Ethnic Pakistani Race and Groups

ethnic pakistani race

Ethnic Pakistani race is sharply divided between mixed races from settling from the West and East of Indus River.

Western Pakistani Ethnicity

The ones coming from Western Pakistan are heavily Indo-Persian  or Indo-Aryan – right up to the River Indus.

Eastern Pakistani Ethnicity

The ones towards the East of Indus River right up to the Indian Border and beyond Northwards extending deep into the new country India are the Indo-Aryans that have mixed with the indigenous local gene of North Western India.

Basic Ethnic Pakistani Race

The basic ethnic Pakistan race is then a mix of North East Indian (the new country India) Gene with Turkish, Greek, Oxus River people, some Arab and heavily Persians.

Major Pakistani Ethnic Groups by Percentage

Major Pakistani Ethnic Groups are :-

  1. Punjabi – 45% (North East)
  2. Pashtun -16% (Central West)
  3. Sindhi – 14% (South East)
  4. Seriaki (South Punjabi)- 9% (Central East)
  5. Muhajir (Pure Indian Gene) – 6% (South Port City)
  6. Balochi – 4% (South West)
  7. Hill Punjabi (Kashmiri – North Eastern Punjabi) – 2%
  8. Chitral -Gilgit- 1% (North West)

Major Pakistani Ethnic Languages

  1. Punjabi Language – Spoken by 39% population
  2. Pashto Language – Spoken by 16% of the population
  3. Seraiki Language (A Punjabi Dialect) – Spoken by 14 % of the population

Main Ethnicity of Pakistan

What this language data shows is that the majority of Pakistani population is ethnically Punjabi.

Serious Ethnics Issues inside Pakistan

 The only serious ethnic conflict that did take place in Pakistan was with the Bengali Pakistanis, that had roots in geopolitics. Bangladesh now terms it as a misnomer ethnic cleansing.

What is Pakistan’s ethnic dress code?

Ethnic studies in Pakistan, lead to the adoption of Shalwar Kameez as the official ethnic wear, as the Western half of the country used a similar dress since ages. Although every province has its own ethnic dress code, all the ethnic subdivisions recognize the Shalwar Kameez as a common dress for all.

Pakistani DNA test reveals which origin?

DNA tests of Pakistanis indicate origins in Western India (around the Indus-Sindh River).

Pakistani tribal ethnicity

Pakistani tribal groups have tried to forge their own ethnic identities which may not be correct. These significant ethnic tribal identities are:-

  • Jatts,
  • Punjabi,
  •  Sindhi,
  •  Pashtun,
  • Saraikis,
  • Muhajir,
  • Baloch,
  • Paharis,
  •  Chitralis,
  •  Hindkowans,
  •  Kashmiris,
  • Kalash,
  • Burusho,
  • Siddi,
  • Wakhis,
  •  Khowar,
  •  Hazara,
  • Shina,
  •  Kalyu, and
  • Baltis.

So, if a Pakistani cricketer looks like Virat Kohli or a Pakistani actress looks like a Bollywood actress, that is because those North Indians have their origin around Sindu River (Indus).

Solution for ethnicity issues inside Pakistan

Pakistan’s ethnicity issues are caused by ignorance, poverty, poor extractive institutions and a weak political culture that does not allow freedom of expression.

Ethnic issues inside Pakistan have been greatly exacerbated by chronic hostilities with neighboring states

Also see,

Pakistani Race Ethnicity Questions

Just by glancing over the pictures of ordinary people from various countries bordering Pakistan, and comparing them with the people I’ve lived within 4 provinces and two administrative zones here, I’ve discovered the following:-

Is Pakistani ethnic race from Central Asia?

No major population group in Pakistan has come from Central Asia, except maybe the people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). One Hazara pocket in Quetta city is also ethnically Turkic Mongolian.

I base this inference on the fact that slanted-eyes typical of central Asian Turkmen, Tajik, and Uzbek are nowhere else to be found in Pakistan except the Chitral-Gilgit Belt.

Are Pakistanis descendants of Invaders of India from the West?

The mongoloid people of Gilgit-Baltistan have are partly central Asian and their ancestors have marched into present day Pakistan, right across the Pamirs or from Kashghar in China.

Therefore, the myth of ALL Pakistanis being raiders from Central Asia is hereby debunked. Wait, I have more…

Did the Pashtun ethnic Pakistan race come from Persia or the Oxus River?

