Top 20 waterfalls in Pakistan and how to get there

waterfalls in pakistan

These top 20 gorgeous waterfalls in Pakistan have been selected out of a total of 60 all across the country. The criterion for selection was their beauty, grandness, and relatively easy accessibility to families.

List of Top 20 waterfalls in Pakistan

  1. Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Haveli
  2. Neela Sandh Waterfall Kotli Sattian
  3. Noori de Than Waterfall Jabri, Haripur
  4. Kiwai Kaghan, Shogran KPK
  5. Bissa Kotli Sattian
  6. Bruti waterfall Islamabad
  7. Shumber Waterfalls, Islamabad
  8. Sajjikot Waterfall Havelian
  9. Narh waterfall, Punjpeer, Kahuta
  10. Gulpur Mahuli waterfalls, Kotli Azad Kashmir
  11. Cham Waterfall Chakothi Azad Kashmir Chinari
  12. Manthoka Waterfall, Skardu
  13. Mahodand Waterfall, Kalam Swat
  14. Jarogo waterfall, Matta Swat highest
  15. Moola Chotok, Khuzdar Baluchistan
  16. Pir Ghaib, Bolan Pass, Baluchistan
  17. Farphu Bagrot Valley Gilgit Baltistan
  18. Ratti Galli Waterfall, Sharda Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan
  19. Kanhatti Gardens, Soon Sakesar
  20. Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley, Dir Chitral


Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Havelian

Umbrella Waterfall is 150 km from Islamabad and it takes 3 hours to get there.

Umbrella waterfall is 481 km and 6 hours from Lahore.

If you use the Islamabad Peshawar motorway

  • Turn towards Abbottabad from Hazara interchange
  • You’d have to get off Shah Maqsood Interchange and
  • Drive towards Havelian town.
  • Immediately after Havelian, but before the last big bridge towards Abbottabad, you’d have to turn right towards Kiala-Sajjikot.
  • You will drive for a while along the Dor River to reach Kiara town in Havelian and then the hill road begins and beautiful Pine trees appear.
  • The small town lanes and roads inside Havelian are tricky so, follow the Google Maps route I have pasted here for Umbrella Waterfall.


Keep asking to go to Sajjikot, which is on the way towards the Umbrella waterfall, otherwise, no one will be able to guide you.

If you make a wrong turn in the narrow lanes, you’d end up far away from where you are headed.

Exactly after 3 hours, you’d reach Poona village, and there is a temporary roadblock after Poona.

Park your car at the last parking in Poona and hike down 15 minutes to Umbrella waterfall.

The Hike up from Umbrella is tough due to incline, so crawl slowly up in the slowest speed possible, or you will cramp your muscles. Hike up is 45 minutes if you are of average fitness.


Get to Umbrella Waterfall early so that you can get the best picture and enjoyment spots downstream from the site.

Families and even foreigners come to the place, just bring along male family members, just in case.

There is no misbehavior, death, or theft ever reported at Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Havelian.

The Umbrella waterfall is one of the most picturesque, gorgeous, and enjoyable places in Pakistan for families and singles alike.

Figure 1: Umbrella Waterfall Google Map; don’t use the Talhar, Islamabad route as it is too winding and annoying.

Neela Sandh Waterfall Kotli Sattian

Neela Sandh Waterfall and the mini pond is located near Mouri Syedan on the Lehtrar – Kotli Syedan Road.

It takes 1.5 hours to drive 50 km to Neela Sandh from Islamabad.

  • You can take the Chak Shehzad road to reach Lehtrar Road, the Simply Dam road to reach Lehtrar, or use the Khanna Pul road.
  • In all cases, time will be the same.
  • I use the Khanna Pul road, as the road condition is good here.
  • First, you reach the Chira stop of Nilor town and take the road on the right side towards Neela Sandh.

There is plenty of food to eat at the hotel there. It would be better to get your picnic food.

Bring lots of water with you like the water there is expensive and you get very thirsty.

The best part of Neela Sandh is that the water stream is clean as it comes from the mountains of Kahuta that no one is allowed to venture into.

Then there is a blue-colored water pond below a 100-foot height waterfall.

People are allowed to swim there with life jackets that you can get there.

Lots of families go to Neela Sandh during the weekend so get there early.

Figure 2: Neela Sandh Map on the Lehtrar Road; to follow the Google Maps route click here.


Get to Neela Sandh Early and place chairs at a nice shaded spot upstream so that women can enjoy the cool water too.

I have never heard of any death or any theft at Neela Sandh.

Noori de Than Waterfall Jabri, Haripur

Noori waterfall of Jabri village Haripur is short for Noorean de Than. Jabri village is closer to Islamabad Pir Sohawa than Haripur.

