50 Fun Facts about Pakistan no one talks about

These fun facts about Pakistan will give you an accurate picture of the country – this is not just disjointed information.

Don’t expect my compilation of fun facts about Pakistan to be a cakewalk for anyone.

So, let me put it out there for everyone.

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Top 50 Fun Facts about Pakistan

Pakistan’s steepest geographical gradient

Starting from K-2 Chhogori Mountain in the Karakorum Range up North, the Indus River flows down to pristine beaches, with zero crowds, at sea level in Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces.

Pakistan, in its Karakorum, Himalayas, and Hindu Kush Mountain ranges contains 40 of the highest 50 Mountains of the world. This makes the country the real roof of the world.

The fun fact here is that Pakistan is at the confluence of the mighty mountain ranges.

Fun Facts about Pakistan: It has large Ice reservoirs

Three of the large Ice bodies outside the polar caps are in Pakistan – the three Glaciers Baltoro, Saltoro, and Biafo.

Also, see

The fun fact about Pakistan here is that you can go from sweating your as* off down South to freezing cold in one hour.

Pakistan is the origin of three major religions of the World

Buddhism of the Theravada sect, Vedic Hinduism, Kanphata Gorakh Hinduism Sect, and Sikhism has origins in Pakistan.

The fun fact here is that Pakistan is now 96% Muslim.

Pakistan’s Indus Valley had organized cities way back in the 7th Century BC.

Pakistan had organized cities, universities, and systematic agriculture in its ancient cities of :-

  1. Mohenjo-Daro Sindh
  2. Harappa
  3. Bhambore
  4. Mehr Garh Bolan Pass
  5. Taxila
  6. Rehman Deri Dera Ismail Khan

Sited around the Indus River when the world only knew the Egyptian kingdoms of the Nile.

The fun fact here is that most of Pakistan are now considered urban, but with few amenities available anywhere.

Pakistan’s genetic makeup has heavy traces of Eurasian and Greek ancestors

Pakistani population has welcomed invades from the East for centuries, with Central Asians arriving 2000 BC, and resulted in a gene pool of fair colored, green-eyed, and blond people, especially in the North and the West.

Still, Pakistani people behave like the word they use for “crazy African-Americans”.

Pakistani men and women are gorgeous as compared to the average Indian.

Islam arrived in the territory that is Pakistan during Caliph Umar’s time

Baluchistan province welcomed Islam in the 7th Century when the Indian continent was still practicing Buddhism, Hinduism, and Zoroastrianism.

Pakistan provided the bulk of fighting troops to British in WW1 and WW2

This land was the favorite recruiting ground for colonial British because of the people’s inherent loyalty and martial spirit.

Some scholars argue Pakistan was gifted to the local Muslim majority for their services to the crown in blood.

Pakistan is the only Muslim country with a functioning Nuclear Program and Weapons

The country not only has immensely destructive Nuclear weapons at its disposal, but it also has the means to deliver these weapons to its intended target.

Then Pakistan has the expertise to operate Nuclear power plants that have been generating energy for decades, accident-free.

Pakistan produces the most intelligent people with minimal funding provided

Pakistani people are recognized as the fourth most intelligent people in the world and seventh in the pool of scientists and engineers.

  • Pakistan still produces 20000 engineers and IT professionals year after year.
  • The country churns out 0.5 million university graduates every year.
  • In 2019, Pakistan had a 21% increase in published papers – the highest in the world.
  • Annual Cambridge exams attest to the fact that Pakistan kids are academic over-achievers.

The fun fact about Pakistan here is that all this with just 2% GDP spent on education – one of the lowest in the world.

Pakistan is the least racist country in the world

Pakistan housed 2 million Refugees from India after the partition riots in 1947 and then housed a further 3 million Afghan refugees during the USSR invasion and war in 1980.

Then there were massive internal displacements during major upheavals like the 2005 earthquake and Taliban insurgency in the Tribal region that displaced further millions.

Pakistani people have gotten used to seeing people of different colors, ethnic backgrounds,s and races in their neighborhood and don’t even bat an eyelid now.

Also, being religious makes Pakistani people highly non-racist.

Discrimination is another thing altogether and that is the fun fact about Pakistan

Pakistan defeated two superpowers in its 70 years history

Pakistan has defeated USSR in Afghanistan and the USA in the same country, despite suffering immense damage in life, property, and economy itself.

The country barely survived but not many countries can boast such a feat.

Pakistan has one of the highest population growth rates in the world and the lowest divorce rate

Pakistan’s population has a median age of 22 and a mean of 15 in its 220 million population.

