Why does the world hate Islam, Jihad, and Allah?

hate Islam jihad Allah

Hate might not be the correct word, but the world does consider a system of government that accepts Islam, Jihad and Allah, a major threat. I will explain why.

It’s true,  the world led by three power centers, USA, China, and India, that have endorsed ruthless capitalism, cannot have a form of government talking of redistribution of wealth.

Islam, and its concept of interest-free financing, Zakat, Sadqa, and Khairaat, is an anathema to the runaway profits being made by the privileged in these power centers of the future. Furthermore, Islam bounds its followers to agitate, violently, if necessary, if these basic tenants of freedom are trampled upon.

It’s no coincidence that Mr. Trump announced a Muslim ban, Mr. Modi signed a citizenship bill that excluded Muslims and China has its only Muslim majority population under strict re-education.

The fight is not between terrorism and the free world, the fight is between the wealthy and the powerful elite of the world and the Islamic concept of smashing demi gods. This scares the life out of these elites. Each one of them is fighting their own crusade against Quranic teachings of wealth distribution, equality, racial acceptance, and freedom from tyranny.

It suits the world to conjure up a bad image of this fall guy, Islam, and run away with limitless profits. Seeing the USA succeeding in weaponizing greed, through their military-industrial complex, China and India both followed suit.

Now we have three global elites and their dirty money, that has been hoarded from exploiting the downtrodden and weak those have no hope to get out of their circle of poverty jostling for global resources to consume at their will.

Trillions of dollars of reserves, billions of dollars of stocks, cash and bonds, trillions more worth of research assets, and they are still worried about the little Islamic guy with a beard who has a conscience and believes in the collective instead of the individual.

They say Islam is evil, regressive, and violent. Who has been killing millions in the Middle East, incarcerating thousands in camps, and stealing the residential right of people in their own country? Not the Muslims at least.

Not only that, but Islam also guarantees a society that is sustainable, happy, and equitable, something that none of these countries can hope to achieve ever with the cutthroat meat grinder they have pushed their people into, just for the fortunate to make further windfall profits.

Then you have a system that has ruled the world both in the East and West for over 800 years, with Christians, Jews and Pagans, living side by side and making revolutionary progress. The last time I remember blacks were rioting in the streets of New York, low castes were being brutalized by Hindu fanatic mobs and Godless people teaching their subjects what real humanity is. How can this rich clique allow the weak and the poor to ever challenge their status — something that Islamic society makes possible?

People are protesting against extractive institutions like IMF, World Bank, G-8, etc., but there are powerless against behemoths and no one gives them justice.

They fear Islam because the children growing up in a frugal but secure one-unit family will eventually run over their border walls and security perimeters, that they have erected to keep their sweatshops running and their broken home kids buying useless products, as a substitute for the nurturing they never received.

They fear Islam because Prophet Muhammad’s closest companion was a black slave. The USA, a nation born out of the legacy of colonialism, black slavery and massacres to make a few rich, will never let these dehumanized Africans gain their respect back if this Islamic concept of equality of man ever becomes dominant.

They isolate, mutilate, carve up, tyrannize, impose war and dictators on the Islamic world just to keep this menace under check, but still, lone wolves, keep fighting back because Quran says so; there is no greater God than Allah. This makes these criminal elite terrified, and they coined the term Islamophobia for it.

So, it was never about hate Islam, Jihad or Allah

The only weakness in the Islamic system is the rule of law and succession in government. It is because of this reason that Islam has been brutalized and made to roll back across the world.

The solution that would be good for the entire world would be to let one Muslim democracy succeed and for the Muslim elite not to tinker with the rule of law.

Do this and I promise you the world will see the greatest progress, peace, and equality that have eluded the world to date.

No one will need to hate any Islam, Jihad, and Allah

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  1. Quite agree .
    No one kicks a dead dog.
    But I do think Muslims should stop hurting each other and dominant sects should stop suppressing minor sects. Our own ills should also be purged.

  2. Iftikhar A Haris says:

    Logical and appealing,👍

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