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Top 20 Pakistani songs right up to 2021

These top 20 Pakistani songs playlist right up to 2021 includes all genres from rap to classic to modern and some might be old, but no other current song beats their originality, strength of lyrics, music, and chords.

“Music is only love, looking for words” Lawrence Durrell

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Don’t forget to read translations of select lyrics by switching on Captions in the video links.

You would understand why they are quite special.


Rung by Shamoon Ismail

Shamoon Ismail is the star of Pakistan’s new generation of singers, songwriters, and composers.

His lyrics are well crafted and the composition is tasteful.

“People (haters) are burning like jam-packed;

My vibe is different, but you caught that,

I see lights on the flashback,

Look in my eyes, tell me what do you think?

Do you see the colors as I do?”

Biba feat Slick, Trick, Toshi

“Biba” meaning naïve boy is an EDM Remix track of the original Sufi Punjabi Qawwali by the same name.

Qawwali lyrics are usually a tribute to God while referring to the beloved, but this poetry is so real – it has to be understood to enjoy the song.

“You intend to open up people’s hidden truths,

You intend to keep a distance from me,

I intend to turn myself to ash (destroy) for you

I must reveal many of my joys and troubles before you”

Sakal Ban Phool Rahi Sarson Remix by Mughal-E-Funk feat Meesha Shafi

These words belong to the 14th-century poet Amir Khosrow (1253-1325)

This fusion of E-music and Amir Khusro’s devotional poetry is beautiful.

You should check out the video as well.

“I planted several kinds of flowers,

(Those bouquets) people bring in their hands,

(But) at the door of Nizamuddin,

The lover who had promised to come this spring never does;

Several years have passed”

Allah Hu by Saeen Zahoor

Saeen Zahoor’s high vocals, devotional Punjabi poetry, and the rhythmic tumba crying “Allah” every time someone plucks at it – syncs my soul with it every time.

You know he has perfected every rise and fall of this song, over years of practice.

How can you beat that?

“This Jogi came to my doorstep,

(And) ended all my quarrels;

I wish to hold him against my chest;

(And) wear the tilak on my forehand,

I must follow the Yogi

Allah Hu”

Ae Rah e Haq Ke shaheedo Noor Jehan

This song is for every selfless and altruistic person who gives everything for the cause they believe in.

It is a real tear-jerker for Pakistanis, as it has become synonymous with the sacrifices of Pakistani soldiers.

“Oh martyrs for the righteous cause

Pictures of loyalty,

The moment you (passed into the hereafter) after drinking wine of martyrdom,

Prophet Muhammad must have embraced you himself,

Ali must be rocking back and forth (devotionally) on your bravery,

Hussain the pure must have uttered this,

God’s acceptance (of your sacrifice) greets you”

Mann Kunto Maula by Abida Parveen

This Shiite devotional song cannot be sung better by anyone else but the master of Sufi music, Abida Parveen.

This lady could be mistaken for a hermit sitting at a Sufi shrine any day of the week and plays the part to perfection.

Her powerful lyrics make you want to listen to the song on repeat.

“That (life) passes without you,

What life that is…

If you are with me,

What is missing for me? (I have everything since you are with me)

Whoever accepts me (Allah) as his master?

Ali, the lord, is his master too”

Rang by Rahat Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri

Oh my God, the giants of Qawwali have come together and a giant mushroom cloud rose to the skies.

Rang means “color”, but in devotional Qawwali, it means the ecstatic gathering of devotees.

Check out the wicked table and high notes that could touch the sky.

“Today is Rang, oh mother

Prophet’s blessed colors, applied by Moula (Ali’s) hands;

Whoever’s veil gets dyed this way, happiness becomes their fortune;

My body and beloved’s soul, have both become dyed in one color;

Naina Moray by Javed Bashir and Akbar Ali (Featuring Amir Zaki)

Javed Bashir’s deep voice, Akbar Ali’s vocals, and Amir Zaki’s guitar had to be a sure hit.

Too bad Amir Zaki the guitar maestro had to leave us early – what a waste.

I loved the lyrics though.

