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Top Travel and Tour Companies for Pakistan?

Finding the right travel and tour companies Pakistan is a question on every travelers mind.

With domestic tourism jumping a whopping 300% before the Corona lockdown, everyone wants to know the top-recommended travel and Tour Companies for their trip to Pakistan to be hassle-free.

Corona lockdown has now ended in Pakistan and local tourists are thronging to cooler climes of the Northern Areas. The only gripe of Travel and Tour operators in Pakistan is that foreigners’ would not come if they need to quarantine inside the country for two weeks. I hope the government of Imran Khan removes this silly clause in the SOP.

Just focusing on foreign travel bloggers and influencers will not cut it.

This is my list of top 11 travel and tour companies of Pakistan and their company profile :-

tour travel companies Pakistan

No.1 Walji’s travel

This is one of Pakistan’s oldest travel companies with huge experience in handling foreign tourists. They have a name and a reputation to uphold. Their tours and packages are reflective of the knowledge and deep experience they have of the places worth visiting and the experience worth acquiring during the visit to Pakistan.

Just that their website is kind of slow, someone needs to look into that.

Walji is mostly geared towards handling foreigners because the local crowd can find cheaper tour planners off the internet easily and do not have huge demands to make.

Foreigners need to be given a certain degree of protocol, security, and organization that costs extra, and Pakistanis do not want that.

Their custom Packages of Pakistan, for foreign tourists is a lot less as compared with what they are told to pay by Western-based tourist companies. This makes sense as they better know the profit margins, being based in Pakistan.

Quite many professional managers of Walji’s are known to me I would definitely recommend it to foreigners wishing to visit Pakistan

I would give Walji’s travel Pakistan 7.8 out of 10 because of its brand name in Pakistan.

No. 2 Find my Adventure

This travel startup by a group of Pakistanis has a different business plan. They book all travel, tour, and fun activities online on their website and then hand over their clients to their pres-elected vendors of that particular route. The re-selections process, the managers at say, is very stringent. people are a one-stop solution to travel, tour, and fun activities in Pakistan. 

That is a wide domain to cover; I wonder how well they are doing since they started in 2015.

Also, keeping in view the unprofessional attitude of local travel and tour companies, especially when the client is not their own, I doubt the level of satisfaction of their clients.

Foreigners cannot be handled with this formula, because their requirements from the government’s side are too stringent and there is no chance of errors that are bound to happen if you do not handle them directly all the way.

I like the way they have included movie nights, romantic getaways, and tours to Baluchistan. Not many tour companies offer that, at least not in a package form.

For single Pakistani men, find my adventure would be perfect. You’d get a reduced cost of the tour and a wide variety to choose from.

Single women: It would be dicey to have your vulnerable female client having to go with another tour operator.

Foreigners: I don’t recommend it as they still need a few years to build their brand name and reputation.

For Pakistani families with kids, is absolutely not recommended. This is because Pakistani families with kids have many requirements that need hands-on help by the tour operator that you have talked to in the beginning, like the quality of food, washrooms, bed-sheets, and cold/heat at the destination. Find my adventure will not be able to cater to that once they have handed over their client to their vendor.

This company is highly recommended for tours that originate in Karachi. That is Hindu temples, forts, and heritage sites in Sindh and Baluchistan because they would know better who the right vendor is for a particular activity.

I would give 7.7 out of 10 for business innovation and the variety of programs they offer.

tour travel companies Pakistan

No. 3 Hunza

Karim Tajik of has been handling foreign travel and tour delegations for 20 years now. He is extremely experienced and works in collaboration with foreign and Pakistani tour companies. He even handles 8000 meter peaks like K-2 and Broad peak climbing tours.

Being stations at Gojal, Gulmit Hunza, he is the ideal man to talk to if you want to get realistic prices of your tour to Gilgit and Skardu in Pakistan.  I am sure he can easily do Chitral as well.

He is highly recommended by his previous guest visitors

Single women: he arranges custom tours in separate vehicles

For Pakistanis: he organizes a separate group tour with no foreigner in them.

Unfortunately, they do not do that well in other parts of the country.

For his experience in travel up north, gets 7.6 out of 10.

No. 4 Crossroadsadventure

These people are based in Gojal, Gilgit Baltistan, the epicenter of foreigners’ travel. Being based in the Northern Part of Pakistan has a huge advantage in cost and local knowledge. Sultan sahib has a huge following and respect from the people that have traveled with him.

