chaaye khana restaurant sialkot

Perfect blend of tea and ambiance at Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot

Chaaye Khana Restaurant at Brands Village, Sialkot Cantonment beats the competition because of its ambiance, variety of Pakistani food snacks, and quality.

It has already shifted from Saddar Bazar to Brands Village and is open for business.

Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot

Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Details

  • Location: Top Floor, Brands Village, Sialkot Cantonment, Punjab Pakistan
  • General Location: Khawaja Safdar road, Sialkot Cantonment.
  • Chaaye Khana Coordinates 32.51110511121873, 74.5369980537927
  • Phone Numbers:+92 52 8250286

Chai Khana timings are 8 am – 12 pm on weekends and 1 pm to 12 am on weekdays because people do not get up early on weekdays

Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Breakfast Menu
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Breakfast Menu

Best Features of the Restaurant

  • Free Delivery in Sialkot
  • Serving inside Cars or Takeaways
  • Plenty of Parking Space
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Specialty: Teas, Coffees, snacks, juices, sweet delights
  • Chat, Rolls, Shakes, Samosas from the takeaway SNACKHUB counter.
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Menu
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Menu

Location Map Chaye Khana Sialkot

Since Brands Village is right opposite Kashmir park, behind Garrison Golf Club and at the corner from Fatima Jinnah Garrison Park

Chaaye Khana Sialkot Route from CMH
Chaaye Khana Sialkot Route from CMH

More on Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot

If you want to know more then…

  • Their food items are fresh
  • Snacks are typical Pakistani
  • The management is always there in the restaurant and
  • There is no comparable restaurant cum café in Sialkot that has an ambiance like Chaaye Khana Sialkot does.

Also, see other comparable restaurants outside Sialkot

Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Main Menu
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Main Menu

Special things about Chaaye Khana Sialkot?

  • I fell in love with their Cigar Room, which is more of a plush high quality restaurant lounge, tucked at one corner of the dining hall.
  • The wall-to-wall reflective glass in the Cigar Room and the pretty young ladies seated inside it reminded me of a famous scene from Bruce Lee’s movie “enter the dragon”
  • Another interesting thing is that the dining space is neatly carved up into small compartments separate from each other. So there is privacy.
  • Some diners even get to see views of the quiet lane outside, through live-sized glass windows.
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Chaaye Coffee Menu
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Chaaye Coffee Menu

Must see thing in Chaaye Khana Restaurant

You must have your weekend breakfast outside in the Roof Top Courtyard in front of Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot.

The light morning sun and quiet street and green plants lining the edges are a perfect setting to have French toast, perfectly fried Sunny-side up eggs, and mushroom garlic Toast with Desi Tea.

Bring along your favorite muse if you want to savor the moment there.

Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Bakery and Beverages
Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot Bakery and Beverages

My Trip to Chaaye Khana

I went to Sialkot from Rawalpindi, to meet up with friends when I decided to check out this new joint there that every female student was talking about.


Someone told me that this is the only place in Sialkot where you can hang out in peace, as the owner by the name of Azee hangs out there and keeps the environment welcoming and non-judgmental for guests. He entertains his guest like they are his friends.

Chaaye Khana Signage
Chaaye Khana Signage

Dinner at Chaaye Khana

I was intrigued and went up there on a Friday night and ordered a Moroccan Chicken rice dish with freshly squeezed orange juice.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it – it was that delicious.

Chai Khana Outdoor seating
Chai Khana Outdoor seating

I know the chicken, rice, and toppings were fresh as I tasted each one of them separately in my mouth.

This does not happen in Pakistani restaurants.

Even the lounge inside is cozy and clean.

Chaaye Khana Courteous Staff
Chaaye Khana Courteous Staff

The Maître D’hôtel of the Waiting Staff

Then, in the Maître D’hôtel, the waiting staff is an educated and level-headed guy that has extensive experience in restaurants.

I enjoyed conversing with him and he made sure my service was prompt and enjoyable – always keeping a safe distance in case I do not feel overcrowded.