The music has been brilliantly composed and fused


“I have never seen colors like this, oh Allah’s beloved”

My soul is stuck on the heartless lover (God);

The ruler of the faith and world;

My lover’s home is across the stream,

I have made a sworn pledge to go there,

I have begged the boatman (to take me there),

My soul is stuck on the gorgeous lover.”

Kangna Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad

These guys are entertaining in their Qawwali style and the Persian (Farsi) language is divine.

“Ae bracelet,

I beg of you;

I fall at your feet in humble entreaty;

(My lover) killed me with and cited fate as the reason,

(My lover) did not even look at me and cited shyness as the reason,

(My lover) placed her hand on a stranger’s shoulder, as a favor to him and

When she saw me, cited slip of the foot as the reason”

Chandni Raat Ali Sethi

This subtle love poem is powerful in its sketch.

“This moonlit night has come after a long time,

Let my eyes not open if this is a dream, and let me continue to dream,

This meeting (with my beloved) has come after a long time,

This conversation has come to my lips after a long time”

Jaani Door Gye Murr nai Aye Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Here is the King of Qawwali himself.

Check out the lyrics

 “My hearts beloved has been separated from me and I have been reduced to dust,

My flower-like delicate life has been ruined in thorny bushes,

My lover’s anguish has destroyed me completely and,

I poured out like tears…

Your separation was like, you never came back;

My hearts beloved went so far”

Muhabbat Karnay Waalay Ali Sethi

Originally done by the Ghazal Maestro Mehdi Hassan, Ali Sethi has revived his craft in this masterpiece of Urdu poetry.

“Even you, by chance, do meet me,

The pains of your separation will not subside,

Your lovers will not be any less, but I will not be in your company”

Kharaye! Zahoor

This Punjabi Song is Saraiki Dialect makes it even more tasteful.

“The world is deceptive, you know that!

You don’t need to fall for people’s coquettishness,

You have troubled yourself, naïve boy!

Where have you anchored your heart, naïve boy?

You have embraced sorrows, naïve boy!”

Menda Ishq ve Toon Pathanay Khan

Another Saraiki masterclass

“You are my love, you are friend,

You are my religion, you are my belief,

You are my body, you are my soul,

You are my heart, my lifeline,

You are my Kaaba, my anchor, mosque and perch,

You are my hope, my expectation, whatever I achieve,

You are my faith, my trust, my shame, and my lord;

My hurt, contentment, happiness is you;

You are my love, my friend”

Nighat & Paras Featuring Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi

Adil Omar and his wacky video and rebel lyrics make you sit up and listen.

Tala Qureshi drops a beat a loud as the Big Bang

“My heart beats with the strings of your eyes”

Mere Daachi de Gal vich by Saeen Khawar & Fareeha Pervez

Mere Daachi is the song of deserts, sung by nomadic travelers who believe in Saints.

The video is kind of off-putting since Saeen Khawar was needlessly over-animated, but ignore that and you will enjoy the lyrics.

“My camel has bells on its neck,

I am going to make my Saint happy,

My blessed saint!”

Aetibar Vital Signs

Junaid Jamshed and Rohail Hayat with their talented producer Mansoor launched this classic Urdu album that people have memorized.

RIP Junaid Jamshed, I still have your perfume though.

“So what if life has become a little complicated, there are trails out of jungles too;

I will find someone too;

Try walking with me”

Zalmi by Fortitude

This Pashto language Rap number has just the right combination of spunk and rhythm that makes it a genuine representation of what Pushtoon people are.

It does help if you know a little Pushto, as the devil is in the details.

“We have Markhor in our blood

Now show us our strength,

We will strike a blow,

And slowly reach the top,

There is no mountain we cannot destroy

We are fearless,

Ow Kana (oh yeah!)”

Saaiyian by Quratulain Baloch and Rabia Butt the Model.

I have included this number because of the outstanding video and sound quality and also because both QB and Rabia are pretty easy on the eyes.

So, have a look; the music is not too bad either.

There you are, 20 top Pakistani songs right up to 2021

I will keep posting new playlists as soon as I gather newer and interesting songs.


Best Pakistanis songs trending in Pakistan are mostly devotional music of the Sufi kind, and that is because of multimillion-dollar promotion through coke studio. The real music of Pakistan needs to be heard too.

“Music is the mediator between spiritual and sensual” Beethoven

So, where do you lie?

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