The growth rate comes out close to 3 % and is not slowing down.

The country is the 6th largest population-wise.

Pakistan also has the highest child mortality rate in the region as well and the lowest divorce rate. This shows that Pakistani couples marry young, stay married, and are adept at making lots of babies.

Pakistan has a coastline of 1000 km lined with beaches

Pakistan’s coastline is completely empty of people but has the most beautiful beaches and calm waves any tourist country could ask for.

This is made possible because of the natural feature deep in the Indian Ocean that holds all the monster waves back before they strike land.

Pakistan’s border with India is the most fenced in the world

Pakistan’s border with India is so fenced, manned, and lighted up that it is even visible from space.

Talk about being paranoid about your neighbor!

Being anti-Pakistan is the most sell-able topic for politicians in India

Indian politicians used anti-Pakistan sentiment and Islamophobia to rally their nationalist Hindu vote bank to their side.

Pakistan imports 70% of its fuel

Pakistan produced 64% of its electricity from fossil fuels and imports 70% of that fuel as well.

No wonder the country’s economy stays in the junk category year after year.

Pakistan has the world’s largest Irrigation system

Pakistan has the basic infrastructure to irrigate its continuous crops on 14.4 million Hectares but still imports food for its masses every year.

No Pakistani elected prime minister ever completed 5-year tenure

Being a prime minister in Pakistan is bad news with several removed in coups by the army, hanged, exiled, jailed, or simply dismissed.

One Ex-prime minister was assassinated as well.

Pakistani women have the worst education statistics

Only one in three Pakistani women is educated overall.

Still, one lady ended up being prime minister, another one won the Nobel prize, the third became a combat aircraft pilot and there are several in education and medical sectors.

Pakistan is the only country in the world based on Religion

Pakistan’s constitution clearly mentions Islam as the foundation head of all laws, unlike any county in the World – that’s why it doesn’t fit into any global block.

The government of Pakistan has no money to spend on people

With 80% of Pakistan’s budget going to Defense, Debt servicing, and pay pensions, nothing goes to the education and health of the people.

Still, the country functions because people are known to be the hospital, generous and philanthropic to a fault.

The World’s largest voluntary ambulance service “Edhi / Chhipa” being in Pakistan is a testament to this fact.

Pakistan has the highest number of Uncharted Mountain peaks

Undocumented Vertical Rocks, Mountain Peaks, Lakes, deserts and Passes dot the country all around, but Pakistan also has the lowest foreign incoming traffic in the World as well – mainly because of poor diplomatic standing.

Pakistan is still a patriarchal tribal society

Although the country overall is still patriarchal and tribal in its outlook and social networking, still women have repeatedly been elected prime minister, have occupied powerful political posts, have fought and died in battle, and have higher university enrollment higher than men.

Pakistan has three streams of education

Pakistan has three streams of education for kids.

The rich send their kids to private schools with English as the medium of instruction

The middle class sends their kids to government schools with rote education their salvation and the poorest sent their kids to religious schools.

The religious school kids are from the most influential and organized group of people in Pakistan.

The recent funeral of religious leader Khadim Rizvi was recorded as the largest such gathering of mourners ever in Pakistan and he was a fundamentalist politician.

Pakistan’s geopolitical location is a bonanza

Pakistan’s location bordering China and India on one side and Central Asia and the Middle East on the other make it vitally important for any dominant power to have on its side

That’s why Pakistan has had four military coups in its 70 years history and has lost nearly half its territory since independence.

Punjabi speaking population

Punjab being the dominant province in Pakistan, 58% of the population speaks Punjabi or a dialect of Punjabi as their mother tongue.

Urdu is the language of verbal communication between people although 8% of people speak the language at home.

English is the official language of communication.

No wonder Pakistanis have the gift of gab – growing up with three languages.

No local bodies in Government

Pakistan still does not have a self-sustained local body government in place.

The country is practically to run from one office in Islamabad.

Pakistan is not a book reading country

Most of us Pakistanis have not read any book beyond our course syllabus and the Holy Quran, but we have seen every video on YouTube.

75% of Pakistanis own a cell phone 

 Three quarters of 240 million people own a cellphone with 50% having a Smart Phone with the Internet. Pakistani people are the most connected in the world internally but the productivity figures do not reflect that fact.

I have no idea what they do with this connectivity.

