Zaidi 

Kamzarf, Geo Entertainment, 2019

Kamzarf is a story of an orphan family raised by their eldest sister, who sacrifices her personal life for their pleasures.

Written by Seema Munaf

Directed by Zeeshan Ahmed

Starring: Junaid Khan, Nadia Khan, Rabab Hashim

Bandish, ARY Digital, 2019

Bandish is a supernatural horror drama

Created by Fahad Mustafa

Written by Syed Nabeel, Shahid Nizami,

Directed by Aabis Raza

Aangan 2018 Hum TV

Aangan is set in the 1947 partition and the trials the narrating lady tells us about her family that she had to go through.

Screenplay by Mustafa Afridi

Directed by Muhammad Ehteshamuddin

Starring: Mawra Hocane, Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan, Hira Mani, and Sonya Hussyn.

Mehndi, PTV 2003

Mehndi is a story of four girls from one household and their married lives.

Written by Seema Ghazal

Directed by Muhammad Javed Fazil

Starring: Aamina Haq, Humayun Seed, Ayesha Khan, Amna Hussain, Aijaz Aslam, Abid Ali, Qazi Wajid 

Sadqay Tumharay, Hum TV, 2014

Sadqay tumharay is a love story based on the life of the writer Khalil Ur Rehman.

Written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Directed y: Mohammed Ehteshamuddin

Starring: Mahira Khan, Adana Malik

Khudgarz, 2019, ARY Digital

Khudgarz is a love drama with twists of betrayal.

Starring: Syed Jibran, Sami Khan, Aamina Sheikh

Aakhri Station, ARY Digital, 2018

Aakhri Station is the story of seven people of different backgrounds who meet on a train and discuss taboo topics like women’s rights, drug abuse, HIV, PTSD, acid attacks, forced prostitution, and domestic violence.

Written by Amna Mufti

Directed by Sarmad Khoosat

Starring: Sanam Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Nimra Bucha, Eman Suleman, Anam Goher, Malika Zafar, Irfan Khoosat.

Visaal, ARY Digital 2018

Visaal is a love story set in the lower-income bracket society.

Written by Hashim Nadeem

Directed by Ali Hassan

Starring: Zahid Ahmed, Hania Amir, Saboor Ali 

Belapur ki Dayan, Hum TV, 2018

Belapur ke Dayan is a supernatural horror drama.

Written by Inam Hasan

Directed by Saife Hassan

Starring: Adnan Siddiqui, Sarah Khan, Amar Khan

Nibah, ARY Digital, 2018

Nibah is a drama about a loving family for whom living and enjoying tighter is enough.

Produced by Fahad Mustafa

Starring: Asif Raza Mir, Savera Nadeem, and Aamina Sheik.

Meri Guriya, 2018, ARY Digital

Meri Guriya is a crime drama.

Written by Radain Shah

Directed by Ali Hassan

Starring: Sania Saeed, Sonya Hussain, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Mariyah Khan 

76  – 100 Pakistani Dramas

Lashkara, 2018, ARY Digital

Lashkara is a romance drama.

Written by Zafar Mairaj

Directed by Kashif Nisar

Starring: Ushna Shah, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Imran Ashraf

Daasi, Hum TV, 2019

Daasi is also a romantic drama

Written by Misbah Nausheen

Directed by Mohsin Talat

Starring: Mawra Hocane, Adeel Hussain, Faryal Mehmood

Koi Chand Rakh, ARY Digital, 2019

The story is the same clichéd plot of an orphaned girl who grows up in a difficult society, but the drama still has high ratings.

Written by Maha MalBuk

Directed by Siraj ul Haque

Starring: Imran Abbas, Ayeza Khan, Areeba Habib, Muneeb Butt

Kashf, Hum TV, 2020

Kashf is a spiritual drama where the protagonist’s every nightmare turns into reality.

