travel beautiful mosques pakistan

Travel to see these beautiful mosques in Pakistan

I have developed a new taste for travel to see beautiful mosques designs in Pakistan and there is plenty of subject material out there.

If there is one thing we Pakistanis and our spiritual forefathers’, the Mughals, loved, that is to splurging on mosques. Roti ho na ho, masjid aala honi chahye! (Mosques take precedence over food).

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Every year, our mosques are getting grander, more exquisite, and with the most unbelievable decorative work, I have ever seen in my life. The current artisans that decorate the inner domes of Jamia mosques at every nook and cranny of my beloved country are way more proficient than their forefathers. The floral patterns, calligraphy, tile work, inlays, frescos, and glasswork would put the Taj Mahal to shame.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

I have compiled my own list of top mosques in Pakistan that are grand, modern, and unique in their architecture and design, both inside and outside.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Faisal Mosque Islamabad

This Bedouin tent-shaped mosque looks like Pharaoh’s pyramid from far off. It is iconic to Islamabad and the location, just at the foothills of Margalla. Faisal mosque is absolutely divine in overcast conditions. My favorite part of this mosque is the chandelier that is hanging from a delicately designed concrete truss suspended from the top of this triangular mosque. In the evening time, when they light up this chandelier, it looks like the sun has come down from the skies.

It takes one hour to get to Faisal mosque from Rawalpindi Saddar, on ride-hail service Careem or Uber, for any tourist that wants to travel there.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

I like it that someone had the sagacity to house international Islamic (technical) university within the compound.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Grand Jamia Mosque Wah Cantt

I love this Jamia mosque because its design is exactly a modern-day replica of Badshahi mosque Lahore, but the artwork on the walls and dome inside looks like it is a cathedral. It is open to the public if you can get in through the annoying guards posted at the gates of Wah Cantt.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Tourists wishing to see this mosque should also see the old Church close by, and you’d understand what I mean. It takes two hours to reach Grand Jamia Mosque Wah Cantt on the GT road from Rawalpindi, on a taxi, or any ride-hail service.

Badshahi Mosque Lahore

Badshahi mosque, just beside the Lahore Fort, is beautiful because it is the symbol of Mughal dominance, over majority Hindu India. Aurangzeb Alamgir made sure that his puritanical symbol of Islamic might stays on for eternity for everyone to draw inspiration from.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Even now its grandeur amazes me every time. I just wish they had a university, like the one in Fez Morocco, to train future world leaders like Aurangzeb here in the mosque.

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore

Grand Jamia Masjid Bahria Town, Lahore is designed like a modern-day Hagia Sophia. Its red brickwork and intricate patterns inside are unparalleled. Malik Riaz may be corrupt, like the Mughals before him, but the man has a vision of grandeur, and that what’s visible in his structures. You’d love to boy your head in reverence to the almighty under the high dome of this clean, peaceful, and well-maintained mosque.

It is at a 2 hours’ drive from Lahore Saddar and any ride-hail service or rickshaw would take you there.

Mahabat Khan Mosque Peshawar

The minute you set foot into the main compound of this mosque, a whiff of incense and cool breeze greets you. Even the floors are cool during the blistering heat.  The decorative work of the old mosque is also worth seeing.

Muhabbat Khan was the 17th-century Mughal appointed governor of Peshawar, and he built this structure.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Chaqchan Mosque, Khaplu, Ganche Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

This 12th-century mosque was once a Buddhist temple, with its solid rock plinth beam still visible to visitors.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

The door has a Star of David sign that was once of huge spiritual value to the Persian Empire in olden days.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

I personally loved the intricate wood carvings and the history of this religious center.

Bhong mosque, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan

I personally love the Bhong mosque because of the colorful renovation work completed there. I have not seen any mosque in Pakistan, this colorful. Mianwali artisans love their mosques colorful, but this is something else. The mosque gives a hint of Russian architecture too.

Shah Jehan Mosque Thatta

Shah Jehan Mosque is designed like a Bara Dari, with thin sandstone bricks. Thatta was once an ancient and thriving city, in fact, the only one south of Multan in the 13th century, but Indus changing its course ended all that.

Sunehri masjid Lahore

Although there are many mosques in Lahore even grander than sunehri mosque, I love the golden layer on the domes of this mosque. The ornamentation of domes, that glisten in the sunlight makes it a sight for sore eyes. 

 Mavi, Sukh Chain mosque

Sukh Chain housing scheme people have built a mosque to be proud of. The inlay and decorative work inside the main dome cannot be found anywhere else.

Don’t get me wrong, there are several hundred mosques that deserve an honorable mention here like the Mughal mosque in Wah Gardens, Wah Cantt, and Wazir Khan Mosque, Androon Lahore old city. Also, do consider seeing Jamia Masjid Rawalpindi.

You can walk into any mosque inside Pakistan, and the pulpit will surprise you with the number of decorations it has. 

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

So, there you have it, take a pick of the most gorgeous mosque or majid near you, based on the pictures and the locations I have posted here. You can also make these pictures your DP or wallpaper if you so desire. If you have anything to add here, do send us an email or comment.


Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan