reham khan book

Reham Khan book on Imran Khan and our elite

A take on Reham Khan’s book on Imran Khan and our elite.

Dear Dr. Phil

reham khan book

What is wrong with the elite in Pakistan? Don’t they have any fear left of being exposed? Why are they washing their dirty laundry out in the open?

The only reason I can think of is that our masses are so powerless from being abused and exploited over the years, that they have no will to challenge the status quo.

When Socrates said, ‘it’s the people that corrupt power, not the power corrupting people’, I gather it means corrupt society will push up criminals masquerading as leaders.

But why rub it on our faces with the likes of Mr. Zardari, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and now IK.

One kafir, Fredrick Donaldson compiled a list of 7 social sins in 1925 that destroy societies. These sins are;

  1. Wealth without work.
  2. Pleasure without conscience.
  3. Knowledge without character.
  4. Commerce without morality.
  5. Science without humanity.
  6. Religion without sacrifice.
  7. Politics without principle.

I bet no one of our elite leaders in various institutions can call themselves free of social sins.

Then where is the hope?

Irrespective of whether Reham’s book is truthful or not, it does give an insight into our elite society and their shananegans, behind closed doors.

All the decades of unbridled power, ill-gotten wealth, absolute control over their people, and the inherent hypocrisy of their rise, have completely corrupted this lot, inside out.

These pseudo-Pakistanis spend their early years abroad, subsidized by this poor nation. While living abroad, they deny their heritage and identity.

Suddenly they have the urge to come back and recreate their lives back home, at a level they could never have imagined abroad.

Now, these born-again Pakistanis will tell us what is wrong with our society.

These brown sahibs run from this country along with their assets on the first sign of trouble— just to return a few decades later to lecture us.

So, Reham Khan exposing this exploitative class is nothing but salt to our wounds.

reham khan book

Their misuse of authority, nepotism, abuse, injustice, murder of merit, and outright drug smuggling is kosher in their society— as long as you kept your mouth shut— and let others enjoy the bounty of their loot.

Times have changed now. Every dawn break brings forward a new scandal from our elite, with their gigantic egos and naked ambition slicing into one another. And this is Good.

So if Reham says a certain person lusts for both sexes, enjoys mistresses and drugs, has a scandalous culture of favors in his organization, does hi-end drugs, is

and cares about nobody but himself, and inspires the same from his followers, enjoys superficial charm, then I cannot dismiss it outright.

Especially her mention of this superstar with a penchant for voyeurism could very well be possible.

Living in this country and the absolute impunity our elite enjoy, it’s no wonder these special people indulge in debauchery.

To add to our misery, we have to select a lesser evil to lead us in the next elections.( please I will vote for Imran khan,s 11 points.)

So, tell me Doctor, am I wrong not to feel part of this mutilated culture? What is my diagnosis?



Reply from Dr. Phil

Imran sahib, join the crowd and have fun too; they will not change, I suggest you do.

Dr. Phil

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  1. Maybe or maybe not but stop worshipping Imran Khan

  2. Dr Ghazala Inamulhaq says:

    She is lying 🤥

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