Pakistan india border trip

My Pakistan India Border travel story (Road Trip)

Pakistan India border trip is one of those places where no one dares to go – just because it’s always hot with fighting going on – and that’s exactly why I went. That and also because I have been to most of the other borders and needed to see what the new female Indian troops look like.

No, I don’t have a death wish.

Let me go over the frequently asked questions first and then I will give you my travel account.

What is the Pakistan India border called?

Pakistan India border is called the Radcliff line that was hurriedly demarcated by a Colonial British lawyer in five weeks, who had never visited India ever before.

Figure 0: Pakistan India border from Space at night

Pakistan India border length

As per Pakistani perspective,

International border From Rann of Kutch Marshes to  Sialkot Border with Jammu

2240 Kms

The international border between Pakistan and India starts from Abyar Dogra village in Narowal, Pakistan to Runn of Kutch a the Arabian sea

Line of Control starting from Beas river edge all the way to Karakorum Pass near Siachen Glacier

700 km

This line of Control is the ceasefire line signed between Pakistan and India after the 1948 Kashmir war under the umbrella of the United Nations Commission on India and Pakistan. It was named Line of Control after the 1972 Shimla Agreement

Working Boundary with Jammu

190 Kms

From Ravi River to Beas River running almost East to West, the working boundary is between the formerly princely state of Kashmir that is occupied by India and Pakistan’s Narowal district near Sialkot

Total Pakistan India Border length

3323 Kms


So, Pakistan India border has a total border length of 3323 km۔

Figure 4: Working Boundary between Pakistan and India, yet to be resolved due to Kashmir occupation by India

Where can I get the Pakistan India Border map?

You can get a pdf version of the Pakistan India Border map from this link of (Survey of Pakistan).

Can Pakistan India Border be crossed illegally?

The Pakistan India border can be crossed illegally, but not until you know the smugglers personally that have been doing illegal trade in narcotics, alcohol, and people for decades. Even then there is a risk of being shot by either’s border guards.

Can I cross Pakistan India Border at Wagah by Car?

No, you cannot drive across the border; however, you definitely can cross Pakistan India Border at Wagah Punjab on foot. For that, you’d have to get another transport on the other side. There are many public means of transport like rickshaws, busses, and even ride-hail serves like Uber and Careem to pick you up from the border.

Figure 2: Pakistan India Border Map 2020 also the political map of Pakistan

Pakistan India Border map from space at night

Indian high powered search beams pointed towards Pakistan territory light up the night sky that is visible from space – while there is a rolling power outage in the country.

Figure 3a: Pakistan India border from Space at night

Which is the disputed border between India and Pakistan?

The former princely state of Kashmir is the disputed border between India and Pakistan. The length of this border is about 900 km starting from Karakorum Pass high in the Karakorum Range to Ravi River at Abyar Dorgan in Narowal Pakistan.

Why the Sialkot border is called the working boundary?

Sialkot border is called working boundary because the border is internationally recognized on the Pakistani side whereas the part that is on the Indian side in Kashmir, and is disputed.

Figure 4: Working Boundary between Pakistan and India, yet to be resolved due to Kashmir occupation by India

Pakistan India border news

The latest news from the Pakistan India border is that Pakistan has launched a new political map that shows North-Easter n Siachen Glacier, all of Kashmir, and the remaining sliver of Runn of Kutch as its own territory. India has hundreds of thousands of troops in these places, to ensure that never happens.

Pakistan India border tension

Pakistan India border tensions arise when India feels there is no one in the world strong enough to challenge its illegal annexation of Kashmir by unilateral moves. Abrogating Article 370 of the Indian constitution guaranteeing autonomy to the Muslim majority state of Kashmir is a way to say exactly that. India then systematically isolates Pakistan for diplomatically supporting the Kashmiri people. ‘s struggle against the occupation. The border tension usually occurs around the working boundary and Kashmir.

Figure 6: Pakistan India border from Space at night

What is the 27 February 2019 surgical strike by India?

On 27 February 2019, India announced that its Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft formation has launched an Air to Ground Standoff weapon on a civilian target deep inside Pakistan at Balakot. This place was not in the disputed territory. The next day Pakistan launched its own standoff weapon on Indian disputed territory during day time.

