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Everyone would love to travel with their dog buddy. My list of best local travel dog breeds in Pakistan is based on the kind of dogs readily available in Pakistan, have already adjusted to the climate and diseases, love adventures, and are protective.

You would be surprised to know that there are many such hiking, trekking sites in Pakistan where you do not see another human being for several hours, but you might come across a bandit or a hidden leopard. Why keep a dagger when you can take your travel dog with you to the jungle, right?

So, here is my list of best travel dog breeds:-

 German Sheppard

The king of gorgeous and elegance is the German Sheppard. Dark, chiseled face, thick fur coat, strong and short rear legs, and vigilant ears make this dog the ultimate lady killer in dog breeds. Personality wise, the dog doesn’t yap unnecessarily, is quiet and perceptive, knows how to play with kids and very loyal to its family pack.

The only thing is that it is sensitive to its owner not giving the German Sheppard its quality time. An intelligent person would do that too. German Sheppard gets moody and scratching up the boss’s car, once they feel that their owner is not sincerely working on them. A disinterested owner can even cause German Sheppard to develop illnesses and nervous ticks.

I love the way German Sheppard minds its own business and shows up to the fight when really needed. 

As a travel dog, this animal can delightful companion. They stick with you throughout and because they are so intelligent and tough, will keep you safe and entertained too.

Hiking or traveling in extreme summer heat in July in Punjab can be tricky though, if you do not leave early, right after dawn.

German Sheppard Price in Pakistan

A German Sheppard Puppy with a pedigree would cost Rs 68,000 and a bigger dog would cost Rs 2 lakh, all vaccinated and ready.

Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is the ultimate family dog for Pakistan. Do not expect it to keep the burglars away too. This eager to please dog is meant to play with the entire family member, and cuddle with everyone. The dog is always ready for a run or a walk outside, this playful pet still likes to keep chicken, parrots, birds, and cats out of his territory that you have defined for them.

Labrador retrievers are low -maintenance dogs that understand how their master feels just by looking at them. If you have had a rough day, just 15 min of patting your loving and caring lab will get the oxytocin flowing on no time.

As a travel dog, the labrador retriever can take all the jogging, hiking, and trekking you throw its way.

Just haul this dog in the back of your 4×4 and take it camping to the Kumrat Valley River in Swat. You will not find this dog nervous for a second, as long as you are around. Donot expect it to save you from bad guys though. Labradors are not meant for that.

Labrador Dog Cost in Pakistan

One Labrador retriever pup costs Rs 50000, vaccinated and groomed. That is, if you don’t want the useless certification of the dog’s pedigree, that can easily be faked.

Pakistani Bakarwal Dog

The Bakarwal is not registered as a separate breed, but because they are all over the high mountain ranges in Pakistan, I would definitely list it in my favorites. Bakarwal dogs were used by goat, yak and livestock gypsies that traveled across the length and breadth of Karakorum, Himalayas and Hindu Kush in Pakistan.

I have seen a Bakarwal dog in subzero temperatures running happily with his yak Sheppard at 16000 ft. That was the day I thought I would get one for myself. Then someone told me they are no good for low altitudes and sedentary lifestyle.


They are free roaming animals, low on sensitivity, high on predator or intruder alerting instinct. Fiercely protective of their livestock herd is this animal. Very low maintenance; this dog can survive on a diet of vegetable, dairy, and corn. The lady goat herders keep them chained while they roam the hills alone.

They are long -distance adventurers, and I couldnt get myself to chain a breed like that. The Pakistani Bakarwal dog resembles the Tibetan Mastiff, but with lesser hair. I am told that this breed is losing its tradition role and its habitat in Pakistan.

Because they produce only one litter of 2-3 pups a year, and that too when they are free roaming, their population is dwindling.

Do not expect it to give you emotional support though. This dog does its own thing, but will create a fuss when it senses danger to the herd.

Bakarwal Dog Pup Cost

A Pakistani Bakarwal dog is very difficult to get hold off, but costs around Rs 100,000 per pup. You can forget the vaccination, these Sheppard don’t believe inoculating their dogs.

American Pit Bull

Like all dogs, if handed by one owner, and given time according to a fixed routine, American Pit Bulls can be great house pets. The only problem occurs when they feel threatened by someone they donot consider their master. This could trigger Pit Bulls to attack the master for being absent during their ordeal, too.

If allowed sufficient time to roam around the house and socialize, not only are the fiercely protective of their owne’s territory, they are enjoyable to be around. American pit bulls were originally farm animal rearing dogs. That was when there was huge, unlimited land holding available for them to exercise their dominant character with other animals.

In the limited space of today’s homes, one person must be the benevolent boss, higher in the pecking order, and handle this dog directly.

Traveling with a pit bull is only possible when the dog is in chains or is inside a dog carrier because it does not like surprises. Pit Bulls are not travel Dogs.

American Pit-bull Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you can get an American Pit Bull pup for Rs 400,000 that too unregistered pedigree.