The people of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Northern Baluchistan could possibly be the descendants of White Huns who invaded ancient India in the 5th Century.  However,Pashtun people cannot be from the Oxus region as Oxus or Amu Darya is surrounded by Mongoloid featured people – which the Pashtun are not.

Pashtun ethnicity in Pakistan looks more like Afghans and Afghans themselves are of Irani / Persian origin. People in the cities are more Dravidian looking – probably natives of India.

The tribal Pashtun people look very much white-Turkish. The white-Turkish could be from Greece with their sharp noses.

Pashto has its origins in Iran, therefore, most likely Pakistani Pashtuns originated in the corridor that runs from Iran to Turkey.

Is the Baloch Pakistani Ethnicity Arab?

Baluchis do have an Arab look, but they are also quite Ancient Indian. Still, Baluchistan is mostly Indo-Aryan Persian gene.

The Brahui speaking ethnicity looks Dravidian and their Brahui language of the natives has 15% Dravidian words.

It is possible that some Baluch has Arab genes considering Baluchi dialect is spoken in Arab Peninsula too. History says Umayyad rulers raised a Baluch army to fight Local Indian rulers in the 7th century.

The ethnicity of Sardars of Baluchistan is an exception to this conclusion, but they are too much of a minority to be considered for this study.

Punjabi Ethnic Pakistan Race 

Pakistanis are majority Punjabi speaking, starting from the North Eastern bank of Indus River right up to the Northern Tip of Sindh.

Furthermore, Punjabis are Indo-Aryans, settled in the Punj-Aab ( 5-river) area of Indus valley for millennia. They have a unique local look – nothing imported. Their Punjabi is considered to be derived from Indo-Aryan Sanskrit of BC times. The ethnic Punjabi looks very much indigenous as well.

Invaders from Persia and Afghanistan have mixed up the gene pool in the northern part. No wonder Punjab is the birthplace of Buddhism, Sikhism & the Kanphata sect of Hinduism.

Sindhi Ethnic Pakistan Race is indigenous Sindhi

Sindhis are also indigenous to the area considering Mehrgarh & Mohenjodaro settlements date back to BC times.

Infact, the correct choice for Pakistan’s name should have been Sindhu, which is what this region was called 1000 years back.

They have experienced bouts of paganism, Hinduism, a Sikh variant of Hinduism, and then Islam. So, when a Sindhi says he wants to chill for the day, he means ‘what’s the hurry, we aren’t going anywhere?’

What is the Ethnicity of Kashmiris

Kashmiris are a combination of Irani and Dard people. The Dard ethnicity is concentrated around North Pakistan and North East India and most likely has European origin (just across Bosphorus).

The Kashmiris are definitely not central Asian because the people of the valley don’t have mongoloid features.

The Kashmiri ancestors have come from the South Side, not the north. They have been Snake-worshippers to Brahmin to Kshatriya to Buddhist to Islamic, over the centuries. Some Kashmiri families in Pakistan have up to 10% Turkish genes.

Why is Pakistani Ethnicity so complex?

This is because no one has really studied the Indus Valley people seriously, which is the core of Pakistan and an ethnicity in itself. Also,

Furthermore, the Turkish and Greek people that traveled across Persian (Iran) to settle in these fertile lands of Pakistan, have had their gene diluted with local mixing.

The races around the Kabul-Delhi Invasion route are so mixed that a fix on their origin would not be possible.

People of Pakistan

The people of Pakistan are :-

  1. Most hospital
  2. Spiritual
  3. Islam loving
  4. Hardworking
  5. Family oriented
  6. Gender Role Specific
  7. Food Loving
  8. Grateful
  9. Non Racist
  10. Deep capacity for suffering
  11. Justice seeking
  12. Hustler entrepreneurs
  13. Good Looking

Conclusion on Pakistani Ethnicity 

Pakistani ethnicity is North Western Indian of the Indus Valley which is Majority Indian, mixed with minority Persian, Turkish and Greek gene. 

That is why Pakistani people are so good looking.

So, my people as the Persians say, ‘Che Tor hast (how you doin’)?’

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  1. Lizza Fatima says:

    “One Hazara pocket in Quetta city is also ethnically Uzbek”

    This is wrong to conclude. Hazaras are made up of Mongolian and Turkic subgroups and as much as Uzbek may come under the Turkic one, they don’t make up a significant part of it at all. Most Hazaras in Quetta are Daizangi or Turkmeni, ethnically Mongolian & Ughuz Turks respectively.

    1. Thank you Lizza Fatima for your input.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. Didn’t think pashtuns had Iranian origin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    DNA of Pakistanis show most to be of South Asian, not much Iranian

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