Lament beloved Pakistan

My Lament to my beloved Pakistan!

I lament to my beloved Pakistan for my people and God’s creations that live in it. It hurts me to see flea-bitten animals’ and humans debased to inhumanity.

It hurts me to see the poor children of destitute unable break out of poverty.

My Lament is about the hurt I feel watching women unable to see beyond their daily survival inside an abusive home — chronic abuse passed on from father to husband.

My Lament to my beloved Pakistan

My lament is that it pains me to see scruffy, dirty, unhealthy, uneducated people around me, shortchanging each other —unconcerned about the exploitation by the ruling class. I don’t like seeing dirty roads, unclean environment, dusty skies, filthy streams, heaps of garbage that can easily be solved by an assertive leader, that we don’t have.

My Lament to my beloved Pakistan

I dislike the fact that women don’t feel safe walking on the roads, neither do kids. There has to be a reason why people inclined to the same gender, find Pakistan heaven — which normal orientation people don’t.

My Lament to my beloved Pakistan

I dislike the fact that normal humans cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of music, dance, entertainment, nature, without being judged or being part of a clique.

It pains me to see prostitutes, transgender, child sex slaves unable to live a decent life — for no fault of theirs.

I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering and abuse of our religious minorities in an oppressive system that only recognizes might.

   The whole day I don’t see a single cheerful soul in my land of Pure.

Who has the back of vulnerable in our society? Or do they not even deserve to live? Is there anyone trying to spend money on the health & education of women, children, handicapped, mentally ill, and destitute?

I feel disturbed by the fact that tyranny, corruption, injustice, fraud, individual worship trumps hard work and sincerity, every time. It is criminal the way our children have been relegated to a life of misfortune because their mental faculties were never developed.

 I ache to see the religious brigade mass-producing brainless robots, which can never be produced to support themselves.

I can’t bear to see our elite riding in flashy cars with teeming poverty at their doorstep. What good are your ranks, your jewelry, your cars, property, political power, and the modern ladies in your household if there are shanties just a few yards from where you live?

The most disturbing thing is that the same exploited mass cheers for their usurpers — as their saviors.

Imran Khan brought hope that he would tip the scale in favor of the powerless — but I don’t think so.

These wretched would stay poor, dirty, and uneducated till the time this unfortunate country produces a real leader with some spine.

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