Can we call Pakistan a Civilized nation?

civilized nation

Present-day Pakistan has miles to go before it can be safely called a civilized nation, let alone a Civilizational State like its parent, the Indus Valley Civilization.

What went wrong in Pakistan?

Since Pakistan’s evolutionary process has remained stunted by repeated military coups and wars, the depth of research, experience, political continuity, and wealth necessary to reach the jump-ramp of a civilizational state never came to be.

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What is the meaning of a “civilized nation”?

A civilized nation is defined as an internationally recognized geographical entity that,

  • Incrementally reaches significant urbanization,
  • Social and professional stratification,
  • The luxury of leisure time, and
  • Advancements in arts
  • Advancement in Sciences

This is also referred to as an advanced culture.

The Muslim Mughal Empire, Pakistan’s spiritual guide, was very close to being called a civilization, with the exception of democratic continuity – and that led to its eventual demise.

Meaning of Civility, Justice, and the Rule of Law

Being civilized is synonymous with civilité in French jurisprudence, meaning thereby

  • Law and order,
  • Government and
  • Administration enforced by a legitimate government to protect the vulnerable from the powerful.

In Pakistan, the powerful protect themselves from the weak hordes through ridiculous laws.

International Principles of Fairness and Justice

Article 38 of International court of justice statutes on the principle of law recognized by civilized nations includes principles of fairness and justice like

  • Laches,
  • Good faith,
  • Res judicata,

These principles give a reasonable opportunity for justice in society to all its inhabitants, irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, or faith – that has never happened.

None of these is truly practiced in the poor quality judicial institution of Pakistan.

“Doctrine of Necessity” is a documented clause in Pakistani jurisprudence that essentially means to bend Laws to accommodate the powerful.

Civilized nation International Law

Unfortunately, the international Law is rigged in favour of “civilized nations”

“The Law of Nations is that collection of usages which civilized states have agreed to observe in the dealings with one another (only civilized ones)” John Duke Coleridge, Chief Justice of
So, in “Civilized Nation”, “Civilized people” , “Civilized countries” or “civilized world” in International Law has been known to mean European Christian States as opposed to States not thought to posses similar legal system or values
So, apparently, Pakistan is not considered a Civilized State, because illegal usurpation of power in Pakistan is ratified in Western capitals (universally considered civilized)

Civilized Nation and Gun Control

A universally accepted Civilized Nation like USA does not have gun control and that makes the premise of accepting European Christian States in the Civilized Nation Club led by USA, debatable.

Nation Vs Country

The difference between a nation and country is that the residents of Nations have universally similar values across the geographical landmass, which may not be true for Countries.  

Examples of Nations

  1. Scots
  2. Hmong Vietnamese
  3. Kurds

Pakistan as a civilized nation

Simple things like not having enough political will to build national parks, like Civilization 6 suggests is enough to make you realize what all is lacking inside Pakistan.

Professionalism in Pakistan

A civilized nation has professionals minding their own job and the system giving them an incentive to excel in their chosen field.

Pakistani people have so many unproductive distractions that they are interested in everything, except their own assigned job.

Brutalized Pakistani Society

To be civilized is to never have to use force with your population, as only political means should theoretically be enough to resolve irritants.

Pakistanis exercising their human right have been whipping, extra-judicially killed, jailed, and outright murdered by regressive groups.

Severely vulnerable State of Pakistan

Then civilized nations are invulnerable to outside pressure, as they incubate excellence in their people to find solutions in-house.

This happens when their people have empowerment, high-quality education, skill, sufficient wealth, health, the right to choose a sexual partner, and food.

Pakistan has none of these attributes.

Pakistan’s incorrect inspiration

Civilized nations, self-correct through their institutions and seek inspiration from other civilized countries.

Pakistan elite till recently identified with Arab despotic nations.

Pakistan’s experimentation with religion

Civilization is when the people realize that religion is a means to their personal happiness and becomes toxic when it is ritualized through the government.

Pakistani establishment doesn’t have the faintest idea of what I have just said and is deliberately exploitative through religion.

