Crazy Adventure at SSG Army Zip line in Pakistan

ssg army zip line

If you have the “Mann Janbazam” Daredevil spirit and want to master your fears, go right now to the SSG Army Zip line in Cherat Pakistan – the longest in South Asia.

Special Services Group Army Logo Mann Janbazam “Daredevil Soul”

Smaller zip lines in Dubai and Nepal charge you several times the cost they do here in Pakistan.

SSG Army Sky bridge Zipline in Cherat

Sky Bridge Zipline is open for everyone, even civilians

Its total length is 1.6 km, with 0.8 km each way.

This zip line runs 300 meters above the Maroba valley of Attock below.

The zip line people allow kids as old as 5 years to ride the line too.

Is the Zipline scary?

I saw quite a few grown-as* men too scared to take the final plunge.

From the jump-off point, you can see all of Attock towards East and Peshawar Westwards.

The rigging instructor told me to let go of my harnesses, because “if you do fall, there is no chance of the harness saving you anyways”

If you can’t get yourself to do skydiving, which is anyways not available in Pakistan, this zip line is a must-do for all adventure junkies like me.

SSG Army Zip line distance from Islamabad

I started off from Islamabad at 7 am in the morning and was at Cherat at 10:30 am, which is 3.5 hours.

Zipline in Cherat Route Map

Cherat is 150 km from Islamabad if you take the motorway and exit from Rashakai interchange towards Nowshehra and then Cherat.

If you exit the Burhan interchange, you can also reach Cherat from Kamra.

Time taken on GT road is a lot longer.

I would recommend only the motorway route through Nowshehra.


You can also get fruit trees from Tarnab Farm close to Pabbi, if you are interested in horticulture.

Where to eat breakfast and lunch?

We had breakfast at Wings Bakery Rawalpindi.

You don’t have to eat lunch on the way, however, “Dara Adam Khel” Chapli Kabab restaurant has very good meat available, that you’d have to eat inside your car.

Otherwise, there is biryani and pizza lunch available at the Zip line site.

Sky Bridge Zip line Booking Ticket

You must book your seats for the zip line one week in advance through the Sky Bridge Zip line Facebook page, for them to have enough time to arrange for your clearances at the gate and visit.

If you still face problems then leave a message below or WhatsApp at 03005111523 and I will help you get in.

Zip line Charges

One ride costs Rs 3000 per person.

You get concession if you are a group of 10 or more.

Special Services Group SSG Army Base Cherat History

SSG Army Base Cherat is a special operations unit that was established by Colonial British in 1860, right after they took over from their Sikh vassals.

The British converted the site to a relaxing and recuperating health resort for their troops and officers getting hammered in the Pathan territories beyond Indus River.

It was a British officer that laid the foundation stone of Close Quarter Combat School in 1950.

Colonel Mitha of Pakistan Army expanded the role of the unit to suit Pakistan’s vast needs.

Special Services Group (SSG) of Pakistan Army is the most daring, vicious, brave, tough and loyal group of soldiers any General can dream of having at his disposal.

These Daredevils have recorded unbelievable feats of raw courage and selflessness bordering madness that civilians can never truly comprehend.

Why I love the Special Services Group

It’s their indomitable spirit to fight all odds and give it all they got for what they believe in – makes them special

I prayed a silent prayer at the memorial board for the hundreds of fallen Special Forces soldiers that have given their all for a noble cause.

Pakistan’s selfish and power-hungry elite takes nothing away from them.

This is my tribute to these wondrous souls that really believed in their convictions and their actions proved it.

You are not forgotten!

Coming back to the Zipline, the earlier you get there, the quicker they hook you up.

Total time both ways takes about 20 minutes, rigging and security checks included.

Roman Catholic Church

Is the Zipline dangerous?

The rigging staff at the site is very professional and none of the zip liners have ever been killed – so close your eyes and take a leap of faith.

Although you move along the line at a brisk 75 kph, looking at the lush green valley floor, you seem to stand still for a while.

When I got to the center of the rope did I realize how far up I am – but it was already too late to be concerned.

Sky Bridge Zip line SSG Army Cherat Video

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”cHkPxxXUZk8″ ]

I taped my IPhone to the selfie stick to get some awesome video clips that I will link here for you all to see.

I wish someone would arrange fun special operations activities like Repelling off buildings and Para floating on giant wind fans.

These activities would be a super crowd puller.

SSG Cherat other things to do

Once the Zip Line is over, I found several other fun activities to do at SSG Army Camp Cherat

Visit the Old British Cemetery Cherat

Right after the zip line, drive on to the old cemetery of British Colonials at the SSG Survival School.

It’s quite interesting to read the tomb stones of British officers injured and buried in Cherat Mountains, thousands of miles away from his home with only his solders to acknowledge their last moments on earth.

Romantic Sunrise at SSG Army Officers Mess Cherat

There is a romantic novel written about Cherat as well that everyone reads to tracks sites, especially the sunrise from the back of the officer’s mess.

Although I couldn’t have made it to see the sunrise, still, I managed to get pictures for you all to see.

Views of Valley floor from Zipline landing spot

The next stop is the view from SSG Cherat Officer Mess of the valley floor down below.

I even managed to capture a shot of a gigantic boar grunting a few feet below me.

Thank God it was a boar, and not the lonely leopard – which I am sure was not a happy fellow.

The best views are from the zip line landing spot.

SSG Army History Museum

Close to Mitha Chowk is the SSG Army Museum and its history of desperate, heroic, and valiant battles.

There is a magazine clipping placed at the museum written by a British officer in the 17th century who is clearly is apprehensive of the military skills being acquired by locals.

He said that the people of Indus valley are of natural military stock and have now acquired vital military tactics as well, that does not bode well for British Colonials – and he was right.

The same martial people got themselves a country of their own – but no one to teach them how to run it through political institutions.

The museum has vintage anesthesia and heating machines, that work to this day – and lots go guns too

Sunset at CHerat

SSG Army Souvenir Shop

Close to the Museum, near the famed Colonel Mitha Chowk, is the SSG Army souvenir shop.

I got an Arnold Schwarzenegger predator like hunting knife, a Special Services Group Maroon Upper and a flag.

If you want any of these just comment below.

Cherat Zoo

Close to the Souvenir Shop is the mini zoo with mountain goats, pheasants and birds.

There is a solitary mountain leopard in the Cherat Mountains, with no mate to procreate.

Some please get the poor guy a companion, so that he can party too.

SSG Army Camp Catholic Church

Right behind the zoo is the Roman Catholic Church that looks like the hut of little riding hood.

It is gorgeous to see such a well preserved and clean religious site.

The most interesting thing to see at the Cherat Church is the bust of Santa Maria (Bibi Mariam) herself.

To see a bust of a religious personality in the heart of a fanatical group’s nest, speaks volume about the secular streak and discipline in the Army.

So these are the top 5 adventurous things to do at SSG Army Base Cherat Nowshehra Pakistan.

Also, see

My next stop will most likely be rock climbing at Islamabad.

If you find what I have written interesting, then do comment below, share and subscribe

And if you want me to arrange any of the trips that I write about, to contact me at 03005111523.

Special Services Group – you are immortal.

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