monal rawalpindi

Monal Rawalpindi downtown restaurant, Pakistan

monal rawalpindi

Monal Restaurant Rawalpindi is nothing like its cousin — Monal restaurant Damne Koh. This version is more like a cleaner Jahangir Balti. There is nothing fancy about the place. There no glamour to the place, much like Rawalpindi itself.

monal rawalpindi

This place has three levels of dining halls. Two of them are air-conditioned. The halls are a little congested but the air conditioners work fine. The top floor is the best place to eat during the summer evenings especially during the cooler monsoon months when the wind blows across the deck. To the corner of the top floor is another top deck that is one step higher. This place has excellent views of the metro and Rawalpindi city.

This restaurant has a lavish menu of several kinds of foods. We tried the desi mutton karahi and cheeseburgers. The food was okay — nothing extraordinary. Mutton was soft but wasn’t tasty like it should be. The cheeseburgers were bland. The final bill was Rs 5000 for a family of four — which is robbery.

Their customer service is very good and valet parking is convenient for diners.

They also offer a high tea buffet at Rs 1100 per person, which is very convenient

You can get their home delivery from this site. Telephone here 051-5130304, 5, 6.

Finally, I would say the location of Monal is very convenient but it isn’t as relaxing as DHA or Bahria. It is not the place to take your family, friends, or business associates to if you are looking to have a good time as well.

I would rate it 5.5 out of 10

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