In the ensuing fighter aircraft dogfight, India lost its Mig 21 piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan who was held captive by Pakistan – to the embarrassment of India.

Both strikes were meant for political posturing and not to achieve any military objective.

Pakistan India border situation

Instead of resolving the political issue of Kashmir with Pakistan, India has heavily fenced the international border, working boundary and is aggressively moving up into the disputed border of Kashmir. They have spent huge resources in building dual step wire fencing, with concertina wire on top and in-between.

Then there are high powered electricity lamps directed towards the Pakistani side that stays on from dawn to dusk.

To keep their bunkers hidden, India has planted millions of trees to line the border right up to Kashmir. After the tree line is high mud walls to stop the rapid assault. After the tree line is the hardened shelters with reinforced concrete and perfect roads leading up to them.

All along the Pakistan India border, India has made use of diplomatic space provided to it by the USA and crept to occupy heights that overlook Pakistan’s defenseless population.

This makes the people living below vulnerable – India exploits that be conducting artillery fire into townships and villages.

Pakistan india border trip

India Pakistan border video


Pakistan India border dispute and Conflicts

The first is India occupying Siachen glacier at the North Easter most tip of Pakistan because the previous agreement of 1949 and Simla did not specifically mention a straight line to Karakorum pass further north from NJ 9842. This was made possible by the fact that Siachen glacier foothills had melted for the first time in modern history, that make occupying vast territory by India possible.

The second dispute is the line of control that borders Muslim majority Kashmir state that had to come to Pakistan, as per the rules of partition in 1947, but has been militarily occupied ever since.

The third dispute is at Runn of Kutch marshes at eh South-Eastern most corner of Pakistan. India is in the occupation of territory that has tremendous oil/gas discovery potential.

Pakistan has fought three regular wars with India on border disputes and several more variants of war over the past 8 decades.

Being politically weak domestically and internationally, Pakistan has lost almost every time.

Pakistan India border fights

Pakistan India border troops at the internationally recognized border usually do not fight with each other, and sometimes even conduct joint anti-smuggling patrols with each other.

At the working boundary and disputed Kashmir border, regular artillery exchange and border action assaults take place with both military and civilian casualties.

Pakistan India borders were so randomly drawn by colonial between two politically divergent countries, that a politically weak and indefensible Pakistan could never assert itself enough to get its due share.

How many border crossings are there at the Pakistan India border?

There are three crossings that are used frequently.

Manaboa train border crossing in Sindh Pakistan and Barmar District in India was functional till 1965 to facilitate visitors to Karachi but now has been closed down. You cannot cross Manabao on foot.

Wagah border in Punjab near Lahore has the most traffic of visitors and trade. It is presently closed due to the Corona outbreak in India.

Kirtarpura Sikh Pilgrimage corridor at Narowal district of Pakistan is the crossing is where I went with my family but was turned back due to the Coronavirus outbreak in India.

The rest of the border crossing like these are not functional anymore:-

Ganda Singh Wala Kasur Pakistan and Hussianwala India, Punjab

Sulemanki headwork Punjab Pakistan and Fazilka, Okara India

Longewala is not functional

Teetwal crossing in Neelum Valley of Pakistani Kashmir

Chakothi Border crossing on Line of Control with Uri on the Indian Side is also closed for travel.

Tatrinote border crossing in Kotli Pakistan and Poonch Indian Kashmir is also closed.

Pakistan india border trip

Which Pakistanis states border India?



Rajasthan on the India Side Sindh on the Pakistani side.

Gujarat on the Indian side ad Sindh on the Pakistanis side.

How much of Kashmir is in India Control?

India controls around 56% land area of Kashmir including Jammu, Kashmir valley, Ladakh, Siachen.

Pakistan controls nearly 30% of the land area of Kashmir including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

The rest 14% is under further dispute.

India has occupied the bowl-shaped valley of Kashmir since 1948 by keeping a regular army in Srinagar, the center of the state. All tracks that lead to this bowl-shaped valley and higher grounds are also with India because the Indian army was well stocked during partition.

Pakistan india border trip

Pakistan India Border ceremonies

Pakistan India Border ceremonies attended by tourists only take place at Wagah border near Lahore and Amritsar in India.

