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In the India – Pakistan context, racism and religious discrimination are synonymous because India has continued the British system of caste identity, whereas Pakistan, surprisingly, dumped the practice. First let me go over the current situation in India on racism and religious discrimination.

India imposed the Citizenship Bill, the National Register of Citizens , Article 370 abrogation and Domicile Law mostly in areas like Kashmir, to consolidate Hindu hold on land where Muslims have been living for centuries. I have always argued this because the Hindu caste system is so entrenched in their national psyche, they see all Muslims as lower caste converts, to be treated accordingly.

At first, I couldn’t believe a PhD from Harvard, Dr. Subramanian Swamy of BJP party of India, could utter such bigoted nonsense about another religious group, from within their society. When asked regarding article 14 of India’s secular constitution guaranteeing “right to equality” for all persons living in India, he said,

“All people are not equal… There is no such thing as equal rights. They (Muslims) are not in the equal category” April 3rd 2020, Subramanian Swamy BJP leader of India.

Then I went over the origins of the modern man 60,000 years ago in Africa and how racism has no genetic foundation. I found that racism is all a social construct. Even white Asians have a dormant black gene. In the religious domain, Prophet’s message is modified by later day religious scholars to serve the political dispensation of the time. Even Christian and Jewish reference to the cursed Ham, son of Noah’s son Canaan, as being “servant of the servants” Genesis 9:20-27, because he was ‘colored’, is completely untrue.  Even Prophet Muhammad in his last sermon stated that “… neither is white superior over black”.

  So, it was the Europeans that have institutionalized this religious distortion to justify their horrendous enslavement and extermination of the Native populations, during their economic expansions into Americas, Australia, African and Indian Subcontinent. The Nazi’s racial purity against Jewish people and Spanish blue blood aristocrats, after ejecting pluralist Muslims from Spain, destroyed Europe beyond belief. Who is to say that civil war in United States could have been avoided if they had not been so cruel to the blacks or the natives? Where does this racist hate and religious prejudice come from, in India?

The Axis of divine inspired evil in India, Mr. Modi, Amit Shah, Doval and Swamy, were smart enough to use BJP party’s politics of segregation and bigotry, in Gujarat massacre and get away with it. They wouldn’t care less to think it destroys their society in the long term.

This is my list of top 6 reasons why racism, bigotry, prejudice and religious discrimination will destroy India and all the countries around it:-

At a moral level, it is wrong to discriminate between groups of people, just by their religion or the color of their skin. In a merit based society, no one can be denied a shot at the top post, or even drink from your cup, just because the person prays differently or looks different?

At a philosophical level, racism and religious discrimination is bad because everyone, irrespective of religion, caste or creed aspire to the same thing. That is, procreate in an environment of justice, security, economic independence and self-actualization. This religious discrimination and racism is the reason why Mr. Jinnah coined the ‘two nation theory’ and partition of 1947 happened. This was a partition from bigotry. “Pit race against race, religion against religion, and prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here” Eleanor Roosevelt.

From the scientific point of, a racism and religious bigotry, has no logical bases, hence has to be rejected outright. As all humans have descended from the same few thousand mothers that migrated out of Africa, where does it say the Hindu mothers are superior.

Racism and religious bigotry is wrong from the economic point of view because, you can only have a certain number of leaders, intellectuals, geniuses, and wealth builders — without whom society cannot sustain itself. What if the person you lynched from the Muslim faith in India, was to be the person that could have lifted millions out of poverty? If racism and religious discrimination was good for economy, the GDP of British India would not have come down from 25% of the world to 4%, in just 250 years.

Racism and religious discrimination is wrong at a personal level. An oppressor is a coward and that makes them very unattractive.  The handsome Mr. Nelson Mandela said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate” — Mr. Modi and his cohorts are doing just that. Wonder why the ladies fall in love with poets, artists and bad boys? That is because artists don’t follow dogma on hate and prejudice.

Is Pakistan Racist?

No, Pakistani society is modeled on Islamic principles that call for zero discrimination based on race, religion and caste – so, it isn’t racist.

This is diametrically opposed to the India BJP and RSS ideology, although a lot needs to be done here as well.  In the India- Pakistan context, something has to give eventually; I hope it doesn’t end in a holocaust.

“No human race is superior, no religion is inferior… only racists make (collective judgments) them” Elie Wiesel.

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