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Pakistan Flag Evolution right up to Partition from India

Pakistan Flag is a true reflection of the real India, historically speaking.

This Flag is one of the very few flags that are mentioned in the country’s national anthem itself.

I have compiled answers to every possible question you might have regarding the Pakistan flag with respect to history of India, that is not easy to find individually.

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Pakistan flag is a symbol of an ongoing experiment in nation-building using the supreme ideals of Islamic rules of society. Pakistan is yet not there, but the ideals are so grand that it inspires 220 million Pakistanis to adore their flag.

As the Pakistan national anthem goes:-

“Parcham-e-Sitara o Hilal, Rehbar-e-taraqi o Kamal”

(The Flag of Crescent and Star… (Is) a leader of Progress and Excellence)

The crescent and star are a symbol of Pakistan with roots in Islamic empires.


The study of flags is called Vexillology

Pakistan Flag historical background in a few lines

The land of Pakistan was called Sindhu at the beginning of the last millennium because it has been irrigated by the River Indus (Sindhu) for ages. The Northern Part of present-day India was part of Sindhu.

Eastwards beyond the Indus rivers was the land of ‘Hindu’, which is present-day North India [Reference for this is Ibn-e-Batuta’s account of 1350 AD.]

So, Pakistan was cheated and denied the Northern part of India by the colonials.

Pakistan Historical Chronology of events

  • Aryans ruled the Pakistan area till 500 BC and created their caste system called Hinduism
  • Persians ruled Pakistan area 500 BC – 200 AD
  • Greek ruled from 300 BC – 100 AD indirectly.
  • Afghans and Central Asians Muslims ruled from 1000 AD onward.
  • Muslim Delhi Sultanate 1206 -1526 years (about 300 years )
  • Mughals’ Ruled effectively 1526 – 1750 AD (about 200 years)

Pakistan Flag design historical perspective

Pakistan Flag in a historical perspective is a combination of the Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, Ottoman Empire and protection of minorities and modernity

Let me explain each part separately.

Pakistan Flag historical symbols

Delhi Sultanate Flag Pakistan
Delhi Sultanate Flag with the traditional Green
Mughal Empire Flag
Subsequent Mughal Empire Flag with the same Dark Green
Ottoman Empire Flag 1884
Ottoman Empire Flag 1884, which inspired the Crescent and Star of Pakistan Flag
Pakistan Flag
Pakistan Flag Evolved from Muslim Civilization’s Symbols in Pre Partition India

Pakistan Flag modern symbols

The White band near the mast of the Pakistan Flag was added at the last moment before independence 1947 for the religious minorities in East and West Pakistan that were about 5 million people.

Most of the minorities still left for a more established India.

Pakistan Flag history leading up to independence 1947

All India Muslim league party first approved a dark green flag with crescent and star for the party in December 1906

Then they waited forty years.

The white was added a few days before Pakistan’s independence on 14 August 1947

Who designed the first Pakistan flag in the current form?

Pakistan Flat in the current form was designed by Syed Amir Uddin Kedwaii, a Muslim league youth and the architect of the Pakistan plan of 1940 that was conceived in Aligarh University.

Who approved the Pakistan Flag?

Syed Amir Uddin Kedwaii sahib, a young Muslim activist, was disillusioned by the Nehru Report of the Indian Congress party of 1928 that did not grant special status to the Muslim minority.

He dedicated himself to the exclusively Muslim cause thereafter in Aligarh.

The Pakistan flag designed by Amir Uddin Kedwaii was approved by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah before independence.

Check out these super Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quotes

When was the Pakistan flag made

Very close to Independence in 1947 when the Muslim league party realized that they had to give freedom to practice religion to the non-Muslim minority in Pakistan as well – the white was then added.

Everyone was in a rush, including the departing British – that’s why partition of India was such a mess.

When was the Pakistan flag designed?

Pakistan Flag was designed between 1928 and 1947 but made just before independence in August 1947.

Where was the Pakistan flag hoisted for the first time inside Pakistan?

Liaqat Ali Khan, the Stalwart of Pakistan independence first hoisted the Pakistan flag on 15 August 1947 outside the constituent assembly officially.

Who waved the Pakistan Flag the first time outside Pakistan?

Muhammad Iqbal Qureshi a boy scout on a tour in France waved an improvised flag from his green turban that he waved on foreign soil for the first time on 15 Aug 1947

Who made the Pakistan flag the first time?

Master Altaf Husain and master Afzal Hussein, two brothers made the Pakistan Flag in their tailor shop in Delhi, on the order of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Their children are still squabbling on who should inherit the legacy to their credit.

How to design and draw the Pakistan Flag Step by Step Guide

Just look at the Flag design and follow the step by step guide to drawing a perfect map of Pakistan

Pakistan Flag Construction
Pakistan Flag Construction
  • Draw any length using a ruler. That will be A
  • Multiply the length by 0.66 and that will be B
  • Multiply A by 0.25 and that will be C
  • Multiple A by 0.75 and that will D
  • Paint D as Dark green
  • Check Length A to Width B ratio is 3:2
  • Check White portion is one quarter the length of A and attached to the mast
  • The remaining three quarters are green D
  • Now draw an arc from the top right-hand corner that is 13/20 of B (multiply B by 0.65)
  • Now draw diagonals across the green portion from all four edges
  • The point where the diagonal cuts this arc is P2
  • The center point of the two crossing diagonals is P1
  • Draw a light circle from P1 and P2 both
  • Color the intersecting crescent of P1 and P2 white
  • Mark another point P3 on the diagonal where the first circle from P1 cuts it
  • Here draw a circle C3 with dimensions 1/10th of B (B multiplied by 0.1)
  • Now draw a five-point star with white within C3 circle
  • Pakistan Flag is ready

What are the color specifications of the Pakistan Flag?

