Top 100 Pakistani Actresses List and Pictures

Top Pakistani Actresses models

This list of the top 100 Pakistani Actresses has been compiled based on their beauty, screen presence, popularity, and acting skills.

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Top Pakistani Heroine Names

At least the top 50 names of this Pakistani actress list are well-known in TV Dramas, Urdu plays, Bollywood Movies, and modeling ramps.

Which TV Channels have the best Pakistani Dramas?

Hum TV is ruling the roost in churning out one mega-hit drama and actresses after the other, ARY Digital is a close second and Geo TV also produces Marvel sometimes. PTV regurgitates priceless gems from the past.



Pakistani Heroines and Actresses in Pakistan are gorgeous and talented hands down – more power to them! I just hope Pakistani society understands the dynamics that come with women gaining more clout in society and the gender friction it brings.

Top 100 Beautiful Pakistani Actress and Models Details and Bold Pictures

This is my first attempt to compile the top Pakistani Actress name list with Photos, and I intend to expand it further, as better girls arrive on the scene.

Armeena (Rana) Khan

Born in 1987, Armeena Khan started her movie career in Canada and has one Cannes appearance to her credit. Shab-e-Arzoo and Muhabbat are her top Drama roles. She got married at a highly celebrated wedding to some lucky dude.

Zara Noor Abbas

Immensely popular drama actress, Zara was born in Lahore. Khamosh, Dharkan, and Chalawa are her famous dramas. She is from the Bushra Ansari Family. She got married the second time.

Aimen Khan

Aimen Khan was born on 22 September 1988 in Karachi. She is 5’ 5” and her renowned dramas are Muhabbat Bhar and Ishq Tamasha on ARY Digital. She is married with a daughter and has a twin hottie sister Minal Khan.

Neelum Munir

This Gorgeous Damsel even had Amir Liaquat going crazy over her. Born 28 March 1992 in Karachi, her famous dramas are Ihd-e-Tanhai, Jalpari, and Thora sa on PTV. She got married to Imran Ashraf recently – bummer!

 Mahira Khan

Who doesn’t know Mahira Khan of Cannes and Bollywood Fame? Born 21 December 1994 in Karachi, she demands Rs 0.7 Million per episode. Her famous drama/movie appearances are Humsafar, Bin Roye, and Ho Tum Jahan.

Mahira Khan is presently not married, as she divorced her husband Ali Askari in 2014.

 Mehwish Hayat

The only thing I remember about Mehwish is her Item number, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, and bold stance on Kashmir. Kudos!

She is pretty too after all the face work. Born on 6 Jan 1983 in Karachi, this 5’ 8” damsel has done several movies and dramas like Meray Qatil, Kami Reh Gye, Dil Lagi, etc.

 Iqra Aziz Hussain

Born 24 November 1992 in Karachi, this gorgeous girl made guys go crazy in “Kissay Apna Kehain” – Humain Kahein!

She walks away with 3000 per episode; her famous drama is Tere Mere Love Story.Sajal Ali

She is one of the most searched female celebrities of Pakistan, because of her massive doe eyes and perky personality. Born 17 Jan 1994, she is one of the few famous drama actresses coming out of Lahore – I wonder why?

Sajal Ali charges 0.25 million per episode and has appeared in on ARY Digital and in Bollywood alongside Siri Devi. Her famous roles are in Mehmood Abad and Muhabbat. She got married to Ahad Raza Mir.

Ayeza Khan

Considered the most photogenic Pakistani drama actress, Ayeza was born on 15 January 1991 in Karachi. Her famous dramas are Aks, Kahi Un kahi. She got married to Danish Khan.

Even I follow her on Instagram.

Erica Robins

More Hira Mani, Erica Robins is the new hottie in town, crown Miss Universe Pakistan 2023.

Hira Mani

Hira is very popular across the border in India and is one of the most search female celebrities in Pakistan. The reason is her acting in Do bol, Ghalti, Muhabbat me. She is married to Imran and has two kids.

