Prime Minister Imran Khan the real fight is coming! for Pakistan

prime minister imran khan

Dear Prime Minister Imran Khan

ہم دیکھیں گے

جب ارضِ خدا کے کعبے سے
سب بت اٹھوائے جائیں گے
ہم اہلِ صفا، مردودِ حرم
مسند پہ بٹھائے جائیں گے
سب تاج اچھالے جائیں گے
سب تخت گرائے جائیں گے

ہم دیکھیں گے


‘We will definitely witness (the day)…

When all the demi-gods shall be removed from the Kaaba of God’s earth…

We the pure and outcasts of the sacred place would be throned there…

(And) crowns shall be tossed around and the thrones demolished…”

Do you get this Sir, it’s all about the people and your fight is with all the usurpers that have stolen dignity from the downtrodden.

Let me start by saying Congratulations! You have finally made it to the top. After 22 years of nonstop campaigning against a well-entrenched political class, your time has come.  I am happy and very hopeful, that for once, I see genuine hope for the weak and poor of this cursed country.

 I can only admire your tenacity, your willpower, and your perseverance, your single-mindedness to reach your target. I am impressed.


As a well-wisher of this wonderful country, I have a premonition of things to come. So, here is a heads-up:

I hear the distant rumble of mobs from the religious right. They would eventually try to undermine you because their survival depends on despair and ignorance — which you aim to dispel through education. You’ll have to move quickly and disable their power base before they swamp you. Modernize their education and let them question people in authority. Teach them pluralism, science, and acceptance of others. Teach them to read and train them to make their own living. Let these children invent another Algebra in the madrassa.  

I hear the discontent of demagogues acting as protectors of state institutions. It’s nothing personal, it’s just the decades of impunity these institutions have enjoyed that is too cushy to let go of. The day will come when your vision will clash with these extractive institutions.  Prepare your bench strength for that day. So, build your storm troopers now, while you are popular. President Erdogan embraced the right, and he survived. Prime Minister Bhutto embraced the left, and couldn’t. Prime Minister Mahathir has been all cuddly with Uncle Sam and got away with authoritarianism — you don’t have all these luxuries. The only solution is to keep chipping at these power centers and their base of funding. Privatize all their money-making ventures, or hand over management to private businesses.

Bring inland, agricultural and water reforms so that the feudal stranglehold can be broken. They will make the deal with the devil to protect their lording over peasants.

Cut our thieving business elite to size quickly by taxing their hidden wealth. These selfish opportunists have been fattened over the years by runaway profits made by unfair means. They feel insulted when someone asks them to pay taxes. Get that money back from abroad. No amount of convincing will make them do that. Send sniffers after the loot and muscle it back.

While you are busy fighting the tyrants inside Pakistan, keep an eye on western countries that would starve you for credit and legitimacy. Hell, they even might attempt a regime change.  Keep your neighbors’ by your side, however, distasteful that might sound. A neutral neighbor is still better than an antagonistic one. Focus on their positives, like trade, instead of the problems we have with them. Don’t ever take the bait of building higher walls at the borders.

Make the parliament all supreme. Bring out a balance in all institutions and don’t let any violation go unpunished. No one should be allowed to cross their authorized line. No one can have unbridled power. Rule of law should be supreme.

Divert all your resources into education, health, and skill training. The people will reward you will their undying love, loyalty, and legacy.

Bring in alternate dispute resolution in our courts for people to feel empowered.

Launch accountability for past wrongs by the powerful— across the board — leave no offense unpunished.

I pray that your struggle was not for this prime minister seat. I pray you are the messiah that this unfortunate nation needs. I pray you will destroy this hypocritical, no-conscience hierarchy that has risen to the top of our society. I pray we see a just, cleaner, caring, and happy Pakistan. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well written and every sentiment highlighted.
    We all pray

  2. Dr Ghazala Inamulhaq says:

    IK spoke like a true statesman,in a short span of time he covered a lot ensuring of a welfare state ,education for all ,uplifting of the marginalised communities,no political victimisation,justice for all ,overcoming security,economic and foreign policy challenges etc.
    May Allah bless him with the very best of everything.

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