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Ginyaki Restaurant is supposed to serve oriental food only, but it does a lot  more. It is named as an Asian Restaurant but it has lots of sweet stuff as well.

Ginyaki Restaurants Location and Phone

This Brand of Restaurants in Pakistan has three branches 

The Ginyaki Restaurant Islamabad

Sector F-7, Phone 03361123888

Phase 4 Ginyaki Restaurant Bahria Town Islamabad

Civic Centre, Ph:0333-4795795

Ginyaki Restaurant Peshawar

Noor Plaza, University Road, Tahkal. Ph 091-7251000 / 091-7252000 

Royal Ginyaki Sialkot

8 Div, Sialkot Cantt. Phone (052) 4261412

I went to the Bahria Town, Phase 4, Civic Centre one and this is a truthful account of my dinner experience there.

Location Map

Ginyaki Islamabad is just behind F-7 Markaz on the rear side

Ginyaki Restaurant islamabad Map
Ginyaki Restaurant islamabad Map

The Bahria Town Branch on the turn outside Civic Centre Phase 4

What is the Meaning of Ginyaki?

Ginyaki is part of the Japanese word Genkiyaki that means health-grill. I don’t know where the Chinese dishes came from, but that, I guess is a Pakistani jugaar.

How is Ginyaki pronounced?

For all those of you that are pronunciation Nazis’, the correct word is “jin-yaki”

Ginayaki Bahria Town 

It is located right at the bend of Civic Centre of Bahria Phase -4.

Parking Space

There is very little parking space. I got lucky and found a valet of a neighboring restaurant.


This location has two decks in the Bahria town franchise. One is the ground floor with full-size glass windows visible from the outside.

The other one is the rooftop that is reachable through a metal staircase.


Dining tables are small and the place seems crowded. Especially considering I could hear the love birds right behind me, chatting sweet nothings to each other. 

Dinner Reservations

This restaurant in Bahria is very busy on weekends and people generally wait to get a table. So, call for reservations first.

Ginyaki Menu

Ginyaki Restaurant Menu 1
Ginyaki Restaurant Menu Appetizers
Ginyaki Restaurant Menu with Prices
Ginyaki Restaurant Menu with Prices

Food Choices

There are two servings in each meal;

  • the main and
  • the side dish.

The main dish is Chinese chicken, beef, and seafood while the side dish is noodles and egg fried rice.

Serving was sufficient for one person’s dinner.

They also have

  • Appetizers,
  • non alcoholic Drinks, and
  • Soups.

Best dish to order

I personally found the noodles, just about ok. I have tasted better and fresher noodles, elsewhere.

Review of the Food

The Chinese dishes were too sweet for the pallet and less spicy. There has to be a balance between the two.

Beef dish was tasty, but not dry enough to be called a dry beef dish.

Restaurant people also have cakes and brownies as deserts.

I thought the Chinese never consumed refined sugar. They consider it poison, which is partially true.

Ginyaki Takeaway

The restaurant has a take away at the Restaurant and with food panda as well

Food Panda says you can order take-away from them here.


So, Ginyaki is a Pakistani restaurant, with a Chinese menu and a Japanese name. Go figure. It is worth visiting at least once.

I would rate this restaurant Bahria town Phase-4 a 6.5/10, mainly because of its not-so-healthy food and crowded space.

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