Best Pakistani travel songs playlist ever

best pakistani songs

Get a load of this best Pakistani travel songs playlist ever; you’d not find a better collection anywhere, to get high on life with.

This is my personal collection and each song has a special quality, either the lyrics or the composition that make it stand out.

All of these songs have Pakistani singers, some were recognized in Pakistan, and some weren’t.

You’ d have to listen to this best Pakistani travel song playlist while your lights are low, on top of a mountain or camping near a dam, to really capture the essence of the artists’ genius.

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Is music haraam?

For all those that think that the alcohol, love, passion that I refer in my blogs are only about lust, and lascivious behavior —- it’s not.

Passion is actual life, if you just understand.

So, I’ll now jump straight in to my top Pakistani travel songs playlist for you all, because, it’s worth it:-

Number 1, Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali

Just listen with your eyes closed and tell me is it not for all the beautiful hedonists, the dreamers, the misfits, the humanists and the naïve lovers? Tell me you get what the guy wants to say through Maestro Ustad Fateh Ali? If you don’t, check this out, it’ll help you understand…

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor hai (this mild intoxicating pleasure…)

Teri Nazar Ka Kusoor hai, (is the doing of your gaze towards me…)

Ke Sharaab peena Sikha Dia (that I now am a drinker)

Teray Pyaar ne, teri cha’h nai (your love, your affection (towards me)…)

Teri behki behki niga’h nai (your scandalous look…)

Mujhe ek sharaabi bana dia (has turned me into a drinker…)

Ke sharaab peena sikha dia (so, now I am a drinker…)

Number 2, Dil Diyaan Gallaan, Atif Aslam

I love this song because the lyrics are meaningful and realistic. Also, the composition and Atif Aslam’s vocals are outstanding; Atif bring life to an already outstanding composition in Punjabi.

Ai naraazgi saari kaghazi teri (this being estranged of yours is meaningless (to me)…)

Meray sohniyan sun la mere (my beloved, heed to my calling…)

Dil Diyaan Gallan, Karan gay naal naal beh ke (we’ll chat heart to heart, sitting close together…)

Akh naale akh nu mila ke ((we will chat) with eyes glued to each other)

Number 3; Jhaliya, by Javed Bashir and Masooma Anwar

Well if the powerful chords of Javed sahib and the Masooma weren’t enough, they had to bring in a couplet of Baba Bulleh Shah, about love, passion and unconditional devotion to light up an already outstanding composition.  Just brilliant!

Jhallia… (Hey crazy!)

Bhulleya Ishq kamana aokha, (Bhulla, to reach heights of passion is difficult)

Kissay noo, yaar banaona, aokha (to make someone the object of your affection, is difficult)

Bhulleya, zehr vekh ke peeta, te ke peeta (bhulla, if you needed to pause before drinking out of the poisonous cup of love, then you achieved nothing)

Ishq soch ke keeta, te ke keeta, (if needed to think before diving into passion, then you achieved nothing)

Dil de ke Dil lain ke aas rakhi (if you needed reciprocity when giving you heart away, then you achieved nothing)

Ve Bhulliya.., (hey Bhulla)

Pyar aiho jiya keeta, te ke keeta (If this is how you’ve loved, then you achieved nothing)

Number 4 Lagi Bina, Chal Melay Saeen Zahoor & Sanam Marvi

Chal Melay nu chalye Sanam Marvi & Saeen Zahoor

Lagi bina, rain na jaage koi (without love, no one wakes up all night meditating…)

Ohi jaagay jis nu aap jagave (only the (blessed) ones are made to wake (at night)…)

Hor teeja na jaage koi (no third person is awake at night…)

Kaisarya Baalma, aawo jee, padharo maray des (beautiful beloved, now approach me, sit down beside me)

Ho jeevain ho bulleya (May you live forever bhulla!)

Mela e pal di pal ve (this (bright and colorful) fun fair is fleeting.)

Chal melay nu chaliyay (let’s (still) go to this fair (world)…)

Akhar jana marr vey (after all we all have to pass away (someday)…)

Pehla Mela Allah Keeta (the first fair like assembly was held by Allah himself)

Chal melay nu chaliyay (let’s (still) go to this fair (world)…)

Number 5; Mahi Mera Ali Sethi and Jamaldin

Since I am not very good at Sirayaki dialect of Punjabi, you are welcome to correct my translation, if you can please.

This is an Urdu write-up of this song, just in case. So, here goes my favorite part.

