Nakheel Lebanese Restaurant Islamabad is an Authentic

nakheel Lebanese restaurant
This Restaurant is no more open.

I tried the new Nakheel Lebanese Restaurant at Liberty Square, F-11 Markaz Islamabad, just because of my itch to try new things.

Nakheel Lebanese Restaurant F-11 Location

Entering the place, I had the preconceived idea of finding another Pakistanized Arabic Food joint but was pleasantly surprised.

Salads – which a majority of Lebanese food is – tasted non-Pakistani at Nakheel.

And I like that.

Even the hummus pita bread combo was delicious with garlic and olive oil added in the right amount.

I tried their Beef Shawarma and Chicken Shawarma both, and was impressed by their attention to detail.

Chicken Shawarma

It was exactly the way it tastes in United Arab Emirates.

The bite size was a little on the shorter side, but it was more than adequately compensated by the roll’s girth.

I loved the taste of the fresh beef inside.

When I asked for fries, the guy handed me an extra plate full of finger fries.

Now that is good service.

Baba Ghanoush

The Management 

The owner, a guy called Sheri, has spent quite some time in UAE and has been in the food business for more than a decade now.

The guy is a real Nazi for authentic Arabic food tasting and that is a good thing.

The best thing about the owner is that the person is always there at the Restaurant.

So, you know none of the employees are spitting into your Shawarma.

I am sick of all the Chinese, Arabic, Lebanese, and Japanese, and Thai food dishes in Islamabad tasting like Savor Biryani


The Head Chef 

Even the Head Chef at Nakheel, Waleed, is Lebanese and is well renowned in restaurant circles.

The Interior of the Restaurant

I liked the way they maximized the use of limited space available with high stool racks, dining tables, and even a Mughal Styled enclosure.

There is plenty of courtyard space for guys wanting to watch people while they eat.

While I was there, some local Arabs in Islamabad ordered a Mutton Mandi as a takeaway.

So, the Nakheel people deliver food to your doorstep too.

Mutton Mandi

What is Lebanese Arab Food like?

For the uninitiated in Lebanese Foods like me

  • Lamb Mandi is a roasted lamp on pulao
  • Chicken Mandi is roasted chicken on Pulao
  • Kabab Halaby is lamb or Beef seekh kabab
  • Shish Tawook is Chicken Boti on Seekh
  • Humus is mashed Chickpeas with olive oil
  • Chicken Shawarma is chicken fajita rolled into a chapatti like pita bread with garlic sauce for taste
  • Falafel is Kabab
  • Baba Ghanoush is baingan ka Bhurta, without the curry.
  • Fattoush is a salad
  • Charcoal grilled meat is their specialty.

At least the people that run the joint have the better sense to throw in Barbecue dishes the way we Pakistanis like it.

Chicken Mandi

The Cost of Food at the Restaurant

The total bill for a family of four comes out to be Rs 2000 – which is pretty reasonable.

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Nakheel Lebanese Restaurant Authentic Lebanese Dishes

How to Order Food from Nakheel Lebanese Joint

Here is Nakheel Phone Contact to Order (051) 8892235

They even have a swanky website with a smiling white guy.

Menu of Lebanese Restaurant

Get your Nakheel Menu here.

I would rate this  Restaurant 8 out of 10 for being

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