rape pakistan vs india

Rape victim on motorway and Statistics, Pakistan vs. India

The lady in the Gujjarpura Rape incidence on the Motorway by two armed robbers has been failed by a patriarchal hyper-masculinity inspired obsolete system in Pakistan ( vs India ) that we set up ourselves.

How to stop the violence of women and children in Pakistan?

The only way to stop violence and rape of women and children in Pakistan is to give back power to the political class from the exploitative religious and other national institutions and give quality education to all Pakistanis, across the board.

Location of the Rape victim on the motorway

rape pakistan vs india
The rape took place on the East Edge of the City of Lahore, not in some backwater, where police couldn’t reach.

What is the definition of Rape?

Sexual violence or intercourse by the use of force or without consent is considered Rape in a majority of western countries.

Pakistan hasn’t gotten to the consent part yet, we are still trying to control violence.

Why rape and sexual violence takes place in society?

Poverty, war-like insecurity, and domestic instability have been linked to sexual violence and rape.

Why do people carry out rape?

The purpose of rape is to establish physical, psychological Dominance over others, especially vulnerable women, through sexual violence. 

Allow me to build up a case on how I reached this conclusion, starting from history.

History of violence against women and Rape

The Romans and the Greek in the first millennium BC considered women and their chastity, their property. Anyone violating their women was considered trespassing their property and was punished severely. There was no real compassion for women as God’s human creation.

Throughout the first millennium BC, which includes several new religions, women were considered spoils of war and property, as per the custom in those days.

Despite the fact that Prophet Muhammad did attempt to reform women’s rights.

This legacy continued until the 14 century when women started gaining an education and the tyranny of religions was removed from the western world for the first time.

The second awakening happened when women were granted the right to vote in the early 18th century.

Now in the 21st century, the sanctity of personal space and consent of women is considered a sacred right that is widely agreed with in the world – except Pakistan.

The problem is not in the rules and laws regarding women protection, it is in the enforcement.

Rape Statistics in Pakistan 2020

The official rape rate as per official records is so low, i.e. 0.009 they don’t even show the fraction in figures. However, the reality is very different.

Thomas Router Foundation 2011 polls said Pakistan is the 3rd most dangerous country for women and the ranking hasn’t improved much since.

Thomas Reuters Foundation reported 90 percent of women in Pakistan to suffer domestic violence.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) reported one incidence of rape occurs every two hours and gang rape takes place every 4 to 8 days.

In the most populous province of Pakistan, the Commission on the status of women reported 10,000 rape cases in the province from 2014-2017. Women are the highest educated here.

The news International research says, on the average 2500 cases of rape were reported every year 2014-2017 in Punjab Pakistan – the most populous of the country. The world average of underreported rape cases Is 63%, which means the actual rape cases are a minimum of 4100 and this does not include rape by a partner.

20-30% of women face some form of domestic abuse during their lifetime.

70% of Pakistani women face physical sexual violence from their partners and 93% face sexual harassment in one way or the other during their lifetime. None of this is actually reported.

Pakistan is NO 6 in the Thomas Reuters list of most dangerous countries for Women 2018, India is No 1.

Rape statistics Pakistan 2019

As per the scale of HRCP, approximately 4380 rapes and 61 gang rapes took place in Pakistan in 2019.

Rape Statistics India

The official rape rate in India per 100,000 populations is 5.2. The reality is very different.

In India, one incidence of rape is reported every 15 minutes as per National Crimes Records Bureau India.

71% of the rape crimes in India never get reported also as per NCRB.

In 94.6% of the cases, the perpetrator of rape is the victim’s relative including a brother, father, grandfather, son, or acquaintance.

Rape Stories in India

You can get a good idea of Rape statistics, locations, and stories in this Al Jazeera research.

Rape quotes Pakistan in Urdu

I would only quote Sadat Hassan Manto so that people understand why rape happens in Pakistan;

“Humaray han izzat ki haqdaar sirf ghar ki aurton ko samjha jata hai, baqi aurtein hamaray liyay gosht ki dukaanein hain jin k bahir hum kutton ke tarha zuban latkaye kharre nazar aatay hain”

Rape Statistics America

18.3 % of women in the USA have been raped at some time in their lives according to a study by the Department of Justice.

The good news is the annual rape rate in the USA declined by 58% from 2005 to 2010 as per the US Department of Justice. This is the power of revealing the truth to your own people.

The rape rate per day is 90 in the USA according to Government data.

Rape Rate Pakistan vs. India

Rape Rate is a good way to compare Rape Statistics Pakistan vs. India.

