Cannoli restaurant has wonderful burgers (a review)

Cannoli Restaurant

So Cannoli restaurant people opened up a new Italian burger, flatbread, and pasta joint in Bahria Town Phase 7, near green mart, and are pretty proud of it.

Meaning of Cannoli

Cannoli is an Italian sweet made with baked, elongated dough with sweet creamy filling inside. It is more like our Pakistani cream roll, but with a lot less sweet cream and more like a stick. Come to think of it, our cream roll is more of a cream cone – another weird random fact about Pakistan for you.

Cannoli Restaurant menu

They have,

  • Chicken and Beef Burgers
  • Flat Bread
  • Pasta
  • Coffees and drinks

    What to order at Cannoli restaurant Bahria Town?

    I ordered two beef burgers with mushroom and Swiss cheese and two Juicy Lucy burgers. The drinks were minty lime and coke to wash down all the meat. Beef burgers are their specialty and they tasted pretty good. The beef was definitely high quality and the patties were fresh.

    I loved that they had olive oil and toppings placed right there on the table for the diners.

    Cannoli Restaurant Bahria Town Delivery?

    No, they do not deliver anywhere.

    How to get to Cannoli Bahria town Rawalpindi / Islamabad

    Cannoli Bahria Town is more in Rawalpindi than Islamabad and you get there by taking the GT road to the Bahria town that is close to DHA 1.

    Cannoli Bahria Town Islamabad address is

    2nd Floor, Plaza # 01L, Theme Park Avenue, Bahria Intellectual Village, Google Pin

    Cannoli Bahria Town Phone Number is (051) 8733529.

    They are open morning till midnight.

    How is Cannoli restaurant environment

    The moment you step into the restaurant that is located on the upper floors of a plaza, you definitely get the feel of an aesthetically decorated place with full-sized glass front and unplastered brick walls.

    It is a bit crowded, but that’s alright if you have a good company around.


  • How many restaurants does Cannoli have in Pakistan?

              Shop #56 Beverly Center, Nazmuddin Road · Islamabad, Pakistan     Islamabad, Pakistan-    44000.

              Phone: 0333 2132777.

    • Cannoli restaurant in Gol Market F-7 Islamabad is another [Don’t know it’s present status].

              Shop # 3, Gol Market, Islamabad, 44000

              Phone: 0333 2132777

              57 Main Boulevard Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan-54000, Google Pin

              Phone: (042) 35873000

    Food Quality and general assessment

    Excellent food quality – except that each serving in not of Pakistani size. What that means is that you’d want to order another dish or extra fries if you are a healthy eater like all Pakistanis are.

    The arrangement and layout is beautiful and clean, including the washroom

    Taking the lift to the second floor is a bit annoying since we all hate exercise.

    The traffic to get to Bahria town Phase 7 can be crazy during the evening time especially around the Fauji Foundation hospital Stop, so get there before 7 pm.

    The lady that owns the restaurant has been doing businesses involving customer building for quite some time and well known in the Islamabad social group. She owns several businesses that are professionally run.

    The Prices of Cannoli are only for the upper crust of Pakistani society. I mean a four-person meal could be Rs 8000 or more, with taxes, that is a month’s pay for the average Pakistani.

    The taste of burgers here is incomparable to anything in Rawalpindi at least – very good.

    The music playing in their quality speakers is well thought out Hip Hop. It’s fresh and hip.

    After opening up so many restaurants, I would have imagined they would have a website of their own – but no.

    This is the real cannoli Italian restaurant.

    Cannoli Bahria town is basically an expensive burger joint.


    I would rate Cannoli Italian Restaurant Bahria Town Islamabad a 7 out of 10 for their excellent food quality, not for their prices. If you have your western returned relatives that you want to impress with food quality, take them to Cannoli Bahria Town.

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