Saba Qamar

Sabahat Qamar Zaman was born 5 April, 1984 in Karachi and reportedly takes home 0.76 million per drama episode. This is because she has rubbed shoulders with Bollywood celebrities like Irfan Khan and has done super roles in Dastan, Kaash Aisa ho.

She has recently gotten hitched.

Saba Qamar also has Tamgha e Imtiaz and Pride of Performance under her belt.

Mawra Hocane / Urwa Hocane

I have bunched both these Karachi-born sisters because they jumped the hard part and went to Bollywood straight up. That’s their claim to fame, but they are pretty and are pretty good actresses. This is why they are so extensively searched online.

Mawra Hocane is not married but Urwa Hocane is married to Farhan Saeed.

Naimal Khawar

Naimal Khawar made a born-again Muslim out of Hamza Abbasi. Who wouldn’t praise the Lord for making a masterpiece like this?

Ghana Ali

I just had to place this lady above more serious actors, because, well look at her picture and you decide.

I told you so!

 Nawal Saeed

This isn’t the best of her clicks, but boy is she scalding hot.

 Yumna Zaidi

Like her namesake, she is YUM-na Zaidi for the occasional drama watchers but acts well too.

 Alizeh Shah

These girls really come young nowadays. She is not only gorgeous but good at acting too. She suddenly got married to Naoman Sami.

 Sanam Saeed

Pakistani Urdu Drama “Humsafar” skyrocketed her career to dizzying heights, and she is still going strong. Acting is her strength. Sanam got married to Farhan.

 Sanam Jung

Someone arrest her for causing a JUNG in my soul. Gorgeous lady, when she was younger, but still rocks many a boat.

Sanam Jung is married and has a daughter.

Maya Ali

Her dramas Meray Afzal, Mann Mayal, and Mera Naam Yousaf propelled her in the A list. Maya Ali is married to Osman Khalid Butt.

Man, she is too hot to handle.

Hiba Bukhari

One word BEAUTIFUL and no, Hiba Bukhari is not married yet. The most interesting thing about her is that she does very decent photo shoots.Sara Khan

This Karachi-born actress has a super voice and Assets. Acting is not too bad either.

Neha Rajpoot


Ayyan Ali

What’s with criminals and hot models working together?

Ayyan Ali the currency smuggling mule is also pretty.

She is very photogenic, but not great in acting. Her roles in Ehd-e-Wafa, Dil mom ka Diya were appreciated.

Sana Javed

I wonder how a dead city like Jeddah could create a marvel like Sana Javed. She is one of the most searched female actors in Pakistan; one reason could be her slender 5’ 8” frame. She is married too.

Aesha Khan

This Lahore-born damsel reportedly bags $1500 per episode and it all started with her hit role in Khuda, and Waar. She is married to Major Uqba Malik.

I think the guy was a lot hotter.

Amina Sheikh

Born in August 1981 in New York, Amina Sheikh asks for $ 2000 per episode. She’s divorced from her first husband.

Saira Yousaf Khan

Born in 1998 in Karachi, her claim to fame is Mera Naseeb. The bushy-eyebrowed girl stole her wandering-eye husband.

Saira Yousaf divorced from Shehroze Sabzwari and married this other girl Sadaf Kanwal

Saira Shehroze is the same as Saira Yousaf Khan.

Shaista Lodhi

This Doctor loved show biz a lot more and takes home 0.275 million per episode. She would have made more if she wasn’t the sister of the “Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan” Sahir Lodhi.

Nadia Husain

Mahnoor Baloch

Her simple modest looks steal people’s hearts. Born on 15 February 1970, her role in Me Hun Shahid Afridi was well-received. Mahnoor is Canadian-Pakistani.

Mahnoor Baloch Age

The Age of Mahnoor Baloch will be 53 years in 2023.

Humaima Malick

This USA-born lady asks for $ 3500 per episode, but her surgeon sure did a wonderful job on her face.

