Texas Steakhouse

Texas Steakhouse Bahria 7, Rawalpindi, Pakistan is just OK

This branch of Texas Steakhouse has been closed during the lockdown.

Texas Steakhouse doesn’t have a website; this is the only number I could find 0512728066 & +92 51 2728066. Check out their menu at this link.Some other reviews are here.

Texas Steakhouse

Texas Steakhouse is just a 20 minutes drive from Saddar Rawalpindi, in non-rush hours. During evening time this could well be 45-60 minutes depending on the rush in front of Fauji Foundation Hospital.

It would be better to use DHA-1 road to reach Texas Steakhouse in Intellectual city Bahria Phase VII, to avoid Swan Bridge. The other route would be through the Toyota Showroom gate of Bahria town on GT road.

Once you get into Bahria town, it’s quite pleasant and peaceful. There is sufficient parking space up front. Full marks go to them for ‘location’.

The moment you walk into this two-floor restaurant, it feels a little congested – maybe because of the renovation going on on the 2nd floor

Then there is hardly any theme of Texan West visible anywhere. I guess no one even tried. It’s just an ordinary Pakistan restaurant theme — but clean.

A lady greets the guest, and this shows they have tried to up their game and want to cater to the educated elite.

We had Steaks, Beef burgers for a family of four.

Texas Steakhouse

The steak was just about OK. It wasn’t great or juicy or special like the steak of Rosters’ Islamabad. I didn’t get the feeling of a freshly grilled steak while eating it.

The Beef burger was bland, tasteless, and dry. The bun of the burger was too thick and dry.

The side stuff like fries, coleslaw, and veggies were less in quantity and didn’t taste that great.

The fresh lime was biting, instead of giving a satiating feeling.

The beef of the burger was also OK, not great.

They had other things on the menu like Mexican, fish dishes, and appetizers, but I guess their strong point is the steak.

They charged us Rs 4500 for 4 people, which I think is just a little on the higher side, by a few hundred rupees.

Texas Steakhouse

The service was prompt and very courteous.

The dinner plates were rotating on the table which showed a lack of attention by the owner.

Overall, I would say one steak in six months wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want to dine in a clean, courteous place with a decent Pakistani crowd.

We’d rate the place 6 out of 10

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