Chai Khana Indoors
Chai Khana Indoors

Head Chef of Chaaye Khana

I was delighted with the dinner that Friday that I asked to see the head chef.

When I went to meet him in the Kitchen, I saw a well-maintained and clean back counter.

The great thing about Chef’s team was that he was from Gilgit Baltistan, and I know from personal experience, people from Gilgit Baltistan do not cheat anyone even if their life depends on it.

Visitors to Chaye Khana Sialkot
Visitors to Chaye Khana Sialkot

The Waiting Staff

There was quite a number of male and female staff from Sialkot as well.

One of the nice-looking female attendants was from Ugoke –, which is a funny name for a town near Sialkot.

Chaaye Khana beautiful interior
Chaaye Khana beautiful interior

The Environment and Ambiance of Chaaye Khana

A saw businessmen and well-dressed professional women conducting business over a cup of Cappuccino and Desi tea.

The place gave me a feel of your favorite room in your home, where you hang out with your friends and attend to business as well.

It was peaceful, comfortable, welcoming, and well thought out there.

Did I mention the soft beats their high-quality sound system was churning out, one after the other?

I did not know whether to eat my food or break out dancing.

Then, I suddenly popped into the washrooms at Chai Khana Sialkot and found it squeaky clean – another feather in the management’s cap.

After being treated like Royalty because of the traditional Sialkot hospitality, I decided to visit the joint one more time before going back to Rawalpindi.

Mind you, they did not know I was going to review their restaurants.

Chaaye Khana Garlic Mushroom Toasts
Chaaye Khana Garlic Mushroom Toasts

The Breakfast at Chaaye Khana Sialkot Cantonment

The next morning, on a calm Saturday, I sat down for breakfast on their patio-dining chairs in their courtyard compound.

Chaaye Khana Restaurant and Cafe Sialkot were already full to capacity with female students from the local medical college.

There was a family enjoying their meal on one corner facing the warm sun.

I ordered French toast with Honey dipping, and Mushroom Garlic toast, Doodh Patti.

My buddy ordered Paratha and Egg with Tea.

It was divine to have had an open-air breakfast in a such a beautiful setting in Sialkot.

I had gotten used to eating inside my car at some dusty corner food shop in Saddar, but this was amazing.

Menu and Extras of Chaaye Khana

  • The Chaaye Khana Restaurant Sialkot guys even have a book shelf to choose your reading material from.
  • I went over the menu for breakfast and saw the entire range of Pakistani foods that we love to munch on such as Omelet, Keema, Aaloo Paratha, French toast, Lassi, and 60 kinds of Tea.
  • Did I mention the Brownie they served along with the Breakfast?
  • The Lunch Menu has Chicken and Beef burgers and sandwiches and French fries even.
  • Dinner is usually Chicken wings, Beef Steaks, Moroccan Chicken with Rice and Grilled Chicken.
  • The breakfast menu also has Crepes, waffles and Croissants along with halwa puri and Pancakes
  • These were the usual that I would order, but the menu has a great variety of Juices like Pina Coladas, lemon, pomegranate fresh juices, and snacks such as samosas, kebabs, and Pakoras of various kinds.
  • You can even over doze on the Oreo, Chocolate, and Banana Shakes.
  • You can’t have tea without pakora in winter, can you?
  • Do not even get me started on the lemon tart, Chocolate, and Strawberry Cakes.
  • They have noodles, Steaks, and stuffed Chicken.
Chaaye Khana Desi Chai Tea
Chaaye Khana Desi Chai Tea


I am a traditional guy and love traditional Pakistani food, so Chaaye Khana is the place for me.

Fun things to do at Sialkot

After spending a complete day at Chaaye Khana Sialkot, I went to Head Marala, Head-works on the Chenab River had some Butt fish fresh from the river.

I then topped the day with a good game of Golf at Sialkot Garrison Club with my buddy.

The next day I was back in Rawalpindi.


You might think the Chaaye Khana food is expensive, but at least you are getting real food and tea made from pure ingredients, not reused adulterated food that you get in some of the other top-end restaurants in Pakistan.

So, go to Chai Khana Sialkot as the management is professional and welcoming.

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