Sana Fakhar

 Ayesha Omer

Sonia Mishal

 Ayesha Linnea Akhtar

 Aine Jeffery

Born 9 June 1981 in Karachi, Aine and her green eyes get 0.73 million per episode.

Ainy Jaffry is married and has a child.

 Suboor Ali

Mehreen Syed

Sonya Jehan

Yashma Gill

Momal Sheikh

Also, beautiful, but her claim to fame is being born in the Javed Sheikh Clan.

 Sara Loren

This Kuwait-born 5’ 5” lass sets the screen on fire with her hotness. This is the simplest picture I could find.

Hareem Farooq

She is probably the only Islamabad girl in this top 100 list. But she deserves every bit of accolade as an actress, producer, and director. Oh, and she is tall at 5’ 7” and beautiful- just a little gaunt.

Sunita Marshal


Sohai Ali Abro

This Sindhi Lass is the best thing coming out of Larkana since Benazir Bhutto, but is a little short at 5’ 4”.

Zhalay Sarhadi

A scion of a family distinguished in the performing arts, Zhalay’s family is originally from Afghanistan.

Reema Khan

This very intelligent and beautiful Pakistani movie actress from Faisalabad got married to a Doctor in the USA. The doctor looks rather creepy if you ask me.

Kubra Khan

At 5’ 7” Kubra is considered gorgeous by Pakistani standards.

Major Adil Raja and Kubra Khan controversy

Rabia Khan A.K.A Kubra  Khan recently generated serious controversy when she mentioned that there are objectionable videos of her circulating on the web.

This was when she responded by mentioning “fake videos”of herself in response to Major (retd) Adil Raja’s assertion that top female actresses were filmed by Pakistan’s spy agency while frolicking with Top Generals.

Major Adil never mentions her name or even her initials.

Hania Amir

At 5’ 7” tall and beautiful damsel from Rawalpindi, has a million-dollar smile, easy body language, and a gorgeous dimple on her cheeks.

Serwat Gillani

She is the wife of Fahad Mirza, the famous Actor.

Good Choice Man!

Madiha Imam

She is 5’ 6” tall and belongs to Karachi.

Now comes the upcoming hot Pakistani Actresses’ crowd

Ramsha Khan

Hina Altaf


Amna Ilyas


Mashal Khan

Kiran Haq

Nimra Khan

Komal Aziz Khan


Kinza Hashmi

Mansha Pasha

Laiba Khan


Sehar Khan

Maryam NafeesMinal Khan

Anmol Baloch

Hajra Yamin

Sonya Hussain

Arooba Mirza

Nazish Jehangir

Rabab Hashim

Areeba Habib

Azekah Daniel

Zarnish Khan

Saniya Shamshad

Michelle Mumtaz

Zubab Rana

Anam Tanvir

Ushna Shah

Maryam Noor

Shazeel Shaukat

Zainab Shabbir

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

Sara Aijaz Khan

Faryal Mehmood

Fazyla Lashari

Amar Khan

Sumbul Iqbal

Benita David

Sanam Chaudhry

Amna Malik

Namra  Shahid

Maryam Ansari

Moumal Khalid

Noor Khan

Rabya Kulsoom

Sadaf Kanwal

Now you know how she bagged Shehroze Sabzwari

Rehmat Ajmal

Which is the most sexy Pakistani Girl?

The sexiest Pakistani girl would still be Mathira Muhammad because of her assets that no other skinny girl has

Which is the most beautiful Pakistani Actress?

Areeba Habib would be the most beautiful Pakistani Actress. Kubra Khan was once the most beautiful but her controversy in involvement with Politically exposed Personalities made her less beautiful.

Top 10 Pakistani Serial Actresses Name and Why?