Noori waterfall Haripur is 55 km and 2 hours’ drive from Islamabad on Pir Sohawa Road, just over beautiful Margalla Hills.

Figure 3: Noori Waterfall, Noorean De Than Haripur Google Maps Route approach from Islamabad

Kiwai Kaghan, Shogran KPK

Kiwai is a small waterfall and picnic spot on the way to Naran. It is so popular in traveling families; therefore I have included it in my list.

Kiwai waterfall and picnic spot is 190 km and 5.5 hours from Islamabad.

Figure 4: Kiwai waterfall Shogran Google maps route

Bissa Kotli Sattian

Bissa Waterfall is a 50 km and 1.5 hours drive from Islamabad on the Khanna – Lehtrar – Kotli Sattian Road.

Bissa waterfall is very close to Karor village.

Bissa waterfall is about 50 feet in height.

Figure 5: Bissa Waterfall, Karor, Kotli Sattian Google Maps Route. 

Bruti waterfall Islamabad

Bruti waterfall is 3 km from Bari Imam Islamabad and 0.5 hours’ drive from Islamabad center.

It is a 10-foot waterfall and swimming pond that is a very good picnic place for families.

Figure 6: Bruti Waterfall Islamabad Google Maps Route

Shumber Waterfalls, Islamabad

Shumber waterfall is 22 Kms and 45 minutes’ drive from Islamabad. First, you drive towards Murree Highway and turn left from Shah Dara Road before Bara Kahu and drive towards the Shahdara picnic spot.

Shumber waterfall is half an hour hike from the Shahdara picnic spot.

This waterfall is about 20 feet in height but water does not flow down in winter months.

Shumber waterfall is very close to Islamabad.

Figure 7: Shumber Waterfall, Shah Dara Islamabad Google Map Route

Sajjikot Waterfall Havelian

Sajjikot Waterfalls in Havelian, Pakistan is 145 Kms and 3 hours from Islamabad

You have to use the Islamabad – Peshawar motorway to get to Hazara Interchange and turn North towards Abbottabad.

Get off Shah Maqsood Interchange close to Havelian and cross the city.

As soon as Havelian ends, just before the long bridge over River Dor, take a right turn into the city.

From here follow the Dor River till you reach a two-way junction. Take the Left road that climbs up into the residential area.

After going through narrow Havelian Town lanes, you will come across hill roads.

Take the hill roads and reach the Sajjikot Waterfall that is on the left side of the road.

You can walk to the first step of the waterfall in 10 minutes, easily.

To get to the second step, and pond, you’d have to climb down into the valley below which is a 0.5 hours hike.

To climb up the valley from Sajjikot will take 45 minutes

Sajjikot waterfall is one of the tallest / highest waterfalls in Pakistan that have been discovered and is about 175 feet.


Do not swim in Sajjikot waterfalls as it is very dangerous; 23 people have slipped in the pond and have died till date – don’t be the 24th, please.

Figure 8: Sajjikot waterfall Havelian Google Maps route from Hazara Motorway is recommended.

There are plenty of hotels on the way, where you can get Daal and Chicken Karahi.

Women and children can easily go to Sajjikot, as it is safe and easy to get to.

People, there are not disrespectful.

Narh waterfall, Punjpeer, Kahuta

Narh Waterfall is in the Kahuta region of Pakistan and you have to follow the Kahuta – Panjaar road to get there.

Turn left from the signboard that says ‘Narh’ and climb into the mountains.

Narh Waterfall, Kahuta is 90 Kms and 2 hours’ drive from Islamabad


Don’t use the Lehtrar link road to Panjaar / Kahuta to get to Narh, as it is not carpeted well.

Any vehicle can reach Narh waterfall in Kahuta.

Narh waterfall arrives on the left side of the road about 15 minutes before Punjpeer Rocks comes up.

You have to hike down into the valley floor to reach Narh waterfall, but it is not too difficult to climb up if you walk slowly.

It is a little difficult for ladies that are not fit enough.

Do not swim in Narh waterfall pond, as every season someone dies there.

Women and Children can go to Narh Waterfall and enjoy it.

There are very few hotels at Narh, so whenever you see one, just have lunch there.

Narh Waterfall looks very beautiful right after the Monsoon season in August when the water is abundant and clear.

Gulpur Mahuli waterfalls, Kotli Azad Kashmir

Gulpur Mahuli waterfall is a 110 km and a 3.5 hours drive from Islamabad.

