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11 Foreign Bloggers who really know Pakistan

Foreign Bloggers in Pakistan are treated like Royalty and they make tens of thousands of dollars in free advertisement. 

I will only give you the top 11 foreign bloggers on Pakistan. These travel bloggers have visited Pakistan and know what they are writing about. Also, I’d not mention the blogs or Vlogs that are just a tag of some commercial travel agency,

Although they might have stunning pictures, but you’d not gain much from their experiences.

I have also skipped the Pakistani Travel blogs that have not gained much traction yet, because it takes time to get to these foreigners’ level of expertise.

So here we go:-

Eva Zu Beck : top pick of foreign bloggers

Forbes mentioned her to be a solid influencer on travel to Pakistan, considering she’s been to the length and breadth of the country and has wonderful things to say about it. Even I have been following this beautiful polish lady around Pakistan, and it was not only for her writing.

Eva Zu Beck
Eva Zu Beck; Somebody wife her up already or I will

She has a pretty face and a friendly countenance.

Nowadays, she is found somewhere in the western countries getting handcuffed.

Well you can’t get white privilege everywhere in the world.

Eva Zu Beck is the top contender for foreign bloggers category that understand the country

DrewBinskey : Well Researched Foreign Bloggers

A prolific travel blogger, he has some very nice information on Pakistan. His method of narration is quite interesting.

He has been assisted a lot in his travels inside Pakistan and declared the country one of the most cheapest in the world, since no one charged him for anything.Pakistanis are hospitable to a fault.

Lostwithpurpose : Warzone foreign bloggers

 This lady, Alexandra Reynolds, has spent quite some time in Pakistan and writes no-nonsense pieces of non-water downed material.

It has all the necessary information on travelling within Pakistan, from a foreigner’s perspective. Her topics touch LGBT and alcohol issues as well.

She does tip over a bit when it comes to Pakistan, maybe she had a few bad experiences, or tickled the underbelly. As they say too much acquaintance loses the charm – So, it’s pretty good.

Its true, Pakistanis have a colonial hangover when it comes to white skin and this lady got a lesson the hard way.

Who said Foreign Bloggers in Pakistan have it easy.


Buketlisty is a back packer’s guide to Pakistan travel, a one month program. The blog is useful, but not exhaustive on first time travelers into Pakistan.

Also, since it’s not an extensive itinerary across Pakistan, you’d miss out on the treasures that are off road.

Some information on a few days journey to Pakistan is interesting.

If you click on this travel blog, you’d end up on their forum page with multiple threads on topics related to travel to and within Pakistan. Random posts by travelers can be very helpful for people that want a feel of what to expect.

The realness of this Pakistan travel forum is why I have included it in my top 10 travel blogs list. This portal for travelers to record their experiences inside Pakistan is very useful, as it gives independent opinions of travelers from various back grounds.

Long thread of foreign travelers have written here, a reasonable archive of knowledge on moving across Pakistan


These guys have a page dedicated to travel across Pakistan. The best part is the comments section with real people writing about their issues concerning travel to Pakistan, which is a good read.

The most interesting comments are from random Pakistani people offering free stay, meals and travel companionship to complete strangers wanting to visit. – typical Pakistani hospitality. This blog has useful advice on travel inside Pakistan, from how to get a visa, face bureaucracy to food. Also, it is regularly updated by travelers going there.


This Omani engineer of Pakistani origin writes a very relevant stuff, and her love for the country is quite apparent. Several foreign bloggers have contributed guest posts to her front page about Pakistan, and their travelogues are useful.

Thank goodness her name is Rahma Khan and not the notorious Reham Khan, or we would have had another jilted Pakistani spewing hate. You wouldn’t find much about Pakistani destinations here, though.


Mark Weins the food traveler influencer has done a pretty good job on Pakistani foods. There is a lot more that what he has presented. I guess you’d have to live in Pakistan to experience all the culinary delights.

He has posted 16 days of his food related itinerary across Pakistan from South to North, and it’s pretty impressive. Of course in 16 days this is the best you can do, but you do get some idea what to expect.


This guy has traveled across Pakistan and runs a tour company too. He really knows how to work with gora loving Pakistani people and elite. His tips on how to travel to Pakistan and the destinations is useful. The best part of his blog is the tip on partying like crazy in Pakistan and how a female foreign traveler can move about in the country.


Two white, blonde girls traveling alone inside Pakistan, now that’s worth reading. Although they probably made some money from the suckers in the country, but still, at least they had good things to say.

I never heard of the girls ever mentioning the word Pakistan ever again.

Cynthia D Ritchie: My Choice of Foreign Bloggers

An honorable mention would also be the travel blogger from USA Cynthia D Ritchie who dabbles with power politics in Pakistan. Check out her explosive expose on PPP. I’d rather not say more.

Cynthia D Ritchie the Gorgeous
Cynthia D Ritchie the Gorgeous

She seamlessly wades through the shark infested power corridors of Pakistan like a trained diver, but some sharks in Pakistan are worse than El Diablo himself.

Bad things happen to her, but she sure is fine.


So, this was the top 10 travel blogs on Pakistan, by foreigners.To tell you the truth, none of the foreign travelers have scratched the surface of travel gems here. A whirlwind tour of Pakistan is not enough to really see the best parts.

Kabhi aao na meray shahr Mardan!

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