Rape Statistics, the rate per 100,000 Pakistan vs. India. Reported statistics say Pakistan does not have any Rape cases

These statistics do not reveal the actual truth of how women are suffering in silence.

Rape Statistics in the world

I will paste only the authentic sources for your reference.

rape pakistan vs india
Even officially Muslim countries in the Gold Crescent do not report rape like it never happens.

UN research on Rape statistics around the world is tabulated below.

No statistics of Muslim countries at all and we are nearly 2 Billion in the world.

The World Rape Statistics data says that women in Muslim and poorer countries do not get raped. In fact what it shows is that socially underdeveloped countries do not reveal actual data on sexual violence against women and rape, most likely because they don’t have it.

The most socially underdeveloped with poor rule of law have the least rape cases.

List of Countries with the highest reported Rape Crime in the world

2018 List

2020 list



Denmark Finland


Sri Lanka










New Zealand











South Africa




South Africa


The most developed countries, with better rule of law, women participation in the workplace, and democracy have a worse official rape record.

Why Pakistani women face unprecedented Rape?

The Laws protecting women in Pakistan have never been through this process of evolution that is necessary to build societies.

There were no real political parties with a consistent manifesto of women’s emancipation and protection, so women continue to seek protection under an abusive patriarchal structure.

The women that do step out are constantly harassed, like Benazir Bhutto and Asma Jehangir.

This patriarchal structure cannot protect everyone, especially working women out of the 100 million Pakistani women, so shocking rapes take place.

Women protection laws and institutions jump from one extreme to another, because of political discontinuity.

On top of that the laws of the country are not enforced, thereby robbing the remaining chance of security women might have.

Whatever we do enforce is a creation of one dictator or the other, and is inherently meant to dominate women, not protect them.  The Hadd rule to produce four witnesses that a rape took place is an example in point.

There is an immense stigma associated with rape in Pakistan therefore the spike in registered rape cases in Pakistan in 2016 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Punishment for a Rape victim in Pakistan

The rape victim in Pakistan was usually coerced to silence by the previous Hadd Law introduced by the puritanical dictator Zia ul Haq because rape was treated as an extramarital relationship, not a violation of personal right. That all ended with the new Criminal law amendment offense of rape act 2016.

Now rape victims in Pakistan are encouraged to report the crime fully protected by the law and it shows in the rape statistics too.

The only punishment rape victims face in Pakistan is the loss of security that is guaranteed by the constitution and Islamic law in the country – and that is irreplaceable.

Rape victim stories in Pakistan

The rape and abuse stories in Pakistan against women have similar streak poverty, abusive father, lack of education, lack of opportunities, lax rule of law, independent-minded women, and general apathy for the weak in society.

 The perpetrators are usually men that function above the law with impunity like dacoits, husbands, fathers, law enforcement personnel, village councils.

Some of these stories are adapted from The Atlantic Article.

The Rape story of Ayesha 18

I was raped by a young boy living in the house of my uncle where I had to stay during the commotion of my brother’s birth. I was too young to even know what sexual intercourse is.

The Rape story Name Unknown

My father was a drunkard and abusive and my mother would not say a word to him. He started sexually abusing me when I was old enough. I pretended to be asleep and never revealed it to anyone out of shame.

The Rape story Rehana 37

I belong to a very poor family that barely made ends meet.

My mother is domestic help and my father does odd jobs.

My home in Karachi was in a rough neighborhood and I was raped by robbers that entered my house forcibly.

I couldn’t find a decent marriage proposal after that and had to get married to an abusive person, who was married before.

I was raped and abused during the whole time I was with him.

The Rape story Nargis 18

I had a family of 8 and my mother was the second wife of my father.

He didn’t work and my mother made very little money in domestic work.

My father would mercilessly beat my mother in front of us.

The famous case of Muktaran Mai Gang Rape victim in Pakistan

In 2002, Muktaran Bibi, (Mukhtara Mai) was gang-raped on the order of her local village council of the Mastoi tribe, as a compensating for the alleged sexual relations of her brother with a higher caste lady. She spoke up in times when draconian Hudd laws were still firmly in place. All 6 rapists were sentenced. She also inspired the 2016 Criminal Law amendment to the offense of Rape.

The Rape story Kainat Soomo

Kainat Soomro a 13 years old girl was raped for four days and her brother was murdered as retribution for her reporting the offense. The rapist have not been found.

  • In 2012 five women tourists were raped by border security troops in DI Khan and they themselves recorded the incidence and were arrested.
  • A 23 years old Faisalabad housewife was allegedly raped on the orders of the local police chief because she had raised her husband’s illegal detention to higher-ups.
  • In 2017, a village council ordered the rape of a 16 years old girl for the conduct of her brother in Multan.
  • In 2017, a 25 years old lady was gang-raped by four dacoits during a robbery at their house in Multan.

