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zentangle art

Zentangle Art is a form of creative expression that emerged from scribbling random patterns.


Zen is derived from meditation, while Tangle is defined as a “jumble.”

The Zentangle art style entails mixing diverse geometric forms and patterns in a miniature square and repeating the design with tiny alterations over and again.

Zentangle art

Art for Therapy

‚ÄúZen” in Zentangle refers to the meditative impact of drawing and coloring patterns in miniature boxes and repeating them as you contemplate and straighten out your mind process.

Anyone of any age or skill level can benefit from the therapeutic advantages of zentangle art, as long as they appreciate what they make and allow it to flow organically.

It Has Many Advantages

Zen doodling has the following benefits when let to flow naturally:

  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Improved Concentration
  • The Pleasure of Creation


 Art Patterns

Zentangle patterns exist in a variety of forms and sizes to suit any requirement or preference:-

  • Striations
  • Chessboards
  • Waves
  • Tangles
  • Stringed Framed
  • 3-D Shading gives volume and depth to designs.

Zentangle Art Drawings

If each tile is expanded further out, this art form eventually becomes a drawing.

This art form is also known as:-

  • Zen Doodle
  • Doodling
  • Mandalas (systematic circular patterns)
  • Tangle Drawings due to its typical Zentangle repeated patterns.


Zentangle Animals and Flowers

Shapes are entirely up to the artist, who can fill in any of their desired shapes with their preferred doodling pattern, segregated in small box tiles:-

  • Zentangle Animals
  • Zen flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Ocean or beaches
  • Sky
  • Trees
  • Crescent Moons
  • Sun
  • Yin Yang
  • Alphabet Letters

Zentangle S Shape         

Some artists prefer their contiguous patterns to be ‚ÄúS‚ÄĚ shaped, but some prefer ‚ÄúC‚ÄĚ, and ‚ÄúO‚ÄĚ shapes

Tangle Patterns

Tangles can take the appearance of trees in a forest or waves in an ocean. Tangle patterns assist in representing fins, curves, and fur in Zentangle Animals, while doodling motifs enhance flowers, stems, and leaves in Zentangle Flowers. Different patterns can also be used to represent beaches and the sky. Each creative genre allows you to express yourself

“I started off doodling randomly and it evolved into Zentangle Animals like horses,” Ayesha, a Zentangle artist, explains.

Others may like to draw crescent moons, paradoxes, or tipples.

 Techniques That Are Well-Known

With over 170 approved Zentangle art styles, it is clear that there are no hard and fast rules for creating Zentangle art.

“The crescent in the moon inspires me to fill it with geometrical patterns of my choice,” Aqsa, a contemporary art student, explained.

zentangle art

Zentangle Ideas

Primary Sources of Zentangle Inspiration Nature inspires the creation of each work of art:-

  • Seasonal changes
  • Holidays
  • Hobbies

Architecture, music, and emotions are also stimulants for art production.

Zentangle Art Easy

Zentangle art frequently starts with basic doodling in a drawer and grows to more sophisticated patterns and methods. After deciding on core techniques, additional approaches can be readily applied, making Zentangle an easy art style to learn and master.

For Beginners

Zentangle art can be learned online through YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as in libraries; books and kits to teach the basics are also available for purchase.

Coloring Pages

 Zentangle coloring pages can assist novices in getting started with Zentangle art quickly and effortlessly. Several websites and libraries provide free Zentangle coloring sheets for practice. I plan to produce a book about Zentangle Art, including an entire chapter devoted to Zentangle Coloring Sheets. So, you’d be able to choose and color away!

Because you set the color guidelines, you are free to experiment!


Keep this in mind while you study Zentangle patterns: there is no one right way to do Zentangle painting; rather, it should be an individual and creative experience. Simply begin with a little time and keep repeating the pattern adjacent to the first one.

May the joy of the Zentangle Art be with you!

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