Pakistan’s contribution to the World

A country is civilized when its people contribute to the world’s body of knowledge through research that betters people’s lives and makes the earth more livable.

 Pakistani elite doesn’t believe they need to be part of a global community, otherwise, there will be accountability – which they abhor.

 The apathy towards research on society and the environment is criminal.

  • “No idea single idea has been more important than… the idea of progress in western civilization for nearly three thousand years” Robert Nisbet.

Liberty, Justice, Equality, and community are a close second.

Pakistan has none of the above, except maybe insular communities.

Pakistan’s end product is defective

People categorize civilized countries through their end product – their people.

Pakistan is producing bigoted, untrustworthy, partially literate, frustrated, unskilled, misogynistic men whose only purpose in life is to dominate and exploit women and others.

 A “good living” has never been taught to Pakistanis.

Elite Capture in Pakistan

Pakistan will be considered civilized when the ruling elite lets go of the “capture” of the country’s resources and institutions so that they start working for the people instead.

A recent study shows that elite capture consumes $17.5 Billion a year in Pakistan.

This can only happen through the continuation of constitutional democracy which brings accountability.

A self-reliant Pakistan

The global community will consider Pakistan civilized when it produces its own food, weapons of war, dual used technologies, and health products and joins the race the galaxy.

 Pakistan has yet to give governing powers to local bodies in towns and cities. Space is a pipe dream.

The finer aspects of life in Pakistan

Pakistani people will be considered civilized when they start appreciating this wonderful gift of life, the earth, music, song, dance, beauty, poetry, and the finer arts and not to pine for the afterlife.

In Pakistan, the education system teaches kids not to question anything.


Why Pakistan is not considered Civilized?

No one respects a country that is being run from one office with all the powers.

Countries like that are perpetually vulnerable and are consider barbaric, backward, unpowered, and weak.

Pakistan’s civilizational weakness is its democratic political institution.

  • “Would Greece have borne a Thucydides, a Plato, an Aristotle, or Rome, Horace, Cicero, Virgil, and Livy, if these states have not risen to those heights of Political achievements?” Friedrich Von Schiller

My point is that the world is not the enemy of Pakistani people, it’s our mafia-like elite that holds the weak ransom for privileges’ from other countries.

Is Pakistan a basket case?

Not everything is lost, Pakistan still has a very strong case of becoming not only civilized but also a “Civilization state” based on its geography.

  • A civilization state is a complex society that is characterized by urban development, social stratification, and wealth, a form of government, advanced communication, and military reach.

For that to happen, Pakistan needs to build political institutions.

Civilization states have roots in their well-established ancestor’s ways.

 Pakistan needs to base its trajectory on the Indus valley civilization which forms the broad contours of this nation-state.

Indus Valley Civilization and Pakistan

Indus Valley Civilization was one of the only three top civilizations of the 3rd millennium BC, besides Mesopotamia, and Egyptian.

Back in those days, Ancient Indus Valley a little deeper into North-East, South-Eastern India, and Afghanistan towards the West.

When Pakistan roots its existence in its genuine heritage and history, the larger questions of foreign policy and conflicts, like the ones with Afghanistan, Iran, and India will naturally find a solution.

What is a Civilized society and how to build one?

Protect political institutions, spend money on personal freedom, human rights, rule of law, character building, values, and achievements over wealth, competence, respect of less able, and finer arts.

  • “A savage tribe consists of a handful of individuals, wandering thinly scattered over a vast tract of country; there is no commerce, no manufacturing, no agriculture, or next to none… each person shifts for himself; in war, we seldom see coordinated operations by the union of many; savages do not find pleasure in each other’s society. Wherever, therefore, we find human beings acting together for common purposes in large bodies, and enjoying the pleasures of social intercourse, we term them civilized” Mill, 1977
  • See, Pakistan India Wars and their outcome

Does this ring a bell in Pakistan?

civilized nation


So, Pakistan is not a civilized nation yet, and if you want Pakistan to stay relevant in the world history and discourse, course correct now, or bear the consequences of your deliberate collective hypocrisy.

“Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find money cannot be eaten” Cree Prophecy pasted near Civilized Nation Patterson NJ

Do catch my drift people?

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