Pakistan vs india wars

History of Pakistan vs. India Wars and Who Won Them

When it comes to Pakistan vs. India wars and conflict, the internet is full of paid content eulogizing the new kid on the block India, with zero content on Pakistani point of view; I had to write this piece with the absolute factual truth on what happened and who won.

India vs Pakistan Wars Summary


Who won?



1948 Kashmir


1965 Kashmir


1971 Bangladesh


1990-1999 Insurgency


1999 Kargil


2000-2008 Insurgency


2014-till date 5G


The criterion for win or loss in a war

The only criterion for winning or losing a war is whether the political objectives of either of the opposing camps are achieved. That’s exactly the criteria I used to assess these Pakistan India conflicts.

Pakistan vs. India War Partition Conflict Aug 1947 (No. 1) 

Pakistan and India were divided along an arbitrarily Radcliff line by the bankrupt Colonial British, just to appease their Hindu proxy party in the India subcontinent that helped them maintain ascendancy over the irreconcilable Muslims.

While the formula for division should’ve been traditional areas of Muslim domination in former Mughal India, like the real Indus Valley, including Kashmir right up to New Delhi in the North, and Surat Port in the south. That would have made more sense. The formula was changed to Muslim majority areas as recorded in the census of cities of 1871.

Pakistan vs india wars
Pakistan vs India wars : Mughal Times

Even just by considering Muslim majority areas as recorded in the census of cities, Pakistan should have still included Jammu and Kashmir, Gurdaspur, the outskirts of Amritsar, Junagarh, Manavadar in the South.

It’s impossible to believe that Muslims were not in the majority in a capital city Delhi, they dominated for 800 years.

Pakistan vs india wars
Muslim Majority areas : Data based on imperial Gazetteer 1931

Instead, what Muslim league got was a moth-eaten indefensible territory, ravaged by the inevitable Hindu Muslim massacres that followed 1947 British exit, with a very angry neighbor India right at their doorstep.

Pakistan vs india wars
Pakistan vs india wars : Current Map of Pakistan with disputed Kashmir and Junagarh shown

India, will a well-established functioning institutions annexed by force all the states in their new territory that had sympathies with Pakistan’s cause, like Hyderabad, Junagarh and even Kashmir.

In Kashmir, India used their proxy Hindu ruler Hari Singh to first carry out Muslim killings in Jammu to alter the demographics there. This was immediately followed by an engineered troop takeover of Kashmir state by forcing the dictator to sign an instrument of accession that granted rights of defense, foreign policy, and communications to India, to be ratified by right of self-determination by the people of Kashmir. The ratification never happened.

That right of self-determination never took place.

So, this is where the seeds of the first war between India and Pakistan were sown.

Who won the 1947 conflict?

India lost the conflict by acting haughty not granting Muslim minority their protection in the new setup. Pakistan…/Pakistan-cant-get-along-Indiamanaged to secure whatever land it got.

Pakistan vs. India War No 2 (War of 1948)

In 1948, Mr. Jinnah asked his British Commander in Chief to send troops to protect the Muslims being killed by Hindu Dogra Ruler Hari Singh’s troops in Jammu to alter the demographic, the officer declined to do so and said he needed legal authorization from Supreme Commander Auchinleck.

Meanwhile, irregulars from Pakistani tribal region formed bands of resistance troops to push back the deeply unpopular Hindu Dogra army from the mountains of Kashmir and reached the gates of Srinagar city in the cup-shaped Kashmir valley.

India hurriedly had their Hindu boy Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession and rushed in regular troops, with the consent of their British commander in chief and beat back the ragtag raiders back to the Neelum River and beyond high mountain passes.

Muzaffarabad city, the crown jewel of Kashmir, after Srinagar, was saved by desperate battle tactics by the regular Pakistan Army.

Who won the Pakistan vs. India war of 1948?

India won this war as Pakistan lost the political objective of securing Valley of Kashmir

Pakistan vs. India War No 3: 1965

IF there is one thing dictators’ love, it is rousing nationalistic sentiments. General Ayub Khan, the Pakistani dictator was in the good books of his prime backers, USA, and thought he could wrestle Kashmir valley from firmly entrenched Indian Army.

He first sent in irregular skirmishers in Operation Gibraltar, who were beaten back terribly. Then he launched the main Army column that pushed toward Akhnur junction Jammu, trying to sever road link to occupied Kashmir, but that sputtered on the way.

Pakistan lost the strategic Haji Peer Pass that linked Indian held Poonch and Uri but gained it back in on the table in Tashkent. What Pakistan gave away return I leave for another day.

India opened up the war in another front down South, which was desperately fought by Pakistan Army to a stalemate.

This US leaning of General Ayub, and especially the U-2 spy sorties that he authorized from Pakistani soil deep into the USSR, caused the USSR to foment discontent in the West Wing of Pakistan, using India as a base.

Who won the Pakistan vs. India war of 1965?

Pakistan lost the war of 1965 as the political objective of securing the Kashmir valley was never materialized.

Pakistan vs India War of 1971 (No. 4)

Dictators usually don’t know when it’s there time to leave, often causing long term destruction of their people in their wake.

General Ayub, instead of conducting elections, handed over power to another dictator General Yahya.

General Yahya was in no way qualified to handle the complex political negations’ involved in appeasing the East Wing of Pakistan.

The militant indoctrination, insurgency, and eventually full-blown attack by India, with the full backing of the USSR, dismembered Pakistan fatally.