Written by Imran Nazeer

Directed by Danish Nawaz

Starring: Hira Mani, Junaid Khan

Malaal e Yaar, Hum TV, 2019

Malaal e Yaar is about coupled tied together by force because of feudal traditions.

Written by Hina Huma Nafees,

Directed By Asad Jabbal

Starring: Mirza Zain Baig, Azekah Daniel, Jehanzeb Gurchani, Hamza Firdous, and Zainab Shabbir.

Tum Ho Wajah, Hum TV, 2020

A romantic story

Written by Samina Ejaz

Directed by Samia Waseem

Starring: Savera Nadeem, Shahood Alvi, Sumbul Iqbal, Shehzad Sheikh, Saboor Aly 

Mera Rab Waris, Geo Entertainment, 2019

A story of two people who get married although widely diverse upbringing.

Written by Jahanzeb Qamar,

Directed By Asad Jabbal

Starring: Danish Taimoor, Madiha Imam

Qaid, Geo Entertainment, 2018

Qaid is a story of a girl and a boy who were class fellows and like each other.

Written by Shagufta Bhatti

Directed by Mohsin Ali

Starring: Zara Noor Abbas, Syed Jibran, Marina Khan 

Khudparast, ARy Digital, 2018

Khudparast is a selfish girl who destroys everyone around her because of her self-centeredness.

Written by Radain Shah

Directed by Aabis Raza

Starring: Shahzad Sheikh, Ramsha Khan, Nausheen Shah

Kaha Ho Tum, A-plus TV, 2018

Kaha ho tum is a story of a good girl who wants to do well in life the right way instead of getting sucked into the filth and immoral society of Shahi Mohalla (Dancing girls)

Written by Sabika Zainab

Directed by Zulfiqar Haider

Starring: Sumbul Iqbal, Affan Waheed, Erum Akhtar, Faisal Rehm 

Meray Bewafa, A-plus TV, 2015

Meray Bewafa is a story of a wife and the emotional trauma she goes through without the loyalty of her husband.

Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Directed: Sakkina Samo

Starring: Agha Ali, Sarah Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi

Ishq Tamasha, Hum TV, 2018

Ishq Tamasha is a romantic drama that involves intrigue between four ladies.

Written by Misbah Nosheen

Directed y: Danish Nawaz

Starring: Junaid Khan, Aiman Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Faizaan Khawaja

Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai 2018 Geo Entertainment

Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta hai is a story of a lecherous boss who sexually molests and exploits the women that work under him.

Written by Syed Zarra Ahmed

Directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama

Starring: Danish Taimoor, Sanam Chaudhary, and Humayun Ashraf.

Marasim, A-plus TV, 2014

Marasim is a love story between a couple whose parents do not get along.

Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Directed by Owais Khan

Starring: Ahsan Khan, Urwa Hocane, Saba Hameed, and Soniya Hussain.

Ullu Baraya Farokht Nahi, Hum TV, 2013

Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi is about the regressive feudal system where women can be easily exploited and abused.

Written: Amna Mufti

Directed by Kashif Nisar

Starring: Noman Ijaz, Saba Qamar, Noman Masood, Sohail Ahmed, Yumna Zaidi, and Faiza Gillani.

Kahi Unkahi, Hum TV, 2012

Kahi Unkahi is about class divide and relationships across this divide

Written by Nadia Akhtar

Directed by Asim Ali

Starring: Ayeza Khan, Shahryar Munawar, and Urwa Hocane.

Ruswai, 2019, ARY Digital

Ruswai is a crime drama and is centered on rape and intermarriage between pairs of brothers and sisters, called watta satta.

Written by Naila Ansari

Directed by Rubina Ashraf

Starring: Sana Javed, Mikaal Zulfiqar

Naulakha, TV one, 2018

Naulakha is the valuable piece of jewelry that everyone in the family wants to acquire, legally or illegally.