My Road trip to Shakargarh Pakistan India border

I had planned to visit the Kirtarpura Sikh holy site right at the border with India, but I was stopped right at the entrance by a burly guard – because of Coronavirus lockdown

I was told the entrance of India pilgrims to the Kirtarpura site through the Kartarpur corridor has also been stopped till India comes to grips with the increasing new cases of coronavirus numbers.

I left Islamabad early in the morning for Lahore city for a stopover. It took me 5 hours covering 375 km to reach Lahore and I stayed at DHA guest rooms that are very comfortable and cheap.

Otherwise, there are many Airbnb places to stay in Lahore. Couch surfing is not a bad idea too.

Pakistan india border trip

Early in the morning after a halwa poori breakfast at a local Dhaba and I set out on the Narowal border.

To get to the Narowal border, you have to take the Lahore ring road and exit from LSM interchange towards Lahore Bypass.

Now you have to drive towards the Narangmandi on the Narowal-muridke road.

While on the road, I was parallel to the Indian border throughout.

The road from Lahore ring road to Narowal is potholed but a smaller car can drive through slowly.

My first stop was at Kirtarpura Corridor place, at half an hour from Narowal town center going towards the border.

 The road from Narowal to Kirtarpura border is excellent for small vehicles as well and is about 100 km from Lahore.

After I was turned back from the Kirtarpura corridor, I drove back to Narowal town center and turned right towards Shakargarh town.

Shakargarh is about 35 Kms from Narowal and the road is just ok. A smaller vehicle will need to slow down to get there. It took one hour to reach Shakargarh from Narowal.

It took me 4 hours to cover the 133 km from Lahore to Shakargarh, which is beyond Narowal – also along the border.

Then the Shakargarh border at Noorkot and Islamgarh is about half an hour more from Shakargarh town center.

The road right up to the border is fit for small vehicles.


You have to take Google Maps with you or you could get lost. There are no town and city signs and milestones to guide you there.

Pakistan india border trip

Reaching the Noorpur border post, I requested the border guard commander there to allow me to visit the zero point – the place where you can step into the Indian Territory.

They are reasonably friendly people and let tourists go there if the border tensions are under control.

I drove my 4×4 on a mud embankment toward the final post of Pakistan India border and it was quite a thrill seeing Indian post watching our movements all in the open.

The Pakistani border post was covered in trees for deception purposes and they had an observation post several feet high to watch enemy movement.

I climbed the Machan post and peered deep into Indian Territory, for a glimpse of some Bollywood actress – but to no avail

The super friendly border guards mentioned that they sometimes patrol with lady soldiers of India Border Security Force and I swear I could sense some complaint in his tone.

Kudos for our border troops keeping bad guys at bay!

There was a time when livestock especially cows, alcohol other products used to be smuggled across this difficult border, but not anymore.

Indians have sealed the place tight with their improving economy.

The troops gave us tea cooked on firewood and we headed back to Islamabad through the Shakargarh-Narowal-Pasroor-Sialkot motorway-Wazirabad – Islamabad route.

Pakistan india border trip

Stopover at Pasroor

Shakargarh and Pasroor had s significant Hindu, Jain, and Sikh presence before the Partition of India in 1947

These districts were very high on education and were considered the breadbasket of the subcontinent

There were at least six temples spread across the district.

I visited a Hindu temple right in the heart of Pasroor town and saw the lost grandeur of the place.

This temple was built by Lala Mohkam Chand (LMC) in 1931and is located just beyond the Gendan Wala gate of Moj Garh zone of Pasroor inner city.

Lala Kirpa Ram was the chief patron of this Hindu community that migrated over the years to India.


Would it have been better for Pakistan had these non-Muslim people of this soil had stayed? – My conviction is a resounding yes – and it’s never too late.


Don’t take the short cut from Shakargarh to Sialkot via Zafarwaal, the road is very bad.

After 9 hours of driving that day, I landed back home and started planning for the Kirtarpura corridor.

The route I followed in my Pakistan India border road trip.

If you have anything to add to my Road Travel trip to Pakistan India border at Shakargarh, please comment below, share and subscribe.

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