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A taste of Sikhism: Gurdwara Nirankari Bazar Rawalpindi

Gurdwara Nirankari Bazar is located right in the center of bustling Namak Mandi Rawalpindi. The taste of Sikhism is in its history of philanthropy, bravery, and entrepreneurship that symbolizes the adherents of the Sikh religion.

Nirankari Bazar Gurdwara stands out in Sikh history and culture in Rawalpindi.

Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar- Side view

History of Gurdwara Nirankari Bazar

This specific Gurdwara has high-voltage significance in Sikhism

Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached here

Its location has great value because Guru Nanak Dev Ji supposedly temporarily resided and preached here along with his Rubab-playing companion Bhai Mardana.

Baba Dayal Das Built the Gurdwara Nirankari

Local Sikh businessman in the early nineteenth century Baba Dayal Das established this Gurdwara.

Namak Mandi the birthplace of Nirankari Sikhism

Narankari was the birthplace of monotheistic sect Sikhism which has now spread globally in subsequent centuries – including India itself! Baba Dayal Das spoke out in favor of monotheism while advocating international brotherhood and human equality similar to what Islam stands for.

  • Gurdwara Narankari Bazar Namak Mandi Rawalpindi is revered by Sikhs worldwide as it marks the origins of Nirankari Sikhism and played an essential part in Pakistan’s history.” – Ramesh Singh from Sikh Gurdwara Prabankhak Pakistan.
Entrance to Gurudwara Nirankari Bazaar

Location of Gurdwara Narankari Bazar

Narankari bazar is in Namak Mandi (Salt Market), a walking distance from Fawara Chowk of Raja Bazar.

Inside view of Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

Visit to Gurdwara Narankari Bazar Namak Mandi

It was already peak business hour when we got there and the narrow entrance to the Gurdwara, made our job of locating it even more difficult.  I needed to ask for directions in order to reach Gurdwara, and you know how much guys hate asking for the way.

An old man with dark shades on, sitting on a tin can, pointed me towards the Gurdwara gate which had a friendly guard posted there.

I was expecting to see the typical gold and white marble façade and arches but all I saw was kids’ rote learning some mantra in English, which was different from what I was acquainted with.

Students in Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

Gurdwara Narankari is a Primary School

Once we entered the courtyard, a calm atmosphere quickly settled over us.

Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Granth Sahib

Right before us stood an arched facade with Mughal-styled balconies, complex frescos, and beautiful archways of Durbar Hall where Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holy Book) is kept.

First Floor of Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

Palki Sahib

On its first floor is Palki Sahib (palanquin for Granth Sahib Book).

Khandana Sahib, Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

Khanda Sahib

A flag pole (chola) lay to our left with Khanda on top (now lost).

All Rawalpindi Sikhs who contributed to its construction had their plaques displayed prominently on its walls.

Writings in Gurudwara Nirankari Bbazar

Partition Riots of 1947

Following 1947 partition riots, most local Sikhs abandoned their beloved Gurdwara behind and ran for the safety of India with just memories and old pictures left behind.

Even the people of Rawalpindi fondly remember the times Sikh used to distribute free langar three times a day and hold Besakhi festivals for everyone to enjoy.

Pakistan has made efforts to rebuild and preserve Rawalpindi Gurdwara as the center of Sikh culture, but none can compare to its former splendor as an icon in Rawalpindi.

Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

Sikh Entrepreneurial Spirit

This Gurdwara represents the vibrant Sikh culture that emerged in Namak Mandi and Narankari Rawalpindi. Sikhs played an instrumental role in creating Pakistan as an independent country; this Gurdwara lies at the epicenter of their endeavor.

Remnant of Old - Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

Sikh Religious Harmony

Gurdwara Narankari Namak mandi stands as a beacon of religious harmony that has long eluded Pakistanis due to the area’s predominance of Muslims. Every year, however, thousands of Sikh devotees from around the globe visit this Gurdwara.

  • “Gurdwara Narankari Bazar stands as a testament to Sikh and Muslim bonhomie in the regions that became Pakistan and brings various religions together around the shared value of humanity,” Dr. Ali from Quaid e Azam University said.
Gurudwara Nirankari Bazar, now a clerk office

Sikh of Rawalpindi (Pindi-waal)

Since you will always belong to your land, the Sikh of Narakari Bazar Namak Mandi Rawalpindi will always be known as Pindi-waal.

Courtyard- gurudwara Nirankari Bazar

What to Learn from Sikhi?

Sikhi is a faith characterized by generosity and grace where selfless service illuminates our path, leading us along life’s way with strength of inner strength allowing us to overcome life’s difficulties.


Sikhi is a faith of Charity and Grace,

Whose Selflessness shines every Place,

And Shakti inner strength empower us all,

To face life’s challenges and stand tall.

(Author’s Creation)


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