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Enthralling Hunting in Pakistan: A Beginner’s Guide

From its ancient Indus Valley Civilization roots, hunters in Pakistan have long held on to hunting traditions that found a mention in Skylax’s (Darius II’s Scout) Travelogue of 500 BC.

Popular Pakistani Game Animals and Birds

Pakistan is open for hunting of:-

  • Ducks: Mallards, northern pintails, and common teals are some of the most hunted duck species.
  • Markhor
  • Ibex
  • Birds
  • Hubara Bustard
  • Wild Boars

Pakistani Hunting Types

Pakistan offers two primary hunting types:-

  • Sustenance
  • Sport hunting

Subsistence hunting provides food and revenue for local residents while traditional tactics like snares and traps may be employed on a smaller scale. By contrast, sport hunting involves fun competitions for fun prizes; modern weaponry like guns and rifles may be employed more heavily on larger-scale operations. Wild Boar hunting borders both types because even farmers hunt them to feed their Dogs.

Best Sites for Game Hunting in Pakistan

Birds for hunting are usually around freshwater reservoirs and larger game animal is found near National Parks.


Duck Hunting: 

Pakistan is famous for its duck hunting sites:-

Siberian Ducks usually fly down from the North in the winter and stop over along the banks of the Indus Valley Rivers to recuperate. Hunters wait impatiently for their arrival.

Ibex Hunting:

This impressive wild goat is found throughout the northern area near the tallest mountain peaks at the very fringe of the settled population. Pakistani mountains and their highly prized residents are a treasure among sport hunters. Their population is less than 10,000 goats. Ibex are usually seen in peak summers around the frigid heights of:-

Markhor Hunting:

Another mountain goat found in Pakistan, the Markhor is also highly sought-after by sport hunters in Western Pakistan’s Parched and inaccessible mountains.

Pakistan Wildlife Department estimates 20,000 Markhor in Pakistan, the world’s largest wild goat Markhor are limited to a few mountain peaks:-

Urial Hunting:

Urial is a mountain goat that has a thicker, curved horn and lives in the lower reaches of the Himalayan mountains. Urial is now being raised in private sanctuaries in Pakistan for sports hunting.

Bird Hunting:

These beautiful flocks of birds are usually targeted at first light by employing decoys and fake sounds of similar birds such as:-

  • Partridges
  • Pheasants
  • quails

Usually, all four types of birds converge in the thicket around the freshwater ponds and pools. Bird hunting is popular throughout Punjab Province.

The best place to find these birds is:-

Bustard Hubara:

Hubara bustards, or hubarra korwais in Pakistani desert bird parlance, are an icon in falconry hunting activities across Arab regions. Falconry hunters often target these birds. Hubara bustards migrate from the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan for wintering purposes.

This bird gets a special mention as they miraculously survive in inhospitable desert conditions towards West of Pakistan:-

  • Nag Valley
  • Kharan
  • Chagai
  • Rahim Yar Khan

Nilgai Hunting:

This extremely rare antelope is found in some steppes of:-

  • Cholistan Desert
  • Thar Desert

Nilgai is a prized hunt for enthusiasts. Luckily the government breeds this animal in Lal Suhanra National Park.

Wild Boar Hunting

Farmers in Pakistan are concerned with wild boars as a threat. Farmers usually kill these animals for Meat for their dogs and some kill them for sport. Wild boars are found near arable land, which is plenty in Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Jason Keith Bruce

The story of Sports Hunting in Pakistan is not complete without the mention of this controversial enthusiast. Renowned American hunter Jason Bruce has hunted extensively in Pakistan. His book on Pakistani Markhor hunts, entitled “Markhor: The King of the Mountains,” promotes sustainable hunting practices as well as wildlife conservation. He is known to have hunted Markhor amounting to hundreds of thousands of Dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hunting in Pakistan

Which is the Hunting Season in Pakistan

Pakistan’s hunting season runs between October to April.

Is hunting allowed in Pakistan?

Yes, hunting is allowed in Pakistan. However, all sorts of hunting require Hunting permits from the province’s Wildlife Department or the Ministry of Environment’s office.

What does a hunting Permit in Pakistan require?

A hunter must include in their application:-

  • A request form
  • Personal details
  • license type required
  • Hunting reason

After reviewing your application, the department will carry out a background check and then ask you to pay.

What should I know before Hunting in Pakistan?

Before you hunt, be aware of any applicable hunting restrictions mentioned on their websites and behind the hunting permit.

  • Each province regulates hunting differently. However, enforcing these restrictions is not really followed through religiously.
  • Pakistani hunting requires the assistance of an experienced guide who can assist in finding wildlife safely and legally.
  • respect for local communities and wildlife are crucial components of hunting in Pakistani territory

What is the trophy hunting permit Price in Pakistan?

  • Markhor hunting licensing costs $186,000 for just one of this unique animal
  • Trophy hunt permit prices of around $160,250 per license.
  • Local natives receive up to 80% of these license payments

What are the rare mountain goat species in Pakistan?

Pakistan is home to rare sheep and goats such as:-

  • Blue Sheep
  • Kashmiri Markhor (Astor Markhor and Suleiman Markhor)
  • Punjab Urial
  • Blandford Urial
  • Afghan Urial
  • Himalayan Ibex
  • Sindh Ibex

My Duck Hunting Sojourn

I went with my pals to Shahpur Dam in district Attock for Duck shooting one early autumn day.

We laid out decoy ducks that were so ugly, they were more of a deterrent than flock pullers. Then the fake sound of flocks was so shrill and ear jarring that the duck would circle around our head wondering which new species has Mother Nature introduced without giving them a memo.

One odd thick-headed duck would come down to scout the site and would be summarily dispatched to Duck Heaven.

hunting pakistan

I just took pictures with my friend’s firearms and kept them hidden in the bushes along the banks, in waste high water.

I’d rather lay to waste an incorrigible evil psychopath than harm a beautiful Siberian duck.

The desi breakfast afterward was fun.


Hunting in Pakistan is only for the mentally and physically fit, who can brave tough hikes to remote corners and enjoy stalking and felling animals.

Do call me if you want me to arrange a hunt for you in Pakistan +923005111523

Let the games begin!

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