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Temples of Hinduism and Parsi Cemeteries of Rawalpindi

Temples of Hinduism are concentrated around Murree Road in Rawalpindi and so are Parsi and Sikh ones too.

Non-Muslim Population of Pakistan in 1947

Before 1947, Rawalpindi was a non-Muslim majority city made up of:-

They were settled in the cities by the colonials to give them a cosmopolitan look. It is hard to make a city appear modern if there are gun-toting soldiers at every corner of the city – a sight that continues to this day.

Cremation ground of Hindus on Tipu Road

Hindu Crematorium of Rawalpindi

On Eid morning, using the traffic lull on the Murree road in Rawalpindi, I drove off to determine the non-Muslim burial and cremation grounds.

The first site is right in front of Rawalpindi Medical College. This site has a Hindu cremation ground and a temple building. The cremation ground once had a feed stream of fresh water Nullah Lai flowing right in front. Now that stream has dried out.

temples hinduism
Made by the Family of Lala Tansukh Rai

The Hindu community of Rawalpindi, which numbers in the thousands, still uses this dilapidated cremation ground as the last right of their deceased. Then, they try to get a visa for India to spread the ashes of the deceased in the Ganges.

temples Hinduism
Shamshanghat Rawalpindi

Temples of Hinduism on Cremation Grounds

The Hindu temple on Tipu Road, Rawalpindi, is barely recognizable because of its disrepair. I wonder what the custodians of the cremation ground keys, the Auqaf trust, do besides not being available when visitors come to see the place, getting fat on undeserved paychecks and annoying people.

Excavation of temple floors gave me clear evidence of where the interests of the Auqaf trust lies – finding buried gold of Hindu evacuees who left Rawalpindi in 1947, never to return.

Temple on Marir Road

Second Temples of Hinduism in Marir Rawalpindi

The other temple at Tipu Road in the Marir Area (Google Pin 33.60593777997393, 73.06755366048195) is intact but occupied by land grabbers of the area and they do not let people in.

This temple and cremation ground was funded by Lala Tansukh Sahib Sial in 1923, one of the many enterprising non-Muslim benefactors of the city.


temples Hinduism
view of Crematorium
  • Since the Pakistani administration is so unimaginative, allow me to suggest an entrance fee to renovate and maintain the cremation grounds. HELOW there, tone-deaf government!

Temples of Hinduism in Rawalpindi

Also in Rawalpindi are:-

Parsi Burial ground

Parsi Burial Ground on Murree Road Rawalpindi

On the western side of Murree Road is the Parsi (Zoroastrian) burial ground and temple. This site has been closed off by illegal commercial buildings, and you must walk through the Marwa marriage hall to reach the Parsi cemetery. These grounds were established in 1890

The tranquillity of the place is still quite apparent, with well-maintained lawns and clean burial grounds. Arranged in a rectangular fashion, first up is the hall for the last rights of the deceased. There are tens of rows of old graves with clear inscriptions in Gujarati and English.

Inscriptiton at Parsi Burial ground

This community was originally from Iran and settled in Gujarat. The British took them all over India, wherever they gained a foothold, reaching as far as Kabul.

All prized businesses were awarded to this community, and they did very well financially. The most renowned Parsi family of Rawalpindi is the Bhandaras of Murree Brewery. Elder M. P. Bhandara was adored by his workers.

Parsi people believe in the four natural forces, earth, fire, wind, and water, and would leave their dead on towers for nature to feed on. The Rawalpindi people never quite practiced that.

The majority of Parsi of Rawalpindi left for India in 1947, and one of the famous ones was the comedian Cyrus Brocha Pindiwala.

temples hinduism
Parsi Graves

I wish one sensible person lands in the elite circle of Pakistan and reverses the abhorrent harassment and humiliation of all non-Muslims, including Parsi.

The Parsi people live like “sugar that makes milk sweet” and God knows Pakistan could use some sweetness.

temples Hinduism
War Cemetery

Commonwealth War Cemetery Rawalpindi

The next stop was the Commonwealth War Cemetery on Harley Street Rawalpindi. These burial grounds are right opposite the CHM gate on the Harley Street side.

Nothing says apartheid more than the Pakistani government maintaining the burial grounds of their tyrannical rulers.

The burial grounds were so well maintained that it felt like Pakistanis were showing their gratitude for being robbed, murdered, imprisoned, and denied their freedom.

Temples Hinduism
Gora Qabristan

Christian Graveyard Rawalpindi

Even more appalling was the disrepair and neglect of the adjoining Pakistani Christian cemetery. The local custodian does not allow people to see the graves, God forbid, someone would see the abhorrent disrespect of deceased Pakistanis.

I’ve heard that the gravestones have quite a story to tell, with many historical figures buried there. There are epitaphs about the British who died in local fighting and stories of children who died due to tuberculosis.

Don’t even get me started on the Muslim graveyard that resembles the actual Hell of the scriptures.

temples Hinduism
Grave in the Christian graveyard


Pakistan and Islam will prosper when the people of Pakistan, both Muslims and non-Muslims, see a civilized, prosperous, and respectful life while they are alive and a comfortable resting place after death.

If anyone want to visit these places, do inbox me.

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