It is no wonder that, a Pakistani company, is listed on the travel radar website with all tour prices in the US Dollars.

Their website says they also do treks and hikes, which is believe is very well possible if you are based at a place where the Karakorum, Hindu Kush and Himalayas meet.

The odd thing is that I couldn’t find any testimony of Pakistani travelers and the reason is that they do not handle Pakistanis.

Sultan Uddin, the owner of seems to be knowledgeable about Gilgit Baltistan, more than other CEOs I have talked to and that is a major plus. He also handles high altitude climbs for foreign visitors because he has links of high altitude porters and guides because he belongs to the place.

Culture trip is something unique SultanUddin offers.

The only drawback I see is that his company has only done two seasons of foreign travel before Corona lock-down struck.

Judging from the extensive online presence, elaborate website, and extensive reviews, I feel the owner really wants to put his best foot forward and that is good for tourists.

I would give 7.5 out of 10, for the CEOs hands-on interest in his business and brand and also experience in dealing with a difficult destination, procedure wise, like Pakistan.

No. 5 Oasis

This company has everything covered in Pakistan. I have no idea how they manage to do this from so far off, but they do the north and the south of the country, both. They are trying to cover all the lucrative tours in Pakistan, but that is not necessarily the place the visitors like to see.

The true beauty of Pakistan is off the beaten track, but that may not be a money-making venture for professionals like

This could also mean they don’t have a particular niche and have to download work to someone else in Pakistan. That may not be good for visitors and the package would be expensive for travelers coming into Pakistan in ones and twos.

Oasis Overland’s website is swanky and they are also logged on to tour radar in multiple trips across Pakistan. This shows real interest by the CEO>

I have not heard of anyone using, so cannot say how their track record is inside Pakistan. Otherwise, they do a wonderful job at other destinations in the world.

Oasis overland  deserves 7 out of 10 just because of their impressive presence on the internet.

tour travel companies Pakistan

No. 6 Wild Frontier Travels

Another European travel Tour Company that has the lucrative Northern areas in their site, while ignoring the other places.

I guess with the UK relaxing travel advisories for Northern Pakistan, the travel and tour operators would focus on just that.

Wild Frontier Travels has an extensive presence on the internet and is definitely consider for scheduled as well as customized tour packages of Pakistan by British Nationals.

From what I hear, Wild Frontier Travel charges are pretty high. That is understandable when you want to arrange a tour while sitting thousands of miles away.

I would give 7 out of 10 because they have all the certifications, insurance, and experience of handling western tourists going to third world countries.

tour travel companies Pakistan

No. 7 Pakistan Tour and Travel

They arrange custom tours of the Northern Areas of Pakistan and also Punjab regions, like Lahore and Bahawalpur. Sindh is not their domain of Operation. So, Karachi and its whereabouts are not handled by Pakistan Tour and Travel Company.

They say that they also handle foreign travelers, but I haven’t seen many reviews from foreigners. The local travelers have good things to say about Mr. Ejaz, the CEO, and how he handles difficult situations on the spot. 

Pakistan Travel and Tour  also have a honeymoon package to Murree etc.

Single women travelers or Solo women would not be comfortable going with PakistanTourandTravel as it is mostly a custom tour company and solo women would be better off going with group tour operators.

Their prices are appropriate for a custom package tour company in Pakistan.

One thing that is a put-off is the spammy internet presence of pakistantourandtravel. I hope they ease off over marketing on the internet.

Overall, PakistanTourandTravel is advisable for local Pakistanis and foreigners with a shoestring budget that wants to visit the Northern Areas of the country, like Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Naran, Kaghan, Neelum, and Lahore.

I would give Pakistan Tour and Travel Company 6.9 out of 10 in Tours across Northern Pakistan, just because of the positive attitude of the company CEO.

No. 8 Pakistan Travel Guide

The owner of this company, Mr. Saqib says that they do not sublet their clients to other companies, and that is a good thing. Brand credibility is a big thing in travel and tourism.

They mostly do northern areas of Pakistan and the odd tour of Lahore, if need be.

This trend to mostly arrange tours of Northern areas is because they get more clients wishing to go there and they can divert their meager resources where they can get revenues.

They have been in business for 4-year now and also deal with foreigners, mostly from Malaysia and Spain.

For single women, they try to band them with other single women in their own groups but do not give out their female clients to other tour operators. Conversely, this arrangement would make the cost of single women travel increase a lot.