Pakistani Mastiff (Bully Kutta)

Bully Kutta or the Pakistani Bully is said to be originated in the deserts of Northern Sindh and Southern Punjab. It was always meant to guard large land holdings. Some Indians want to claim is as their own by comparing it with the Alangu Mastiff, but the Pakistani Mastiff Bully Kutta looks different from that version.

The Pakistan bully has Down syndrome eyes, a tall 3 foot thick structure, loose sulking folds over the face and massive paws. The dog looks menacing the way it drags its handler, pulling at its leash. Bully Kutta was supposed to fight the tigers, intruders, and foes alike in yesteryears.

If untrained early on to recognize its boss, the Bully can become very aggressive. It does have a killer streak, if trained for ring fighting with other dogs and bears. I have mostly seen bully Kutta in white in Pakistan.

This dog is super courageous and would not think for a second before jumping into the ring for a death duel.

If you must touch all the four corners of your immense acreage in Multan on your horse back, bully Kutta will ride with you. It might bite the calf muscle off of your inquisitive plantation worker’s son, but what was the kid doing there anyway, right?

Bully Kutta Price in Pakistan

A Bully Kutta Pup would cost Rs 300,000 in Pakistan.

Pakistani Shepard (Gulterr)

The Gull Terr is pronounced “Gultair”. It is an industrious and intelligent breed that was initially designed for herding and guarding. Because these dogs are very flexible and flourish in a variety of conditions, they make excellent travel companions for outdoor lovers.

Gulltair, as it is called in local lingo, is a cross of Bull Dog and Terrier that the British colonials brought to the Indus valley in the 16th century. It is a fierce dog used to fight bears, tigers, leopards, and other dogs in the ring. Its dominating body structure, big paws, wide jaw, and saggy face menacing, especially when four grown men cannot hold him back even on leash.

I havent seen anyone keep a Bull terrier inside their home or in their family compound. This dog is mostly kept in their agricultural properties to keep pesky intruders out.

Family is not their primary role though. You do find this dog stubborn and hard -headed during training. Traveling must be restricted to Agricultural Farm lands only.

Price of Kohati Gultair

A Kohati Gultair Pup costs Rs 50,000.

English Pointer

This hunting dog raises a paw to point toward the prey. It can jog up to 10 miles a day during the hunting exercise. This breed loves an endurance chase and gets bored indoors or in a bounded compound. Its primary role is not being a guard dog. The sleek figure, aerodynamic coat, and pointed structure make this dog a sprinter and a runner, not a family pet.

If you want to get a high out of killing Urial and wild rabbits in Central Punjab and Eastern KPK, take the English pointer with you. The dog will save you the hassle of running around in circles.

Price of Pointer Dog Pup

English Pointer pup costs Rs 100,000 in Pakistan

English or French Bull Dog

Bull dogs, like the Labrador retriever, are the perfect family pets that is even easier to maintain because of its tiny size. Bull dogs behave like goofy kids throughout their lives and are well sociable around people. They are not primarily meant to guard property.

Bull dogs are a little weird looking, that is why families mostly go for golden retrievers instead. The best thing about bull dogs is that airlines allow bulldogs transportation, unlike bigger dog breeds. This is an enjoyable dog breed that is low maintenance and friendly as well.

This dog is for afternoon walks in the local park only. Do not even think of taking the poor creature for anything longer, you might over heat the poor thing. Bulldog is not really a travel Dog.

Bull Dog Price 

An imported Bull Dog pup would cost Rs 150,000

Gull Dong (Pakistani Bull Terrier)

The Gull Dong breed can do fine in towns as well as in rural locations. They are not too aggressive and over protective and that works well with travelers that want their dog roaming free during the hike.

Pakistani Gull Dong Dog price

Average Pup cost would be Rs 15000 

Pakistani Pointer or the Pashmi

The Pashmi is Pointer dog acclimatized to the heat of Pakistan. Pakistani pointers do what their name says – point towards the hunt.

As hunting in the parched areas of Baluchistan is the favorite sport of Pakistani elite, Pashmi does well as a sprinter and a hunting dog both.

Pashmi Dog price 

A Pashmi Dog pup costs Rs 30,000.

Sindh Greyhound or the Pakistan Greyhound

Sindh Greyhounds love running across the open spaces of Sindh. Since the feudal lords of Sindh do  not have to worry about any local peasant trying to bring about charges for a greyhound bite, these beautiful animals are very popular in Sindh.

Sindhi Grey hounds are also called Sindhi Hounds or Pakistani Hounds.

Cost of Sindh Greyhound

Sindhi Grey hound pup would be Rs 30,000


Each dog’s behavior is a direct reflection of its temperament, training, and socialization done long before the trip starts.

Before going on any trip activities with your pet, make sure to do you compile necessary items like kennels, leashes, Bags, crates etc. and properly prepare them for the voyage ahead.

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