Pakistan green with standard RGB values of Red=0, Green=64 and Blue = 26


Hex triplet #00401A or the HSV value = (h=144, s= 100, v= 25)

The mast supports the left white site

What does Pakistan Flag represent and its symbolism?

  • The Green is a symbol of Muslim civilization’s rule in the Subcontinent spanning over 800 years
  • The Crescent and star are traditional Muslim symbols but are interspersed as progress and excellence respectively
  • The white symbolizes the peace and equality for non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan as white has the whole spectrum of colors mixed into it.

Why does the Pakistan flag have a moon and a star

The moon and star is a traditional symbol of Muslims in history called crescent and Star. Pakistan and a handful of countries like Iran, Afghanistan, and Mauritania are “The Islamic Republic” in the world.

Why does India have a problem with Pakistan Flag

Pakistan Flag was pried out of the hands of Hindu dominated Congress party of India after the irreconcilable difference in opinion with their Muslim colleagues. The same political difference has been carried over from the past seven decades by politicians of India and Pakistan along with self-centered leaders, to keep the ‘liberated’ population poor. Hence the knee jerk hatred for anything Islamic and Pakistani and that includes the green and white flag.

Then the significant separatist elements inside India that are disgruntled under draconian laws and military rule of the Hindu majority, frequently raise the Pakistan flag just to irritate the powers to be in Indian establishment – as a symbol of resistance

Why is the Pakistan flag used in Congress rallies, in Kashmir and Kerala in India?

Congress Party of India is the only secular party there that has Muslim representatives. Kerala state has a sizable Muslim population. Kashmir is a Muslim majority state occupied by the Indian Army.

Muslims all over the world have a soft corner for Pakistan that was created as the first ideological Muslim state ever; these groups on India just reflect that sentiment through the Pakistan flag.

Also, Pakistan flag lookalikes are used as a way to whip up a communal frenzy against Congress, Kerala, and Kashmir in India by the Hindu nationalists.

What happens if someone hoists an Indian Flag in Pakistan?

If someone hoists and Indian flag in Pakistan this will happen:

  • People will ask whether you are mentally sane or not
  • Then they will ask whether you are a foreign national
  • Then the will ask which place you belong to
  • If you are a foreigner, they will take you out for tea
  • If you are a local they will verbally castigate you for being so inconsiderate to inform the police.
  • The police will accept some pocket money and let you go.

Why is the Turkish Flag like the Pakistan Flag?

Pakistan’s breakaway from Hindu dominated India was in part a reaction to the excesses of the Western Allies against the Muslim ottoman rule in WWII – hence e Pakistan has a similar crescent and star-like Turkey.

Many Muslim women from the present Pakistani territory sold their dowry jewelry to fund pro-ottoman political movements.

So, the Pakistan flag is not just symbolic, there is actual meaning to it.

This is the reason why Pakistanis and Turks are brothers from another!

Who pays for Pakistan flag lighting display at Burj Khalifa and Turkish bridge

Turkey and UAE both have good diplomatic relations with Pakistan and have a sizable Pakistani diaspora that they would like to make happy from time to time. So, answering the question, the host government pays for the Pakistan Flag lighting display on Pakistan day on 14th August.

What are the official sizes of the Pakistan Flag

  • Ceremonial occasions 21’x14′, 18’x12′, 10’x6-2/3′, 9’x6-1/4
  • Flags over buildings 6’x4′, 3’x2′
  • Pakistan flag for cars 12″x8″ (inches)
  • For table flags 6-1/4″x4-1/4″

The official occasion where the Pakistan flag has to fly full mast

  • Pakistan republic day 23rd march
  • Independence day 14 August
  • Quaid e Azam Birthday 25 December

Official occasions when Pakistan is flown half-mast

  • Death anniversary of Allama Iqbal 21 April
  • Death of Quaid e Azam 11 September
  • Death of Liaqat Ali Khan 16 October

Pakistan Flag Image, emoji, wallpapers, png, gif, high resolution, and pictures

Pakistan Flag PNG
Pakistan Flag PNG File
Pakistan Flag JPG
Pakistan Flag JPG

Pakistan Flag PNG downloads

Pakistan Flag emojis downloads

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Quality wallpapers are hard to find, but these are good Pakistan Flag Wallpapers Downloads

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Pakistan Flag gif downloads

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Pakistan flag video downloads

This is a nice video of the Pakistan Flag fluttering in the loop.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”B5U8XNoS6NU” ]

Pakistan flag background and Printable coloring page

This JPG printable page of the Pakistan Flag is downloadable here.

Pakistan flag for Facebook, Twitter

Facebook has already added Pakistan Flag to its profile frame feature.

Here’s how you add it:

Twitter Pakistan emojis appears when you type patriotic hashtags like #pakistanzindabad #pak #pkindependenceday #14aug #Pakistan #independencedaypakistan #independencedaypk

Pakistan Flag for sale online

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Pakistan flag with Kalima, Army, Kashmir Map, and Quaid e Azam

Pakistan Flag with Kalima
Pakistan Flag with Kalima written on it
Pakistan Flag with Jinnah
Pakistan Flag with Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Quaid e Azam
Pakistan Flag with Pakistan Army
Pakistan Flag with Pakistan Army and Air Force
Pakistan Flag with Kashmir Map
Pakistan Flag with Kashmir Map

Which one’s better, Pakistan Flag vs. India flag

Pakistan flag has a masculine appeal like a bad boy in the schoolyard.

Indian flag is all song, dance, and saffron Hari Krishna.

This is the best I could do to give you all the information on Pakistan Flag. If you have anything to add, please visit my comment page and leave a message.

Saiya e Khudai Zul Jalal (May God Almighty Protect (Pakistan)

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