Pakistan Music Festival Islamabad is the Rage

pakistan music festival

People here Pakistan Music Festival happening in Islamabad and they go – WHAAT???

Is Pakistani Music Festival like Toronto Brampton Canada?

Yes, Pakistan has its own Music Festivals that resemble Concerts here with mixed gender crowds just like the ones in Brampton, Toronto Canada and United States ones.

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Is Music Prohibited in Islam or Quran?

No, Quran neither mentions nor ban Music for Muslims.

Music and Pakistani Culture

Pakistani Wedding dances are more of music concerts and it is part of the culture of Pakistan.

Pakistan Music Festival Islamabad in April every year

Eventually the festival did happen in 2019, and then COVID-19 stuck and finally Pakistan went into another of its economic downturns, yet to recover.

But that doesn’t mean people don’t want to enjoy another Festival this Spring.

Pakistani Music Festival Genres

Pakistan’s Music Festival was dubbed “Islamabad Music Festival ” and it was a hybrid

The Fest was conducted by H2HF Services +923005111523, Wing Commander Wali, CEO.

Foreign Female DJs, Local DJs, girls, boys, lots of music in the Quaid e Azam Gallery F-9 Park Islamabad.

Girls were dancing like there was not tomorrow and having a great time – IN PAKISTAN.

The security was excellent and so was the food.

It was a sight for sore eyes.

Music Concert in Islamabad

Then it was followed by Levels Music Concert at Rawal Dam Park that was more of an outdoors concert, rather than a festival.

The Music Concert was scheduled to start at 3 pm but kicked off at around 8 pm, with some light Pakistani Electronic Dance Music Numbers.

This Music Festival was meant to usher in springtime – with banging music — but it was a few months too late.

Still, the weather was pleasant and mildly chilly on the banks of Rawal Lake.

I came in early, had to park my car a mile away, and was ushered in through multiple security barriers inside the main courtyard of the festival.

The DJ stage was on the Northern side this time, not in the amphitheater, like the Diplo concert last time.

The Rs 10,000 ticket guys got a closer enclosure while, we, the Rs 5000 crowd were pushed way back.

It was fine because we got to gate crash the snooty crowd late in the night.

islamabad music festival

The other thing I noticed was the limited number of women in the crowd. The ladies that did make it were kind of ‘simple looking’ category.

I was the only oldie in this crowd of young studs & princesses.

Hash, alcohol, and mood-altering substances were being used extensively — but not being distributed.

Turkish DJs

By 9 pm, it had gotten boring and the bangin’ pulse was missing. Then suddenly Ahmet Kilic Appeared on stage and it was like the crowd got electric charged.

Everyone was jumping, swaying, and rocking to the mixed western beats, influenced by the Arabian chorus.

It was then that I got my first whiff of testosterone mixed with pheromones.

There is something magical in dance that bonds young people as they belong to one community.

There were a few scuffles from overzealous boyfriends with would-be girlfriend molesters but after the beats kicked in, everyone was enjoying it – it was all cool!

Ukrainian DJs are professional

Then came the milky white Ukrainian chick Danika, who rocked the place with her juxtaposition of EDM with live violin.

The way she juggled her beats, made the crowd go mad — more so because of her blond look. She was pretty good in mixing too.

Pakistan Music Festival in Arts Council Karachi

The music festival in Arts council is of a different kind. The entry is limited and the music mostly local Pakistani. it can be called a Folk festival.


Pakistan Music Festival can happen every year in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi because this H2HF Services Guy (+923005111523) is very professional in his arrangements. The only thing required is solid and timely sponsorship for the music to play.

Let the Music Play in Pakistan Music Festival Every year!

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