Mahi meray de hath wich toona (my beloved has magic in his hands)

Mulkon wakhra, sab tun sohna (my beloved is different from anybody in the world, the most gorgeous)

Sohni jai tor sahavain ve shala (keep walking your beautiful gait)

Mahi mera ghar aavein ve shala (my beloved, do come back home)

Ujhri jhok vasavein ve shala (this desolate abode, needs you to make it home again)

Number 6; Kandyaari Dhol Geet by Chakwal Group and Bohemia

So, tell me is this a song written by a poet or a philosopher. Can you do any better than this?

OO kandyari ve (oh prickly one)

Hai Kye dillan nu pyaari ai (oh the love of many a hearts)

Hai teray do nain azurde kal pae, aan (oh your pain filled eyes are tormented)

Ve, masseti rakhiyan pariyan (Oh, I placed all the steps to the top of the mosque)

Lagiya, Tor kade na charyian (yet, never climbed them)

Sar par thootiyan (right at the top, I would disintegrate (like rings on a finger))

Bhalla mera mann (my naïve heart)

Number 7; Mujh say pehli see muhabbat Noor Jehan and Faiz Ahmad Faiz

The ultimate guide to humanism and love for mankind, Faiz Sahib and his masterpiece is reproduced for you. If you want the lyrics all put together, this is a better site. A very good rendition by an Indian lady is here.

Mujh say pehli see muhabbat meray mehboob na maang (don’t ask for the same depth of love my beloved…)

An Ginat sadiyon ke tareeq baheemana tilism, (The dark and macabre talisman of ages…)

Resham o Atlas o kamkhwab mai bunwai huay (adorned in silk, damask and gold…)

Ja baja biktay huay kooch o bazaar mai jism (bodies being (disgracefully) sold at every nook and corner)

Khaak mai lithray huay khoon mai nahaya huay (bodies dusty and drenched in blood)

Lot jati hai udar bhi nazar kya keejiyay (alas, my attention inevitably turns to them)

Ab bhi dil kash hai tera hus, magar kya keejiya (you are still ravishing my beloved, but what to do?)

Number 8; Mai tainu samjahwan ke Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Meray di wich reh ke meray dil da haal na janay ((how odd) you don’t know how I feel while you yourself reside in my heart)

Teray bajon kalayaan beh ke ronday nain namanay (without you around, my silly eyes cry our for you)

Jeena mera, marna mera, naal teray se (my life, my death, is tied to you)

Ker aitbaar mera, mera karan intzaar tera (you have to trust me; I yearn for you)

Mai tenu samjahwan ke, na teray bajon lagda jee (how can I possibly explain to you, I can’t live without you)

Number 9; Sanu Ik pal Chain na aave Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali

Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali the King of Quawwali outdid himself in this show. His twirling and dancing around the tunes and music base, is unbelievable. Only he could produce such a masterpiece.

Khuda jushman kissay nu vi hijr da rog na lavay (I wouldn’t wish the separation from the beloved even to my enemy)

Zamana maarda tanay judai jaan pe khawe (The world is cruel and your separation is taking the life out of me)

Number 10; Hijr e yaaran Nabeel Shaukat Ali

The younger nabeel learned the art of high notes from his dad the maestro Shaukat Ali. Nabeel sure did justice to his training here.

Hijr e yaaran na sata, bewaja (Hey separation from my beloved, stop torturing me)

Ban Gya tu kyu waja, bewaja (Why do persist to be trouble, without reason?)

Mai ussay bhool Chuka, bhool chukka (I have forgotten my beloved)

Baat ai dil na barha, bewaja (Now stop escalating this issue unnecessarily)

Nuff said…

The last one is a bonus track for you guys

Number 11; Akhiyan nu rehn de, Akhyan de kol kol Reshma Ji

How could my list of Pakistani songs be complete without the Big Mama Queen of Punjabi soul music?

None of the kids nowadays can compare with the ways she would sing people to tears just with an earthen pot.

Check out the lyrics too, straight from the desi village deep in Pakistan’s northern Punjab.

Akhiyan nu rehn de, Akhyan de kol kol (let my eye sight live, with my eyes)

Chan pardesiya, bol bhavein na bol (my gorgeous outsider, you don’t have to speak to me if yiou don’t want to)

Vekhan da cha’ saanu, mukh partaavi naa (I had yearned to see you, don’t turn away from me)

Neray neray vassi dhola, door door javi na (stay close to me my love, don’t go far)

Door da khyal chadd, vass akhiyan de kol kol (stop thinking of going away, live with me close)


Now who said Pakistanis didn’t have talent to move mountains? I just wish our politicians would let arts, crafts, humanities, music, philosophy make a comeback in this desolate country.

Enjoy them music, my people, and do share with others. Do listen to my other playlist:

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