Review of Houston Steak House Bahria, Rawalpindi

Houston Steak House bahria

We went to review Houston Steak house Bahria town, Phase 4 Islamabad on a Friday evening and it was nearly empty. Houston Steak house Bahria Town is 45 minutes drive from Islamabad. This joint is located far away from the town commercial area which makes it ideal for peaceful dining with family. 

The place is actually in Rawalpindi, but thanks to Malik Riaz of Bahria town, Houston Steak House Bahria Town can write Islamabad with their logo.

Houston Steak house Islamabad had to have an american sounding name, like Texas steak house and american steak house, so this is what they came up with.

The original owners of the Texas and Houston Steak house brand in United States of America, would be rolling in mud if they end up here someday. Apparently there is Houston Steak house 48, night, Pasadena, Irvine, NJ and California. 

It would’ve been nice if Houston Steakhouse guys had hung pictures of Houston city, Texas, memorabilia of Houston Rockets team and maybe even Houston time and news to make the place more authentic. 

Otherwise, the interior was typical Pakistani, but the location on Corniche road boardwalk, is outstanding.

The location, pics, map and google maps route of Houston Steak house Bahria town Islamabad are pasted below for your reference.

The moment we went in, the place seemed a little stuffy. That was probably because diners prefer the bottom floor to the top one. We chose to sit on the top floor overlooking the street down below. Also, the corner of the top floor has a 270 degree view of the surrounding that you don’t get in below.

We settled down and ordered a Mushroom steak, beef burger, fish and chips and pasta.

The Mushroom steak tasted good and was fresh. The fish and chips were bland and too crunchy. I did not like the beef burger, maybe because of the spices used in them that smelled a little different. Finally, no one ate the pasta. The best time to go for a Houston steak is at night.

Pasted below is the menu of Houston Steak house. The contact number of Houston Steak House is (051) 573283

The Houston Steak house people do deliver, if you contact them through food panda.

Overall, I think Houston Steak house is just that — a steak house. It would be too much to ask to expect them to produce culinary delights besides steaks.

I would rate Houston Steakhouse Bahria Town 6 out of 10 only because of the location on Corniche road Broadwalk.

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