Pakistan has 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites

  1. Takht-i-Bahi & Sehr-i-Bahlol
  2. Taxila Buddhist Monuments
  3. Rohtas Fort Rawat
  4. Shalimar Garden & Lahore Fort
  5. Thatta necropolis
  6. Mohenjo-Daro (city of the dead) 

Most Famous thing about Pakistan

The most notorious thing about Pakistan

The USA, Pakistan’s ally assassinated Al-Qaida’s defunct leader Osama Bin Ladin inside Pakistan – just get political mileage at home – embarrassing the country in the world.

The most sad thing about Pakistan

Pakistan has not lived up to the founding father’s vision of a just, prosperous Nation based on higher Islamic and democratic principles of fairness, equality, and brotherhood.

Top landmarks in Pakistan

  • Pakistan Monument Islamabad with a half bloomed Lotus flower
  • Minar e Pakistan, Lahore
  • Quaid e Azam’s monument Karachi
  • Quaid Residency Ziarat Quetta
  • Khyber Pass Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Weird thing and fun facts about Pakistan

  • Half of the population survives on a daily staple of bread and tea filled with tons of sugar
  • Talking to women is frowned upon but homosexuality is rampant
  • A very high percentage of marriages are between cousins
  • Transvestites are legally protected under the law and have rights
  • Prostitution is illegal but molesting children is also quite common
  • 33% of the population lives on $2 dollars a day.

Fun Facts about Pakistan culture

  • People in Pakistan function within their own social and tribal culture.
  • Marriages rarely go beyond tribal and familial boundaries.
  • Social mobility is largely dependent on which family group you belong to and how up in the hierarchy your patriarch is in the society.
  • On the other hand, hardly anyone stays desperately poor as this social network supports the weak.
  • Women are generally seen in the context of sisters, wives, or mothers and nothing else.
  • Women do not drive motorcycles or engage in business ventures on a large scale.
  • Women dress conservatively but not necessarily in a Burqa

What has Pakistan done for the world

The one thing Pakistan is trying to show the world is that there is an Islamic system of government outside capitalism that has the promise of capping unbridled wealth accumulation and guarantees a just, equitable society for all genders, races, and classes.

The Islamic system is not a threat but is to be embraced and nurtured in a democracy so that the world can heal.

Fun Facts about Pakistani food

  • Food in Pakistan is generally paratha, eggs, tea, Nihaari in the morning
  • In the evening it is curry with chicken, pulses or vegetables
  • Dinner time is a meat dish with Chapatti and sweet

Pakistan’s inventions

  • Computer whiz in Pakistan created the world first “brain” virus
  • Kids in Pakistan export Freelance services of around $1 billion every year
  • Due to lax Intellectual Property Rights, any new invention is probably stolen before it reaches the selling stage.
  • Predicting the Higgs Boson Quantum Particle
  • Several Biomedical instruments
  • Heavy water leak probe
  • Gravitational Waves Detector
  • Human Development Index HDI
  • Plastic Magnet

What is Pakistan’s biggest enemy?

Pakistan’s greatest enemy is not being able to ensure continuity of a two-party democratic political order, thereby strengthening regressive forces in the society and retarding Human Development.

 And of course, India is a close second.

Fast Fun Facts about Pakistan

  • Pakistan’ national animal is the Markhor mountain goat
  • Pakistan’s national flower is Jasmin
  • Pakistan’s national bird is the Chakor Partridge
  • Pakistan’s national sport is field hockey
  • Pakistan does not have any wild game reserve with all Big-5 animals like Lions, Elephants, Giraffe, Crocodile, Buffalo but has the largest man-made forest at Changa manga
  • Pakistan is about the combined size of the United Kingdom and France

Top thing to do in Islamabad

Top thing to do in KhyberPakhtunkhwa province

KPK province is for heritage and history travel and also smoke high-quality marijuana

The world’s greatest illegal gun manufacturing market is a must-see too that copies all sorts of guns.

The top thing to do in Sindh province

Sindh province is famous for a visit to the cultural shrines of Saints and Sufis and also see the Hindu customs of Pakistani Hindus that form 1.5% of the population.

Then boating on the coast and inside the Indus River delta mangroves is another interesting thing to do.

Top things to do in Baluchistan

Baluchistan is famous for its oasis in the vast open desolate land.

The top thing to do in Punjab province

Punjab is the greenest and fertile of Pakistan’s provinces and is the breadbasket. So, food is the thing to do to have fun in Punjab

While you are at it, do attend the Pakistan India border ceremony and see their peacock gait.

For South Punjab, visit the grand palaces of Nawab of Bahawalpur.

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