Things to enjoy at Lakhwal Dam Chakwal

Lakhwal Dam Chakwal

Lakhwal Dam was constructed in the early 2000s over one of the several natural ravines coming through Chakwal District.

It is mostly a rainwater-fed Dam and has reached its maximum capacity over the decade. The main reason why there is so much water in the reservoir is that the brainy government engineers didn’t have enough imagination to design an irrigation Dam and they just left it there. They should rename it “Kakh Dam” (nothing Dam).

That was a joke; I love the place.

Lakhwal Dam Chakwal

Nowadays, it mostly serves as a resort, a fishing point, a boating area, and bird hunting.

Since the Dam is quite well connected to the road coming out of Chakwal City, I decided to drive to the dam reservoir.


Lakhwal Dam Chakwal

It took me just 2 hours to get there from Islamabad on a perfect road.

In May the maize crop is ripe and the weather is comfortable at 20 0 Celsius, which is ideal for travel.

Since Lakhwal Dam is about half an hour’s detour from the main road, it is also tranquil and relaxing.

These are the things to enjoy at Lakhwal Dam Chakwal:-

Fishing ar Lakhwal Dam

The fisheries department has set up camp in the reservoir and breeds carp, catfish, and rohu for the local market. To fish there, you’d need the permission of the local fishery inspector, which you can get at the site.

Lakhwal Dam Chakwal
Boats were there but boatman was on leave


A lot of guys camp in the brush at the opposite bank and hunt exotic flightless birds, which I am not much fond of doing.

Boat ride at Lakhwal Dam

Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan (TDCP) has placed brand new motor boats for tourists but they are lying there rotting in the mud. The irrigation department could consider permitting people to bring their boats since the whole place is immensely underutilized.

Lakhwal Dam Chakwal

Night stay at the TDCP guest house

The Guest house is under renovation but you can stay there in your camper or tent. I brought my dagger just in case, but the place looks safe for everyone, including women.

Lakhwal Dam Chakwal


I didn’t see anyone swimming in the reservoir and the locals warned me that quite a few people have drowned. Professional Scuba diving can be promoted here since the water looks clean and un-intimidating.

Picnicking and Camping

Since the Dam site is so remote, there is an excellent spot on the bank for tourists to set up tents and have an enjoyable picnic

Desi food at Lakhwal dam

The local hotels serve desi pulses, vegetables, and tea which is itself a treat for organic enthusiasts.

Lakhwal Dam Chakwal
Lakhwal Waterfall site


Lakhwal Dam is for people who want to enjoy nature on the weekends.

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