beautiful mosques of Pakistan

19 most beautiful mosques of Pakistan

These beautiful mosques of Pakistan are a symbol of religion, history, heritage and culture all rolled into one.

If there is one thing we Pakistanis, and our spiritual forefathers, the Mughals, loved, that is splurging on mosques – and the trend continues. 

The beautiful mosques of Pakistan are getting grander, more exquisite, and with the most unbelievable decorative work, that would put the Taj Mahal to Shame:-

  • Floral patterns

  • Calligraphy

  • Tile work

  • Inlays

  • Frescos

  • Glasswork

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

My list of the top 15 mosques in Pakistan is based on their beauty, architecture, historical significance, uniqueness, and grandeur.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan
Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Faisal Mosque Islamabad

This Bedouin tent-shaped mosque looks like Pharaoh’s pyramid from far off. It is iconic to Islamabad and the location, just at the foothills of Margalla. Faisal mosque is divine in overcast conditions.

My favorite part of this mosque is the chandelier that is hanging from a delicately designed concrete truss suspended from the top of this triangular mosque. In the evening time, when they light up this chandelier, it looks like the sun has come down from the skies.

Shah Faisal Mosque has a 100,000 people capacity and is named after Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia who funded it.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore

Grand Jamia Masjid Bahria Town, Lahore is designed like a modern-day Hagia Sophia. Its red brickwork and intricate patterns inside are unparalleled. Malik Riaz may be corrupt, like the Mughals before him, but the man has a vision of grandeur, and that is what’s visible in his structures.

It has four minarets, 21 domes, and a rare text Islamic library.

You’d love to bury your head in reverence to the almighty under the high dome of this clean, peaceful, and well-maintained mosque.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Shah Jehan Mosque Thatta

Shah Jehan the Mugah built this mosque at the prime of Muslim dominance over India. The mosque is designed like a Bara Dari, with thin sandstone bricks, blue and white tiles, and motifs. This mosque is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Thatta, where the mosque is located, was once an ancient and thriving city, in fact, the only one south of Multan in the 13th century, but Indus changing its course ended all that.

Mahabat Khan Mosque Peshawar

Mahabat Khan the Mughal Governor of Peshwar built this mosque in 1670 AD, at the center of the city right beside the iconic Qila Balahisar to show the muslim dominance of the province.

The exterior is made of red brick and the domes of white marble.

The minute you set foot into the main compound of this mosque, a whiff of incense and a cool breeze greet you. Even the floors are cool during the blistering heat. 

The Sikh Hung Muslim rebels from the minarets of the mosque.


Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Juma Masjid Bhambore Sindh

Juma Mosque in the ruins of the ancient harbor city of Bhambore is probably the only continually used structure of the Indus Valley civilization time, several thousand years back. 

Bhong mosque, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan

Constructed in 1932 by Rais Ghazi Muhammad, the Persian carpets, chandeliers, paintings, marble, and glasswork are stunning. Bhong mosque gives a hint of Russian architecture too. The mosque was awarded the 1986 Agha Khan Award for architecture because of its sheer beauty. 

Chaqchan Mosque, Khaplu

This 12th-century mosque was once a Buddhist temple, with its solid rock plinth beam still visible to visitors.

Chaqchan mosque Khaplu is made of wood and there is still a Star of David visible on its main door.

Miran Shah Mosque Udegram Swat

Miram Shah Mosque is the original mosque that was built in 1048 AD by the first formal Muslim conquistadors of the Upper Indus Valley – the Ghaznavids.  This likely UNESCO World Heritage site has a central courtyard, and an ablution pond right in the center of the hall. The mosque ruins are high above Udegram town. The brickwork resembles the Gandhara style of architecture, prevalent in these times. 

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine and Mosque, Karachi

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine was once right at the lip of the Arabian Sea. The legend says that Karachi has been spared the wrath of the Arabian Sea because of this shrine. That was before DHA reclaimed several hundred square kilometers of the Arabian Sea ahead of the Shrine. Now DHA protects Karaachi.

Anyways, the Sufi saints’ shrine is famous for its free food, and the carved wooden door sand intricate tile world.

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Bilawal Shah Noorani Shrine Mosque Khuzdar Baluchistan

The legend says that Shah Noorani, from the family of caliph Ali, traveled to Khuzdar and permanently locked up the beast Gokal Demon, which had terrorized the locals of the area.

The demon is still staid to be locked up in the cave closeby

the mosque was built by the Shah’s devotees in 1449 AD

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

Tooba Masjid Karachi

This iconic white marble, single-dome mosque was built in 1969 and has a distinctive round shape. The main hall has a 5000-person capacity and also a fountain in the middle.

Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore

Shah Jahan’s governor, Wazir Khan 1634 built this mosque in the heart of the walled city of Lahore. The multicolored mosaics, tile work, and geometric patterns are unique to Mughal artisans. There is also a lotus-like central fountain inside Wazir Khan Mosque.

Moti Mosque, Lahore

Mughal Aurangzeb Alamgir’s Moti Masjid was built in 1635 right in the middle of Lahore Fort. Its name comes from the white marble (“moti” pearl white). Its gold calligraphy is also unique.

Shah Jehan’s Dai anga Mosque Lahore

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had a penchant for building mosques in his vast empire, while the rebels and schemers were claiming land at the outskirts – including the British. Dai Anga was Shah Jahan’s wet nurse.

This mosque has beautiful tile work as well.

Sunehri Masjid Lahore

Although there are many mosques in Lahore even grander than Sunehri mosque, the bright golden exterior of the domes of this mosque, makes it unique. 

Mughal Royal Zeb Un Nisa had this mosque built in 1753 AD. Another interesting feature is the paintings depicting the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH on the inner walls.

Jamia Masjid Ghousia Rawalpindi

There is a controversy about the origins of this mosque. Some historians say it was built by philanthropic Muslims in 1903while others say it was first started by Ranjit Singh in 1860 AD. Either way, the Jamia Mosque Ghausia, Rawalpindi’s inlaid artwork is stunning. It used to be called Lal Masjid, but not anymore since it is now all white.

 Mavi Sukh Chain mosque Lahore

Sukh Chain housing scheme people have built a mosque to be proud of. The inlay and decorative work inside the main dome cannot be found anywhere else.

Grand Jamia Mosque Wah Cantt

Grand Jamia mosque Wah Cantt is unique because its design is a replica of Badshahi mosque Lahore, but the artwork on the walls and dome inside looks like it is a cathedral.


These are just a few of the exceptionally special mosques inside Pakistan. I haven’t even talked about the Shrines and their unbelievable artwork

Travel beautiful mosques Pakistan

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