I say fatally because it struck at the heart of the two-nation narrative of Pakistan’s existence.

There was no chance for an economically weak country to fight a war, let alone an insurgency 1700 KMs away.

A deeply traumatized nation like Pakistan was salvaged somewhat by Mr. Bhutto of Pakistan People’s Party by trying to balance the USSR – USA equation but was sent to the gallows by another US-backed coup.

Who won the 1971 War?

India won the 1971 war as their political objective of creating an Indian friendly neighbor to their East was met.

Pakistan vs. India war of 1990 (No. 5)

The Pakistani dictator had militarized and Islamic indoctrinated the society so extensively that all the irregulars had to be put to some use. That use was crossing them over to the valley of Kashmir to start a massive war of attrition that India nearly lost in the 1990s.

India was saved by the militant roll back by another US-backed coup of General Musharraf.

The Global backlash of Pakistan accepting militant support was unbearable for a tiny nation like Pakistan.

Who won the Pakistan India war of 1990-1999?

Pakistan won the asymmetric war of the 1990s because the political objective of winning the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people and their warming up to the idea of independence from Indian oppression gained traction.

Pakistan vs. India Kargil War 1999 (No. 6)

Pakistan felt that they had India by the neck in Kashmir and needed to up the ante by occupying strategic heights over Kargil road that moves supplies to Siachen Glacier.

India being better positioned globally in political stature, managed to comprehensively defeat this initiative.

Who won the Kargil war 1999?

India won the Kargil war by presenting Pakistan as an irresponsible aggressor that sends in terrorists to civilized countries. Pakistan’s political objectives of military pressure on India were not realized.

Pakistan vs. India war of 2000-2008 (No. 7)

Since Pakistan was already on the back foot for being a terror sponsor country, because of the poor narrative presented by a barely functional nation, India maximized this opportunity by Indians sending backed trained terrorists from Afghanistan to wreak havoc inside Pakistan.

The USA looked the other way as their golden boy in the Subcontinent India, was doing their bidding free of cost.

Pakistan lost 70,000 people and damages amounting to $130 Billion in the decade of 2000-2008 when finally General Musharraf was pushed out of power.

India, to add insult to injury, voted a Hindu fascist Mr. Modi to power in 2014

Who won the asymmetric war of 2000-2008?

Pakistan won the war of 2000-2008 as the combined political will of the USA and India to have their Allies placed in Afghanistan did not materialize.

Pakistan Vs. India War No 8:  2014-till date

Mr. Modi’s only agenda was to secure the extremist Hindu vote and that meant Muslims of India, the largest majority would have to suffer.

This also meant Pakistan, the natural descendant of the Mughal Empire, had to be punished for the sin of ruling Hindus in India for centuries.

 Pakistan had to bear the relentless diplomatic, economic, military, and informational pressure from a globally ‘arrived’ India.

India, buoyed by the green light given to them by the USA to do as they pleased, as long as they oppose Chinese CPEC expansion, found Pakistan the best guinea pig to practice their newfound strength.

Every disgruntled group in Pakistan with any semblance of dislike for Pakistan was funded by India to keep the country unstable. Every forum in the world, every mouthpiece, every capital, and every financial institution was leveraged to apply pressure on Pakistan to have it diplomatically isolated and crumble.

So overconfident was Mr. Modi in India’s diplomatic clout that he unilaterally merged Kashmir with the Indian mainland by revoking article 370, the single point of conflict with Pakistan for 70 years.

India very nearly succeeded as no one backs Pakistani narrative on Kashmir, except China, and Pakistan’s economy and passport are in the dump. Even Pakistan cricket and hockey teams are a pariah.

This initiate is called the 5th Generation warfare (after 4G warfare), using all means, diplomatic, military, information, and economic to strangulate opposition.

Who won the 5G war of 2014-till today?

India has won the political objective of this 5G war of 2014-till date by stifling Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir, diplomatically, financially, and culturally banishing the country into the junk category.

Pakistan vs. India War: who will win?

In a conventional war, Pakistan will lose because Pakistani institutions are weak.

In a nuclear war, both Pakistan and India will lose, as the damage suffered will be unacceptable.

Could India invade Pakistan today?

Yes, India could invade Pakistan and capture small bulges across the 3300 KMs Radcliff line, to use as a bargaining chip the way they used Haji Peer Pass.

How can Pakistan win wars against India?

Pakistan will start winning wars when all its institutions are strong, especially political ones.

Will there be a war between India and China and what will be Pakistan’s role?

No, both the countries are too pragmatic and too big to risk war. Skirmishes are another story, as the recent Ladakh skirmish, that Pakistanis watched with popcorns and fries. But, you cannot underestimate the recklessness of a “small man” like Mr. Modi, just to get racist Hindu votes.

How  many times has India gone to war against Pakistan?

Formally, India has fought five wars with Pakistan and informally eight wars, because the definition of war is a lot more than troops fighting face to face

How many wars has Pakistan won against India?

Pakistan has not won a single war against India, because the outcome of any war is determined by political achievement – which Pakistan has not gained till date.

Conclusion Pakistan vs. Indian Wars

Out of the 8 Pakistan vs. India wars and conflicts, Pakistan has won only two where its political objective was realized. The first one was managing to defend new territory in 1947 and then giving hope to the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir in the 1990s that they can wrestle free from India.

So, now you know why half of the population in Pakistan is illiterate, malnourished, and militant too?

That’s the truth, can you handle it? Do comment below.

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