Pakistantravelguide does not really do hardcore adventure tours deep into the mountains, but that is understandable because adventure enthusiasts are hard to find.

The Pakistantravelguide people are mostly into custom tours for their clients.

I didn’t see lots of great reviews on Google for them, probably because they don’t have a dedicated media manager with them. Their Kumrat tour seems nice.

6.9 out of 10 is an appropriate rating because they do not sublet their clients

No. 9

I like this group, just because there is a personal touch to their business plan. Even the testimonials say the same. When you are out on an adventure, it’s the personal touch and the family environment that puts women travelers at ease. And they have it.

Personally, I don’t think they do adventure and deep hikes into the mountains, but that is fine. Not many tours and travel operators work on non-commercial adventure tours.

The CEO Ejaz sahib is pretty hands-on and goes out of his way to make families and women comfortable throughout the tour.

They don’t do hardcore adventures though.

As they are not really commercial and don’t seem to have a huge budget, I wouldn’t expect them to bill you heavily.

The best thing about baydaartravels is that single women prefer going with them because of the relaxed tour schedule they prepare. Don’t complain about the additional cost though.

Their customer retention is pretty high, considering Pakistanis are never fully satisfied.

So, if you want a cozy and easy trip to the north, try these guys.

I’d rate them 6.8 because of their homely atmosphere during trips.

As they are not really commercial and don’t seem to have a huge budget, I wouldn’t expect them to bill you heavily.

The best thing about baydaartravels is that single women prefer going with them because of the relaxed tour schedule they prepare. Don’t complain about the additional cost though.

Their customer retention is pretty high, considering Pakistanis are never fully satisfied.

So, if you want a cozy and easy trip to the north, try these guys.

I’d rate them 6.8 because of their homely atmosphere during trips.

No. 10 Tour my Pakistan

This company is being run by a level headed CEO Asadullah from Rawalpindi. He mostly arranges up North visits starting from Naran, Fairy meadows, and then onwards to Hunza, etc. They also do Sikh yatris trips in Punjab in-between. Asadullah says that they do both custom tours and individual tours, but I feel custom tours are their forte.

If you want to reduce your cost of a particular tour, Pakistani travel and tour companies including, will hook you up with any of the tours already going up North. It works perfectly for single men but I don’t think it would be good for families and single women.

Families with kids generally get together and book a custom tour and if single women want to join the family on the trip, you’d have to ask Asadullah sahib to arrange that for you.

Otherwise, even in group travel, single women have nothing to fear as far as security and harassment are concerned, but there can be delays like un-satisfactory hotels, not-so-good food, etc.

Tourmypakistan also arranges custom trips for foreigners, but I couldn’t find any reviews of goras.

I am sure they do a wonderful job with Gora foreigners as well because otherwise, they would be out of business, and they have been doing this for quite some time.

Rating would be 6.5/10 just because they don’t have a particular niche in travel and tour yet.

No. 11 Tour

This company does not do adventure tours, but arranges custom tours for foreigners and local alike, both in the North and the South of the country.

If someone wants to visit the North, like Hunza or Chitral, the tourist will have to land in Lahore. If a foreigner wants to see the cultural and historical sites of Sindh like Mohenjo-Daro, they would have to land in Karachi.

The Sikh yatris tours are also in their domain.

Foreigners require extra security and precautions therefore Pakistani tour and travel companies try not to include locals in a foreigners’ group. also does Hajj Umra packages.

The good thing is that their website has all the prices mentioned beforehand for each tour.

The only problem I see is that they don’t have sufficient reviews on Google, and that says a lot about their commitment to their brand and to a particular niche.

I would give a 6.5 because they don’t have a particular focus travel tour market that they are targeting.


I am sure you have noticed that I have not given any of the recommended travel and tour companies for a trip to Pakistan more than 7.0 out of 10. The reason for that is that there is an immense opportunity for quality and branded travel and tour operators to bring in their technology and solutions for this nascent travel industry in Pakistan that is destined to rise every year from now onward.

 The reason for that is that Pakistan has settled the Afghanistan imbroglio with USA and India is also tempered down after getting a drubbing from the world with their Hindu belligerence.

So, If you guys have a better recommendation for travel and tour operators in Pakistan, do comment below and share it with your friends.

Khush Amadeed, Zahay naseeb (Welcome! My good fortune you came)

Frequently Asked Questions: Travel and Tour Company Pakistan

How do I register as a travel and tour company in Pakistan?

Firstly, download the application form from Pakistan Tourism Department website and then register your company with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

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