Written by Sana Shabbir Sandhu, Reema Ali Syed

Directed by Scheherazade Sheikh,

Starring: Bushra Ansari, Sarwat Gilani, Kiran Haq

Khafa Zindagi, A-plus TV, 2018

Khafa Zindagi is the story of a family that broke its relationship because the wife wanted more.

Written by Kifayat Rodani

Directed by Asim Ali

Starring: Sumbul Iqbal, Ali Safina.

Aangan 2017 ARY Digital

Aangan is a story of the marriage of the daughter of a middle-class family and the troubles they had to go through.

Starring: Mansha Pasha, Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmad, Irsa Ghazal, Iffat Rahim, Waseem Abbas, and Paras Masroor.

Written y: Faiza Iftikhar

Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed.

Dil e Beraham A-Plus, 2019

A love drama between two people who belong to a different world altogether.

Written by Mansoor Saeed

Directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama

Starring: Amar Khan, Wahaj Ali

Seerat, Geo Entertainment, 2018

Seerat is a story of a mixed religious background couple and the discrimination the Christian wife faced in her new home, despite being close to Islam.

Written by Hina Huma Nafees

Directed by Saleem Ghanchi

Starring: Kinza Hashmi, Hamza Firdous, Ali Ansari, Sukaina Khan, Seemi Pasha

Kahin Deep Jalay, Geo Entertainment, 2019

Kahin Deep Jalay is a story of a girl who was orphaned and started from the bottom of the social ladder.

Written by Qaisra Hayat

Story by Qaisra Hayat

Directed by Saima Waseem

Starring: Neelam Muneer, Imran Ashraf, Saba Faisal, Ali Abbas

Bandhay Ai Dor Say Geo Entertainment, 2020

Bandhay aik dor say is a romantic drama

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Directed by Ali Faizan

Starring: Ahsan Khan, Ushna Shah, Hina Altaf

Top Honorable mentions Pakistani dramas

Although these Pakistani dramas are favorites of many, still they could not make it in my top 100 list.

  • Ramz e Ishq, Mujhe Beta Chahye,
  • Kun Faya kun
  • Malal e Yaar
  • Saraab
  • Bharosa Pyar Tera
  • Surkh Chandni
  • Muqaddar
  • Hania

PTV Dramas list worth Watching again

These Pakistan Television Dramas must be watched again for the trail-blazing subjects.

  • Laag, PTV
  • Alpha, Bravo, Charlie (1998, PTV)
  • Waris 1979 PTV
  • Aangan Tera 1980 PTV
  • Ainak wala Jin 1993 PTV
  • Alif Noon 1980 PTV
  • Angar Wadi 1994 PTV
  • Ankahi 1982 PTV
  • Anokha Ladla 2011 PTV
  • Tanhaiyaan 1985 PTV
  • Dhuwan PTV 1994
  • Dhoop Kinaray, PTV
  • Sunehray Din 1991

Questions about Pakistani Dramas 

Best Pakistani dramas of all time

Humsafar, Diyar e Di, Shehr e Zaat, Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan, Gul e Rana, Ranjha Ranja Kardi, Alif, Yaqeen ka safar.

Best dramas of 2018

Khaani, Noor Ul Ain, baydardi, Baaghi, Alif Alllah aur Insaan.

Best Pakistani Dramas of 2019

Ehd e Wafa, Alif, Ranjha Ranjah Kardi, Cheekh, Khaas, Ishq Zeha Naseeb, Khud Parast, Yeh Dil Mera

Best Pakistani Dramas of 2020

Mere Pass tum Ho, Munafiq, Kahin Deep Jaley, Deewangi, Dar Khuda Say, Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Ramz e Ishq, Raaz e Ulfat.

Top latest Pakistani dramas of 2021

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, Raqs e Bismil, Phaans, Raqeeb se, Pheli Se Muhabbat.


Pakistani Dramas are extremely popular around the world; major issues that Pakistani society and Muslim society face – of exploitation at the hands of despotic rulers and clerics, have not yet been adequately covered – for the fear of a backlash from this powerful lobby.


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