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Get Turkish Doner Kebab from Bahria, Islamabad, Pakistan

This is closed now.

Good Job Turkish Doner Kebab people in Bahria Town Islamabad, with a German suffix, and here’s why.

NOTE: Recent update w.e.f 19 June 2020, received suggests that German Turkish Doner Kabab outlet in Bahria Town, Islamabad has closed down and now Doner Kebab sandwiches are available at F-10 Markaz branch, including deliveries.

I had no idea a burger styled like a pita bread & tortillas sandwich— with a shwarma slice mixed in veggies and mayonnaise — would taste so dandy! The recipe for this Kebab is shwarma slices inside a large toast or sandwich. When the same shwarma is wrapped inside a chapati, it’s called a Turkish doner yufka. Turkish doner kebap spices and sauces are according to Pakistani taste — sizzling hot.

Sitting in the comfort of your own car in a vast parking lot, the convenience is just delightful.

turkish doner kebab bahria

Their customer seating area is clean, but a bit congested. The full size glass walls are a good touch.

Then it’s Bahria town — quiet and peaceful — where you can have a conversation and wolfing down your Turkish Donner delight at the same time.

What’s with the German Doner Kebab name? weird Pakistani twist to a good story.

Apparently, there is another Turkish Doner Kebab outlet in F-10 and F-7 Safa Gold Mall and Lahore as well, but I haven’t tried them. I went to the Turkish Doner Kebab joint near me.

turkish doner kebab bahria

The servings are twice as big and veggies are fresh — It’s like having Subways burger in Istanbul settings.

Each burger or sandwich comes with a fizzy drink and fries.

The price of around Rs 700 per person is not bad at all!

The menu, pics and location map of Turkish Doner Kebab Bahria Town are pasted below for your reference.

The Telephone contact of Turkish Doner Kebab in Bahria Town is (051) 2724141 and 0300 9875953 and they do deliver through foodpanda.com.

I plan to go there again. I’d rate it 7.0 out of 10, mostly because of the serving size and freshness.

For more reviews on a restaurant, go to this link.

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