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Compiling this list of the top 225 places to visit in Pakistan was important because no one has done this

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Khasala Dam is 28 Km and a 1.0-hour drive from Rawalpindi Saddar on Adiala road and is a good place

Mardan Pakistan is the last city on the plains before the terrain rises sharply to reach Malakand, Dir, Swat, and

I discovered on my visit to Joyland Rawalpindi that it has all the rides a family of mixed adult and

Trail 6 Islamabad is where the free-roaming leopard of Islamabad has made her permanent home and I do not blame

Ghazi Barotha Dam, close to Attock city, has a huge lake behind it to store water. This lake looks beautiful

These top 20 gorgeous waterfalls in Pakistan have been selected out of a total of 60 all across the country.

Mufasa of Rawalpindi, a fully grown lion was caged like a defeated criminal at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Islamabad. And

Tilla Charouni is the highest peak in the Margalla Range at 1600 meters. Climb to this hilltop is an extension

A road trip is the fastest way to get to the 1000 years old town of Makhad Sharif at the

Trail 5 Islamabad is similar to trail 3, but a little tougher. Personally, I like Trail-1 the best because it has

Rawal Dam is one of the few water reservoirs near Rawalpindi Islamabad twin cities where you can enjoy a boat

Discovering remaining Sikh Gurdwara in Pakistan is a feat equal to finding Rosetta stone – but I manage somehow by