10 Best Bollywood songs Indian from a Pakistani perspective

best Bollywood songs

I have been meaning to write this list of Best Bollywood songs Indian for quite some time now. These are essentially love songs that are best for any year up to 2022. 

Without further ado, I’d go straight into the playlist, explaining why I chose each one of them as we go along.

Tum Milay from Tum Milay movie

I was hooked to these lyrics

“Tum Milay to jaadu chah gaya, tum milay to jeena aa gaya, tum milay to mene paya hai khuda”

“I found you and experience magic, I found you and learned how to live, I found you and I discovered God.”

Kabira Man Ja from Ye Jawani hai deevani

What a choice of couplet to start a love song. The lyricist talks to God within himself and says,

“Kaisee tere khudgharzi, na dhoop chunay na chao, kaisee tere khudgarzi, na thor tikkay na paon,

Ban liya apna peghambar, Tar liya tu saat samandar, phir bhi sookha mann ke andar, kyu reh gya?”

“what kind of selfishness is this? That doesn’t see (blazing) sunlight or shade

What kind of selfishness is this? That doesn’t ever pause or stay still

(so) are you done playing prophet to yourself? Are you done swimming the seven seas? Then why are you still parched in your soul”

Tum Se He from Jab We Met

“Tum se he din hota hai, surmaii shaam aati hai, tum se he…

Har ghari saanse aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tum se he”

“The day breaks because of you, the greying of the day happens because of you…

Every moment that I breath, (something) they call life, is because of you…”

Aao Ge jab tum Saajna from Jab We Met

“Aao ge jab tum saajna, manwa phool kilainge,

Barsay ga sawan, jhoom jhoom kay, do dil aisay milain ge”

“When you (finally) arrive my beloved, my soul’s flower will blossom…

Rain will pour down like it is swaying (to the rhythm), of two hearts meeting”

Deewana by Sonu Nigam Deewana Tera Album

Sonun Nigam’s high notes got me here. Although I don’t agree to the guy’s political views and his loud mouth, but he sure has pipes.

“Deewana, dewana tera, tujahe he bulaye,

Yeh marzi teri tu aye na aye”

“I am crazy for you, and call for you only… it’s your choice whether you heed to my call or not”

Yeh tu ne kya kiya from Once upon a time in Mumbai

Javed the God of high notes, out does himself here.

“Ishq ke saazishain, Ishq ke baazian, haara mai khel ke, do Dillon ka jua”

“(alas) the intrigue of passion, the manoeuvres of passion… I have lost this roulette of two (loving) hearts”

Janay kyu log pyar kartay hain from Dil Chahta Hai

The music in the background is what lifts this song.

Janay kyu log pyar kartay hain,

Pyar bin jeenay mai rakha kya hai

Pyar jis ko nahi woh tanha hai

“There is nothing worthwhile, without love…

Anyone who hasn’t loved, remains alone”

Tum jo aaye from Once upon a time in Mumbai

The Qawwali in the background steals the show. Although kangana ranaut is biatch, still I love the song.

“Paya mai ne paya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe, honton pay sajaya tumhe, nag mai lagaya tumhe”

“I am bless by you, god has ordained us to meet, (and) embellish my lips with you, and decorate my jewelry with you”

Dil se re from Dil Se

Just because of the ultimate act of sacrifice for the beloved Kashmir A R Rehman’s music lights up the show.

Teray mast mast do nain from Dabanng movie

The Qawwali in the back ground and I must admit I have soft spot for Sonakhshi Sinha

So these are the top ten Bollywood songs. I would add


These songs are equally valid as Top Bollywood songs list from 2016 – 2022.

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