Chai Khana

Family time at Chai Khana Restaurant

Chai Khana Restaurant is more of a Coffee Shop with Desi delights that go with the nicotine.

Why do people like Chy Khana?

Families and young couples love the ambiance, the desi accessories like samosas and chaats, and then the Chai- Coffee. The western breakfast is also quite popular.

Everybody minds their own business there and no nosy people are trying to find out who is on a date there.

The best thing about the place is that you get to lounge all day with civilized, educated, and clean people of Rawalpindi city, lots of them students of universities.

In any case, eating out is Pakistanis’ favorite pastime

Best Time to visit this Cafe

Sunday 1000-1100 am is the best time to have breakfast at Rawalpindi or Islamabad.

This is because the crowd has not waken up yet and the aalo parathas are still fresh. So is the tea and bun samosa.

After 11 am lots of people suddenly appear at the door and it becomes loud, and crowded and service slows down.

Chai Khana quotes on Drinking Tea

Best Season for Tea

The best season to visit Chai Khana and have tea in Pakistan is the November to March period.

You can get your annual dose of Sunlight vitamins in the sun-kissed enclosure outside and enjoy chatting in a peaceful environment where most of the Chai Khana is located.

Ambiance and Interior

If you want to keep your pearly white complexion, choose a table underneath the roof windows, where sunlight bathes the interior in soft light. The real-life indoor plants at the corners of the dining space are a lovely sight in themselves. This shows someone with taste is looking after things here.

Chai Khana Book Shelves
Book Shelves

We got ourselves a table in the corner tucked behind the book racks with good-quality books, magazines, and papers.

Chai Khana Menu

Someone has taken their time to compile the Chai Khana, Bahria Town’s menu.

Chai Khana Breakfast Menu
Chai Khana Tea Menu
Chai Khana Tea Menu
Chai Khana Snacks and Specials

Who would have thought of having all these on the same menu:-

  • Kachuri with Aalo ke bhujya,
  • Fish & Chips
  • Apple Pie
  • Death by Chocolate
  • French Toasts
  • Omelets
  • Aalo Parathas
  • Honey waffles
  • Bun Samosa
  • Coffee
  • Milk Tea (Doodh Patti)
  • Chocolate shake

Food Prices 

Food prices have risen all over Pakistan and nowadays the price for a 4-person’s Tea comes out to be Rs 5000 minimum

The tea takes its time, which is understandable considering I want my tea made with care.

Chai Khana

The location and Phone Number of Chai Khana  near me 

These outlets are quite sought after by people:-

  1. Chy Khana Bahria Town Phase 5 near Civic Centre (051) 5733673
  2. Chy Khana F-6 Islamabad Phone (051) 8312193
  3. Chy Khana Satellite Town Rawalpindi  (051) 2716613
  4. Chy Khana Bahria Saddar Rawalpindi (0334) 5228552
  5. Chy Khana Central Park DHA 1 Rawalpindi (051) 6122619
  6. Chy Khana I-8 Markaz Islamabad (051) 8315431
  7. Chy Khana Centaurus Mall Islamabad (0346) 0004455
  8. Chy Khana B-17 (051) 6120506
  9. Chy Khana Houston USA Tea Cafe and Grill +183-982-2333

Chai Khana Houston Photos

Chai Khana Photos
Chai Khana Photos
Chai Khana Interior Photos

How to make Chai  (Tea) for 4 people?

I will break it down into simple steps Chai Number 18

  1. Pour 4.5 Cups of drinkable water into a kettle for boiling
  2. Boil the water to a slow boil
  3. Put four and a half teaspoons of Tea Blend
  4. leave the tea blend to boil for ten seconds more.
  5. Now switch off the stove and let the Chai simmer for 15 seconds
  6. Pour out the tea water blend into a Tea Pot through a Strainer
  7. Cover the Teapot
  8. Place Milk beside the teapot and serve the guests
  9. Ask the guests whether they want strong or light tea, then pour milk according to their taste
  10. Stronger tea has a browner look.

Good Luck!


I would give this place 8 out of 10 in my Review Scale.

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