You can take two roads to get here; the first road to Gulpur Mahuli waterfall is from Islamabad – Kahuta –Sehnsa –Gulpur (Kotli Azad Kashmir); the second is through Rawat – Kallar Syedan – Dadyal – Gulpur Kotli Azad Kashmir

I would recommend the Sehnsa route because the road is less congested and the view along the route is beautiful in the morning.

You have to hike down to Gulpur- Mahuli waterfall about two Kilometers and 45 minutes.

You can also use a locally make chairlift contraption to slide down into the valley – if you have a death wish.

People bring their tents and barbecue stuff and camp there on the weekends right on the rocks cliff close to the 50 feet waterfall.

Not very many people are fit enough to go down, so it is very peaceful there.

There is no law and order issue there as a police picket is right beside the road at Mahuli

Women and children can also hike down to the waterfall.

Have your lunch at Gulpur, before driving towards Mahuli.

The waterfall is not dangerous, but don’t swim in the water when the flow is picking up.

No one has ever died a Gulpur – Mahuli waterfall.

Cham Waterfall Chakothi Azad Kashmir Chinari

Chamb Waterfall is 190 km and 5 hours’ drive from Islamabad.

You have to turn left very close to the Chakothi border at a village called Chinari and drive to Chamb Waterfall.

It is a bit difficult to get there, but the view is amazing.

Figure 9: Chamb waterfall Chakothi, Azad Kashmir Line of Control Google Map Route.

Manthoka Waterfall, Skardu

Manthoka is 600 Kms and 15.5 hours from Islamabad.

You’d have to stop at Skardu for the night.

Skardu is 525 Kms and 13.5 hours from Islamabad.

Manthoka waterfall is 2 hours’ drive from Skardu on a very good Skardu – Kargil road, Kharmang, except for the last mile or so that is stony. Cars do go right up to the waterfall and families throng there.

There is a restaurant on the site as well.

Manthoka Waterfall is about 70 feet high with clear and cold water dropping down in a heavy stream.

Manthoka looks lovely in the peaceful serenity of Kharmang valley.

Mahodand Waterfall, Kalam Swat

One hour short of Mahodand lake is a beautiful waterfall that drops down in a huge shower that covers the vicinity of the waterfall in droplets

I could see a permanent rainbow at the site when the sun filtered through.

It is a short walk from the main Kalam-Mahodand Lake track, of about 15 minutes. Even kids can do a short walk.

Mahodand Waterfall is 360 Kms and 9 hours from Islamabad.

Kalam is 320 Kms and 6 hours from Islamabad whereas; Mahodand is 40 km and 3 hours from Kalam town.

Figure 10: Mahodand Waterfall and Lake Map; Mahodand waterfall Google Map is placed here.

There is nothing to eat there, so bring your food.

The road to this waterfall breaks up soon after the Ushu forest of Kalam, but I don’t know the current situation. I went there in 2018.

You have to hire a local jeep for Rs 4000 to take your family to the waterfall and Mahodand Lake.

Ask the Jeep driver the location of Mahodand Waterfall or else you will miss it. It is on the left side of the road at 2 km distance walking distance.

Jarogo waterfall, Matta Swat 

Jarago waterfall is probably the highest in Pakistan and is about 250 feet.

It is 283 Kms and 5.25 hours from Islamabad on the Swat highway. You have to turn left from Matta to reach Jarago waterfalls.

Figure 11: Jarogo Waterfalls Google Maps route

Moola Chotok, Khuzdar Baluchistan

Chotak waterfall and Oasis in Moola, Khuzdar is a wonderland of crystal clear water, palm trees, and narrow waterways.

It is 1250 km and 15 hours’ drive from Islamabad.

Figure 12: Moola Chotak waterfalls Khuzdar Baluchistan Google Maps route.

Pir Ghaib, Bolan Pass, Baluchistan

Pir Ghaib is another Oasis Waterfall very close to Bolan Pass in Baluchistan.

Nothing compares to the pristine beauty of Baluchistan when there is water available.

Pir Ghaib waterfall is 1200 km and 14 hours from Islamabad.

Figure 13: Moola Chotak Waterfall, Bolan Pass, Baluchistan Google Map Route.

Farphu Waterfall, Bagrot Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Farphu Waterfall in Bagrot Valley of Gilgit Baltistan is probably the most beautiful and tallest / highest waterfall in all of Pakistan at 350 feet. Getting there is the difficult part.

You have to drive to Skardu 640 km and 1.5 hours from Islamabad, then jeep to Askole village another 4 hours. Then you hike to Bagrot valley mouth for 2 hours and finally walk to Farphu Waterfall a total of 10 hours.

Good luck.