  1. Mahira Khan. How can we forget she has worked in several Bollywood flicks, with the Kapoor family and Shahrukh Khan? Also, her professionalism is very apparent in her Pakistani movie roles like Bin Roye. Mahira Khan has a very level head.
  2. Sajal Ali. Sajal Ali brought a different style of realistic acting to the Drama Scene in Pakistan. She has a very innocent look, that works well with a Pakistani audience that does not like an over-the-top hottie.
  3. Ayeza Khan. Ayeza Khan’s role in Pyaray Afzal which was penned by Khalil ur Rehman propelled her to stardom. She does have a sober appearance that people love.
  4. Mehwish Hayat. I like her because of her guts doing item number in “Billi” and also calling out India on their atrocities in Kashmir. Way to go Girl!
  5. Sanam Baloch. Originally a TV presenter on Samaa TV, Sanam Baloch is not only pretty but tries to keep her viewers engaged with a lively banter. She allowed Amir Liaquat to defend his second marriage on her show, which wasn’t too nice.
  6. Aiman Khan. Aiman Khan’s performance in Pakistan Urdu Drama Ishq Tamasha and Bandhi made her an overnight celebrity. She works in tandem with her equally talented twin sister Minal Khan to rake in troves of Instagram followers that have crossed 6 million.
  7. Maya Ali. Maya Ali is the stage name of Maryam Tanvir. She gained fame from her roles in Teefa in Trouble, Paray Hut love, and Dur-e-Shehwar.
  8. Her item number in Teefa was a super hit.
  9. Aisha Khan. Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, Noor e Zindagi, and Mann Mayal are her claims to fame.
  10. Zara Noor Abbas. Her role as Arsala in Khamosi was huge. She made two movies Chalawa and Zebaish.
  11. Hania Amir. She started her career with blockbuster Janaan and moved on to highest grossing movies Parwaz hai Junoon and Na Maloom Afraad.

Pakistani model actresses who have worked in Bollywood India

  • Sonya Jehan
  • Sadia Khan
  • Mehwish Hayat
  • Sana Fakhar
  • Zeba Bakhtiar
  • Mumaima Malik
  • Meesha Shafi
  • Mathira Muhammad
  • Veena Malik
  • Meera
  • Sara Loren
  • Sajjal Ali
  • Mawra Hocane
  • Saba Qamar
  • Mahira Khan
  • Laila Khan
  • Aneeta Ayub
  • Sasha Agha Khan
  • Momal Sheikh
  • Somy Ali
  • Sohai Ali Abro

Highest Paid Pakistani Actress and Cost

  • Mahira Khan Charges Rs 0.85 Million per episode
  • Mehwish Hayat Rs 0.8 Million per episode
  • Saba Qamar charges 0.8 Million per episode
  • Ayeza Khan Rs 0.65 Million per episode
  • Sajal Ali Rs 0.65 Million per episode

Pakistani Actress Old Dramas

  • Maria Wasti
  • Savera Nadeem
  • Farah Shah
  • Jana Malik
  • Iram Hassan
  • Iffat Omar
  • Sania Saeed

Pakistani Actress Bindiya

Super Star Pakistani Actress of the Olden days got married again recently at the age of 53 to a Pakistani Doctor in USA.

India vs. Pakistan Beauty

India cannot beat Pakistani Actresses and Models as far as beauty is concerned and that is because the whole subcontinent is obsessed with fair color and there were plenty of fair-colored invaders coming into the Indus Valley which is presently Pakistani territory, for centuries.

Which Pakistani Actress died in a plane crash?

Model and Actress Zara Abid died in the PIA Flight 8303 crash on 22 May 2020.

How are Women Actors and Models doing so well in Islamic conservative Pakistan?

Women are doing well in media because of pure economics. Private Media houses need more eyeballs and the Pakistani general population is starved to see beautiful people.

Also, with more than 2/3 population making $2 a day, women bringing in extra cash is not a bad deal.

Pakistani society is opening up gradually, but that brings its own sets of problems like tons of un-marriable men.

What is important is that women’s protection laws are implemented to save them from predators #MeToo.

Also, see…

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