Fun City Islamabad is a safe place for couples to hang out

fun city islamabad

There are two “Fun City” in Islamabad also dubbed the Disney Land in Pakistan

  • One is in Centaurus Mall, 4th floor and
  • the other is on the 2nd floor of Giga Mall, DHA-2, Islamabad, which is closer to Rawalpindi

I went to the Giga Mall Fun City, to check out the place.

Also, see,

The other Fun City

Don’t confuse this Fun City brand with the

  • “We play entertainment Center” at E-11/4 Islamabad Phone 051–2222628
  • Fun City has more to offer.

Who owns Fun City Islamabad?

Fun City is own by Reza Baig, the CEO of Splash and Iconic Landmark group and it shows in the way things are being run professionally.

Trip to Fun City Islamabad

I tried to enter through the exit gate like everyone else was doing there.

My mistake was to ask the gatekeeper to let me in and he naturally said “no.”

A minute later, another family simply entered through the exit gate without even bothering to ask.

Didn’t I feel like a chump!

Single Guys are discouraged at Fun City

I wanted to walk around the rides, but the Cash counter guy wouldn’t let me in.

I assume this is good for families and couples not to have single guys milling about.

Not so good for a bachelor though.

Ticket Cost at Fun City Islamabad

I purchased a Rs 1500 deal with extra 25% credit with my Askari Card and tried the

  • Drop and twist,
  • the Dragon Punch and
  • Laser Tag
  • Simulation Sports Cars,

Ticket deals at Fun City start at

  • Rs 1500 with Rs 300 extra,
  • Rs 2500 with Rs 700 extra,
  • Rs 3500 with Rs 1200 extra
  • Rs 5500 with Rs 2000 extra


It is always a good idea to get a deal for the family and purchase it using Askari, Standard Chartered, and Habib Credit cards for 25% extra credit.

How to Recharge Fun City tickets online

You can recharge your Fun city Card by using

  • Askari,
  • Standard Chartered or
  • Habib Cards

Then, you also get free 30% extra top-up for games.

You can use a credit or debit card on the Golooto app

Most exciting ride at Fun City

I think the “drop and twist” is the most exciting ride as the twirling keeps you excited.

Fun city Islamabad is always jam-packed with visitors and families.

The owner guy must be making a killing.

Rides at Fun City

I liked the Attraction rides the best, because they were more exciting

  • Drop and twist
  • Bumper Cars
  • Happy twists
  • Mini Dance
  • Top Flip
  • VR Family and VR scene

The sports games were also enjoyable because they were more physical like

  • Dragon Punch
  • The hyper Shoot
  • King of Hammer

The cars at arcade video games are also fun.

Influencer ladies at Fun City

Many influencer ladies and bloggers go there to upload on YouTube and Instagram

Incidentally, single ladies are welcome.

Kya yeh khula tazaad nahi hai? (Open contradiction)

The cars at arcade video games are also fun.

Games for Kids

Little kids have their own mini playground as well.

The kids love it when they can redeem tickets from the games they play and get souvenir toys or more games

What I saw was a large crowd of kids and adults waiting in line to catch dodge the Car ride

The most popular rides and games at Fun City

The longest lines were at the gift games, where a claw gets you the gift of your choice.

The adults usually tried the

  • Topsy turvy rides,
  • ball sports,
  • dodge the cars and
  • Sports car simulators.
  • Prize-winning games

The ladies love Fun City

I have never seen so many women at one place in Pakistan ever – except maybe in Mehndi functions.

I guess they feel safe here.

A large number of guys would like to go in but the staff usually discourage them with high fees.

Fun City has won awards

The manager at Fun City was quick to point out that this amusement place has won some sort of award reserved for best entertainment places called the MENALAC award too.

Fun City Phone Contact

  • Phone Contact Fun City Centaurus +92-51-8319618-21
  • Phone Contact Fun City Giga Mall 92-51-8747400-03
  • and email at

Fun City Islamabad / Rawalpindi Timings:

  • Monday – Thursday 11 am to 11 pm
  • Friday to Saturday 11 am to 12 am
  • Sunday 11 am to 11 pm
  • Friday break between 1 pm to 2 pm

The fun city is open all 365 days a year (only five holidays).

I hope that their employees are paid accordingly for this tough routine.

Birthday celebrations at Fun City

Many parents hold their kids’ birthday parties here as well, as the Fun city people help in the arrangements.

Food at Fun City

In any case, there are many places to eat on this floor at both Centaurus Mall and Giga Mall.

Why I loved Fun City Islamabad

  • The staff at Fun city is educated and they understand how to treat people well
  • I like the way they come early every day and clean the rides and handle them with antiseptic products so that germs don’t travel.

COVID lockdown

Fun City has been open during the earlier COVID stages as well and was possible by the cleanliness and good hygiene.

Fun City Future plans

This Pakistani Disney land is planning on introducing

  • bowling alley,
  • Ice skating rink, and
  • Laser tag games.


Overall, Fun City Islamabad is enjoyable if you want to enjoy some activity without your kids interfering.

If you want me to arrange a Fun tour of Islamabad for you, do WhatsApp me at 923005111523

Do visit Fun city now!

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