Figure 15: Farphu Waterfall in Bagrot Valley of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan Google Map route

Ratti Galli Waterfall, Sharda Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Ratti Gali waterfall near Sharda is 8 hours or 250 Kilometers from Islamabad. From Sharda, you need 6 hours more to reach Ratti Gali waterfalls that are close to Ratti Gali Lake.

I love this waterfall because you have glacier cold water flowing out of Ratti Gali Lake and you have a natural waterfall on the opposite side.

You can either enjoy in the glacier water or hike towards the 100 foot Ratti Gali waterfall site.

I prefer to camp on the green meadows in between the two places.

You have to bring your foodstuff to reach the Ratti Gali waterfall.

You can hire a local guide to help you camp there, but they will charge extra. This local guide is very good/ Mr. Raees 03558150711 is experienced in hiking himself and he has good equipment for hire – except that he is not the greatest tour planner.

It is a 4 hours hike to Ratti Gali waterfall. Many women and kids do this hike regularly.


The camping ground just above the official base campsite at Ratti is a lot more beautiful. People get tired and don’t climb 15 minutes more to get to this spot with the best view. So, burn some calories, you wouldn’t regret it.

Plan to stay at least one night if you want to enjoy the Ratti Gali waterfall.

Figure 1 6 Follow this Google Maps route to reach Ratti Gali Waterfall

Kanhatti Gardens, Soon Sakesar

Kanhatti Gardens have two or three clear water ponds with 15-foot height waterfalls.

Figure 17: Kanhatti Gardens waterfall, Soon Sakesar Google Maps Route

Kanhatti Gardens are 170 Kms and 3 hours’ drive from Islamabad on the motorway and heading towards Talagang onwards to Soon Sakesar Valley.

It is an excellent place for a family picnic and swimming.

Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley, Dir Chitral

Jahaz Banda Waterfall is the mightiest of the several waterfalls in Kumrat Valley in Sherigan, near Dir.

Jahaz Banda waterfall is 380 Kms and 10 hours drive from Islamabad, so leave early.

Figure 19: Jahaz Banda Waterfall Kumrat Valley Google Maps route

This was my top 20 list of Waterfalls in Pakistan. You can use these entire waterfall pictures as wallpapers and pin-ups as you desire, but do share by post.

Now let me go over a few queries you might have on waterfalls in Pakistan

Are there any waterfalls in Lahore?

No, but you can see artificial 10-foot waterfalls Gulshan e Iqbal Park, Lahore Zoo, and Race Course Park. Also, there is a very high water slide in Sozo park.

Best Waterfalls in Punjab

The best waterfalls in Central Punjab would be Kanhatti Gardens Soon Sakesar, and in Northern, Punjab would be Neela Sandh, Lehtrar.

Best Waterfall in Kashmir, Pakistan

Gulpur Mahuli waterfall in Kotli Azad Kashmir.

Best waterfalls and picnics spots in Islamabad Rawalpindi

The best waterfalls and picnic spots in Islamabad Rawalpindi would be Neela Sandh, Noori de Than, Shumber Shahdara.

Which is the Highest / Tallest waterfall in Pakistan?

Farphu Waterfall in Bagrot valley of Gilgit Baltistan at 350 feet approximately is the highest discovered waterfall in Pakistan. Jarogo Matta Swat is the second highest at 250 feet approximately.

Nathiagalli Waterfall

Second Best Waterfalls in Pakistan

  1. Karummi Waterfall, Chambalwala Nala, Katha Masral, Khushab, Punjab
  2. Gidiakhtsu waterfall, Tolti, Kargil, Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan
  3. Angoori Dam Waterfall -Angoori Dam Waterfall is 40 km or 1 hours’ drive from Islamabad after you turn right from the Golf City road toward Angoori village
  4. Naavi Dund waterfall Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  5. Shingrai Waterfall Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  6. Khamosh waterfall, Kharmang, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan
  7. Lalawater fall Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir
  8. Neela Wahn waterfall Chakwal, Punjab
  9. Nimla Waterfall Nathiagali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  10. Nergola Waterfall Rawalakot Azad Kashmir
  11. Lalazar waterfall Batakundi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  12. Dhani Noseri waterfall Neelum Valley
  13. Basho Waterfall Skardu Gilgit Baltistan (30 km)
  14. Jamgar Waterfall Neelum Valley, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir
  15. Sharan Waterfalls Naran Kaghan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  16. Khanaspur waterfall and pond, Ayubia

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    1. AOA Alina, there are definitely more than 60 waterfalls in Pakistan. there are many still undiscovered. We cannot put a number to it. Recently we went to Hopper tourist garden,Ghizer, Gilgit and found a waterfall there

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