Top 12 Music Festivals of the World

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Here are the Top 12 music festivals in the world, with a brief explanation of the reason for their popularity. In the end are Pakistan’s top three Pakistani festivals well.

Tomorrowland Music Festival

With good cause, Tomorrowland in Boom town of Belgium is one of the world’s most famous music events of the World. The festival’s enormous stages, pyrotechnics, and lasers are famous. World-class DJs and electronic music performers are also on the bill.

Tomorrowland festival is usually held in the summer month of July.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Coachella, another prominent music event, that’s held in Indio California USA, draws big-name artists and massive crowds. The event has a groovy attitude, fashion, and art installations.

It is usually held in Spring time in the month of April.

Glastonbury Festival

One of the oldest and most prestigious music events is Glastonbury, Somerset, UK in the Sumner month of June. The event covers rock, pop, folk, and world music.

Fuji Rock Music Festival

One of Asia’s most significant music events is Fuji Rock in Naeba Ski Resort, Japan in the Month of July. Japanese and foreign performers perform at a magnificent ski resort during the event.

Sziget Festival, Hungary

One of Europe’s most significant music events is Sziget Music Festival of Budapest Hungary. The event is on a picturesque Budapest island with a diverse music program. This festival is also held in the moth of August.

Rock Rio Music Festival

One of the most famous music events is Rock in Rio De Janeiro in the month of September. The event has hosted top musicians since 1985.

Lollapalooza Festival

Another significant music event with big-name headliners and massive crowds is Lollapalooza Music Festival that is usually held in Chicago, but has been held in several countries as well. The event is noted for its variety and party atmosphere.

Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester

One of the most significant US music events is Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee USA in June every year. The Tennessee farm event combines rock, pop, country, and techno music.

Reading and Leeds Music Festivals

Reading and Leeds are world-famous rock festivals of England. The events occur in different English cities on the same weekend in August. The roster includes established and emerging rock acts.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

One of the most prestigious US music events is Austin City Limits in the month of August. Downtown Austin hosts the event, which boasts a diverse music program.

Now, the Top two Pakistani Music Festivals that keep getting bigger every year.

Top Three Pakistani Music Festivals

Pakistan boasts a vibrant music culture and several fantastic music events. Here are three top Pakistani music festivals:

Coke Studio Live & EAT Festivals

This annual event in Lahore featuring top Pakistani musicians, pulls in large crowds of people who come there for the love of fresh music and also to enjoy a desi meal.

Mela Chiraghan Shah Hussain

The Festival of Lights of Shah Hussain Sufi poet is Pakistan’s spiritual and mystical music festival held in the last week of March. The Lahore shrine of Sufi poet and Saint Shah Hussein hosts it every year for devotees of the saint and his devotee Madho Lal’s, celebrated over three days.

Dhamaal, a Sufi meditation dance, and qawwali and folk music are included at the festival. The celebration also lights thousands of oil lamps and candles, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Lahore Music Meet

This relatively new music festival in Pakistan is now regularly held in Lahore’s Alhambra Art Council in February. The two-day event brings together musicians, artists, industry professionals, and fans to celebrate and promote Pakistan’s music industry. The festival includes pop, rock, folk, classical, and electronic music performances, panel discussions, seminars, film screenings, and art exhibitions.


This list is a guide to wherever you want to enjoy live music in the world.

Top Music Festivals: Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask these questions about Music Festivals:-

Why do people like Music Festivals?

Music festivals are a terrific opportunity to meet new people and enjoy live music. It is a few days event where certain people, who enjoy the freedom, get together for the love of music and bond.

Who arranges the best Music Festivals in Pakistan?

Besides the Corporate event arranged by giants, this guy does a good job arranging music events as well. 

What makes a Music Festival Popular?

These are the five essentials of of a popular music festival in Pakistan:-

Lead artist has to be a crowd puller

It has to be a name that gives credibility to your event outright.

  • Akcent
  • Kantik
  • Clean Bandit
  • Diplo

These are the kind of big names that force people to come to the venue. 

Deep house DJ like Ahmet Kilic would work fine swaying the crowd with his Arabic inspired notes, before the final act of the night.

The lead artist has to be book well in time, that is, 3 months before the D-Day. Every prospective sponsor will ask for confirmation of this lead performer.

Venue Close to Target Market

The venue has to be relatively close to where the target market is. Music festival target market is 15-35 year olds, privately educated, English speaking, music loving boys and girls.

This crowd you only find in Islamabad and 25 miles around it, up to Wah Cantt. Nowhere beyond. So, the venue has to be close to the areas where the target market resides or works. That is CDA Sector F-6 to F-10. Period.

The marriage marquees in E-11 are a good option, but they have hangovers with musical events; music events infringe on their religious sensitivities. Or that might be a marketing gimmick to squeeze out more profits from prospective musical event managers.


The third most important thing is equipment. Certain NXS 2000 systems (player and mixer) are very hard to get in Pakistan and equally difficult to ensure they reach the venue in time. I hired a sub-contractor to arrange this equipment for the last day. Even then the middle man tried to fleece more rent from me.

Well, at least the equipment was installed and in place on time. Many events have been destroyed by these high end mixers, players and screens not installed at the venue in time. Pakistanis event market is quite unprofessional in that sense. So, do cater for unprofessionals.

Event Dates

On fourth spot is to make sure no bigger fish is scheduling their event on your days. This is a make-break for tiny events in the vicinity. Even if you have to go up to the big fishes to find out, do that, because they can steal your entire crowd with their established reputation and big marketing money.

Especially, do not schedule your event in the same month, and the same city where a bigger fish has already raked in the recreation money of your target crowd. Entertainment, Arts and Food festivals are in the same category of EDM ones.

Ticket Pricing

Keep a lookout for ticket pricing. You cannot go beyond Rs 500 per person, if you seek to attract students and middle class people. Otherwise stick to the rich crowd; you’d need special passes and access to the rich people hive, then you can charge upwards of Rs 5000.

Professional Marketing

The 5th and the most important factor that has to be kept in mind to arrange a successful event in Islamabad is professional marketing, sales and sponsorship. Don’t leave home without it. These professional marketers charge a hefty amount, but you can always compensate it with sponsorship money.

These professionals know how to reach Zion of rich kids. These kids don’t trust just anybody to come to their show. The right rich crowd needs to know the event-lead personally in order to trust the quality of the show. Professional marketers do just that — Give you credibility, if you are just breaking into the scene.


Work all year round for sponsors. Also, sponsorship is vital to hold a reasonably good event. All the cola manufacturers do sponsor music and entertainment events, but they have started conducting EAT events of their own – killing the little guy in the process. In any case, if you present your proposal at least 3 months before D-Day, and the proposal has lucrative marketing opportunity for the cola manufacturers, they do sponsor.

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