Top 3 Coke Studio Pakistani Songs

Top Coke Studio songs

These top 3 Pakistani coke studio songs, that will give you a glimpse of Pakistani culture as well.

You’d have to read the story behind the poetry to get a feel of passion that has gone into this music.

Although these are neither from the popular Coke Studio Season 10 or 12, still, they transcend all labels.  

Best Coke Studio Pakistan Songs with Translation

I have already translated these top coke studio songs in English so that you get the real feel of the folk culture.

In any case, folk songs are defined as traditional local cultural songs, that inevitably get popular. Sad that we don’t get to hear them in the annual Coke Fest.

Tajdar-e-Haram by Atif Aslam

This Song is called Hamd (praise of Prophet Muhammad) and it gives hope to millions of desperate muslims in the Indian subcontinent that their never ending grind would somehow be eased by their beloved prophet.

As if lamenations to their beloved prophet will somehow ease their pain – miraculously – it does. That is why this Hamd has raked in millions of views.

  • “Tajdar-e-Haram, nigah e karam, hame-e-bekasan, kya kahay ga jahan, aap ke ghar is khali, agar jaen gay
  • “(Dear) crowned (monarch) of Kaaba (piety)!, (you) supporter of the defenseless, what will the world say, if we leave empty handed from your doorway”

Aaj janay ke Zidd na Karo by Farida Khanum

this song appeals to the simple beauty of love between two people or between the divine and his diciple.

  • “Aaj janay ke zidd na karo, yu-heen pehlu mai baitay raho”
  • “Don’t be adamant to leave (early) tonight, (please) stay seated besides me”

Shaman Payean Teray Bina Toon Ghar Aa Dholna by Rahat Fateh Ali

It would be sacrelage to say Rahat Fateh Ali did a better version as compared to his uncle the King of Qwwali Nusrat Fateh Ali.

Since, the King himself so completely immortalized this Qwwali (you need to play this on repeat to heal ailments of the soul) – Rahat Fateh Ali’s rendition in Coke Studio Pakistan wins by nostalgia and utmost respect for the OG.

  • “Shaman Payean Terey Bina, Toon Ghar aa Dhonla, Ro Ro kay mai, devaan sada, Toon Ghar aa Dholna”
  • “The Sun has set without you, (at least now) come home now beloved!”

I have been lamented and cried out for you to come, (at least now) come home beloved!

Gulon may Rang Bharay by Ali Sethi cover of Mehdi Hassan

The lyrics in this Ghazal are mesmerising

“Gulon mai rang bharay, baad-e-nau bahar chalay, chalay bhi aao ke gulshan ka karobaar chaly”

“(come o beloved like the Spring so that) the flowers bloom, and the early spring breeze blows, (do) come now so that the garden starts its business (of flowering)

This Ghazal can mean both beloved human being or God almighty.

It is Coke Studio Pakistan, not India

For the people still confused, this is top Coke Studio Pakistan’s list, not Coke Studio India – we are not the same – except maybe in humanity.

Downloading Coke Studio Pakistan Songs

To download this coke studio songs playlist, that is all prior to 2019, you’d have to have YouTube to mp3 converter installed. 

Or you can simply download from mp3skull website.


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