Pakistan Rape protection institutions

Pakistan has done a few good things in the protection of women, like the

  1. Women’s protection bill (Pakistan’s #MeToo)
  2. The women protection helpline 1143 for Punjab Province.
  3. Article 9 of the constitutional right and liberty.
  4. Criminal Law Amendment Offence of Rape Act 2016.

Criminal Law Amendment Offence of Rape Act 2016

  • Passed unanimously by parliament in 2016
  • DNA Test is mandatory in rape cases thanks to excellent research published in an impact factor journal by Pakistani researchers that said DNA evidence of the perpetrator was available in 93% of rape victims.
  • Harsher punishment for the rapist.
  • Disrupting investigative work could lead to 1-year imprisonment.
  • Government officials found using their position to commit rape on vulnerable women would be imprisoned for life with a fine.
  • Raping a mentally disabled person or a minor would be liable for the death penalty.
  • The statement of rape victim would be recorded by an investigating officer in the presence of a female police officer or a female relative.
  • Legal aid could be provided by the local bar council.
  • Trials would be conducted in camera and remote video links.
  • Media will be restricted in revealing any personal information about the victim.
  • The rape case trial would be concluded in 3 months.
  • The previous sexual history of a rape victim cannot be presented as evidence in the criminal case.
  • Sex workers would also be protected by this law.

Section 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code statement

“Punishment for Rape –(1) Whoever commits rape shall be punished with death or imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than ten years or more than 25 years and shall also be liable to a fine”

Child Sexual Abuse Statistics Pakistan vs. India

Pakistan reports 7 children sexually abused every day in 2019, whereas, In India, the figure is 109 in 2018.

Child protection bill

Young girls under the age of 14 are also protected under Section 364A of PPC that states that “in order that the child may be murdered or subject to grievous hurt, or slaver, or lust. Shall be punished with death…”

Why do men rape women?

The UN data overwhelmingly suggests the perpetrator of rape is a male.

There is consensus that rape of women is mostly about power and control over women.

Democratic societies with better rule of law, freedom of expression and education, do better in the long term in the rape of women statistics.

Why is the experience of Rape of women so traumatic?

  • It takes away your sense of security.
  • It takes away your dignity.
  • It makes you vulnerable.
  • The lady has been exposed emotionally, physically, and intimately by a person without her permission.
  • Her boundaries have been violated and you have to relive it in court.
  • The lady feels worthless and damaged goods.
  • Women develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sometimes Borderline Personality Disorder (if the trauma is sustained for a long period).

Also, See,

Why would someone rape a child?

Same reason they rape women, dominance. The child suffers even more because they don’t know what happened to them but the parents do and their collective hurt gives power to the rapist. Zainab Ansari case is a typical one.

Gang Rape victim on the motorway story

The incident happened on 10 September 2020 on the Gujjarpura toll plaza turn of the Lahore Sialkot Motorway.

The French national lady was traveling with her children in her car when she ran out of gas.

She called the police helpline and was waiting for them to arrive when the two perpetrators arrived with guns and broke open her side windows to drag her out of the car.

They took her and her two children to the nearby field and took turns, Gang raping her.

One passerby even saw the rapists drag the lady from the center of the road, and called the police to confirm their location.

The police were late to arrive.

 Why did the motorway gang-rape take place?

The rape happened because the victim was deemed to be more educated, better placed socially and financially as compared to the perpetrators and without her male guardian– and this is unacceptable to men in rural areas that see their dominant rule sliding.

The rapists were bonding over their war booty and asserting their patriarchal right – just the way they have been taught by society.

A Male-dominated social network works only protects women as far as the male is deemed to be virile and present. State law enforcers take over only when the media forces them too.

Some might even have Psychopathic, Sociopathic, or Narcissistic personalities.

Add to this toxic mix is the fact that men in Pakistan are never trained to interact like normal human beings’ productivity with ladies.

Police in Pakistan are so politicized that they only serve powerful people and institutions, not the vulnerable public that needs them the most.

Was this a one-off incidence?

No, this is the first incidence where an educated, socially well-placed lady was targeted by rejects of society and was widely reported.

Many of the rapes of educated women from decent families are swept under the carpet to avoid humiliation.

This is an indication of how bad things will get once this impoverished society rids itself of the religious yoke that has enslaved them for decades now – while the society is not educated enough to handle this freedom.

There will be more grizzly encounters and the weakest of the society, the women and children will bear the brunt.

If you have any comments to add, please leave a message below and share my research.


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