6reasons Dirilis : Ertugrul is popular in Pakistan

dirilis ertugrul popular pakistan

Dirilis: Ertugrul is popular in Pakistan because noble Muslim descendants of the original Turk rulers of India — Pakistanis themselves — have been denied their rightful place in the Indian subcontinent. Also, quite frankly I can identify with Ertugurul’s bromance with his tribemates, his mentor and Islamic scholar, strong and loyal women in his family, his just full vengeance, his prayer to almighty, and responsibility for his personal, family, and tribe’s well being.

Turkic cultural memory in Pakistan

Historical perspective to the Dirilis Ertugrul popularity in Pakistan can be understood by knowing that the original rulers of India were not Arabs, but Turks (Babar the Mughal 1526 AD, Alauddin Khilji, Mahmoud of Ghazni 1013 AD, Shahabuddin Ghauri 1193) [Reference History of India by Lane Poole]. There is this cultural memory that makes this drama series so popular in Pakistan. Besides, many families in Pakistan originate in Turkey, through the Iranian corridor and have 10% Turkish genes.

Current Arab culture does not inspire Pakistanis

Because Pakistanis do not identify with self-preserving Arab rulers that live by the leave of Western countries, exploiting their own people and stifling the collective voice of the Muslim Ummah. All this has been happening since the 1st world war and the collapse of the Ottomans’ in Turkey, that was incidentally actively carried out by Arabs and aided by the Western countries. Ertugrul quotes, “The most powerful conqueror on earth is Justice… I am only the enemy of oppression and betrayal” — resonates with us. How can these Arabs raise their voice against the ghettoization, poverty and inhuman treatment of defenseless Muslims in Palestine, Myanmar, Africa and Kashmir? What’s even more funnier is that dictatorial countries like Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia have banned the series altogether, like they have anything better for us to look up to, culture and morality wise.

Indian culture has lost its Eastern base

Because Pakistanis do not identify with Indians and their predominantly racist culture that encourages hoarding wealth while the poor stay desperate. They justify poverty by karma. Usury, worship of demi-gods of power, especially of the white race, without any sense of morality, is an acceptable practice in the Indian culture — not in Pakistan.  Filling up temples with mound of gold and silver while lower castes sleep on footpaths and defecate in the open are not a society Pakistanis would ever identify with. Then Indians regard women’s use of sexual allure as a godlike feature, is totally unacceptable to Islam, which gives respect to the women folk, under certain moral bounds. Then Indian portrays all Muslim conquerors that civilized Indian Hindu pagans, with decadent and tyrannical practices like satti and segregation, as blood thirsty tyrants.

Western Heros were tyrants to natives

Because Pakistanis do not identify with the Western culture of greed and indescrimate killing of local populations, natives and nations they consider a hindrance in their way of amassing wealth, beyond what they actually need. The excess is because narcissism and individualism is considered a virtue in the western society and all the sociopaths and narcissist reach the top of plover, bulldozing all nations and people they do not consider their own ‘flying monkeys’ What happened in Iraq is unforgivable and Pakistanis know that. Then the western society has relegated the importance of nuclear family to such an extent that they can’t find well rounded leaders to run their governments any more. How can Pakistanis look up to such a society? The blatant racketeering and extortion of the dictators planted by western nations on hapless Muslims is shameful to say the least. Every protagonist in Hollywood is a disturbed loner that kills for the just cause, unlike divine inspired Ertugrul who says, “Victory is for Allah” and fights for justice, honor, while juggling several roles in society.

Pakistanis dream of Resurrection themselves

Because Resurrection: Ertugrul represents all what was and could be replicated again, the television show is immensely popular in Pakistan.

Pakistanis perv on Turkish ladies

Also, Turkish ladies and some Gents are scalding hot, not like dead beat Bollywood and Hollywood ladies that have been through Harvey Weinstein’s and Prem Chopra’s couch.

No wonder Indians’ be trippin!

Post Script.

Osman, the founding father of Ottoman Empire was thought to be the son of Ertugrul. Dirilis Ertugrul popularity in Pakistan can be gauged by the fact that viewership on state run dead horse PTV, with Urdu subtitles, has crossed 133 million, not including Netflix binge watchers. This TRT Turkey production, Ertugrul is being watched in Indian Occupied Kashmir IOK on smuggled DVDs and is immensely popular in the Muslims ghettos of Europe, Germany, USA, and India, Brazil etc. not to mention Muslim countries like Indonesia, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and Yemen. These are inspiring Ertugrul Ghazi quotes in Urdu trajima. This is Ertugrul Gazi poetry of Allama Iqbal. See this Dirilis Ertugrul video and decide yourself.

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