Review of Pappasallis, Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

review pappasallis rawalpindi

At first sight, Pappasallis Rawalpindi has the Italian bistro look, green lawns and fountains look pleasant and tasteful. Then the location is the dead center of the Rawalpindi action area. Kids can choose between Big Macs’, motion rides, walk in the park, and a 3D movie — while you have some alone time with your partner. The interior is not too shabby either. The upper floor is not too congested. Air-conditioning is effective.

This is their website —– Pappasallis


After all, Pappasallis Islamabad is a brand that everyone in Rawalpindi has to experience here. The Italian food name tag sounds exotic and our elite run to check out little Italy in Pakistan.

The hot pizzas’ are very tasty. Kids love the pizza’s freshness and different tastes.

What they don’t have is good Italian food! The Italian dishes are numerous but very stale and tasteless. I think it has more to do with fresh ingredients and taking interest in what people think. I get the feeling that the location given to Pappasallis is so lucrative, the management doesn’t have any competition around — hence no incentive to improve food. The steak is the worst — I couldn’t even finish the blob on my table.

Then there is too much noise all around. Too many people inside the premises and it gives a feel of being overcrowded. The prices are not cheap. It would cost around Rs 1200 per person for dinner (drinks included). I think the owners built the place then left it to local managers to run it. It doesn’t have the feel of a restaurant for the elite. You can order the fresh pizza from as well.

I would give the place 6.5 out of 10, mostly because it’s an Italian restaurant that doesn’t taste or feel Italian.

Bon appetite!

There are many good restaurants in Rawalpindi, for more reviews you can go to this link.

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