Sky diving Pakistan

Sky Diving in Pakistan is too legit to quit

Sky diving in Pakistan, especially free falling, is too legit to quit and must be encouraged. Unfortunately, there is no skydiving near me in Pakistan. Skydiving for Pakistanis means Jahaz say koodna, in Urdu.

sky diving pakistan
Sky Diving in Pakistan

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Is commercial Skydiving available in Pakistan?

Skydiving is not available in Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad for the general public.

The ones that do carry out skydiving do not offer it commercially as there they do not have the necessary support from the Government.

Some people do carry out skydiving informally from Paragliding and motorized gliders, but that is not licensed.

Is a Skydiving permit easy to get?

It takes at least one year to get a normal paragliding license, the para-jumping comes after that.

The government officers are too self-indulgent to let ordinary Pakistanis enjoy their life.

Why is skydiving not available in Pakistan?

The government has hogged all the planes, the equipment, the trainers, the runways, the NOCs, and licenses – so you need to beg them for a jump.

Sky diving in Pakistan 2
Sky diving in Pakistan jump from the Plane

Nearest Skydiving place in Pakistan

Skydiving nearest to Pakistan would be the Sky diving club

  • Dubai,
  • Philippines,
  • Thailand,
  •  Turkey and
  • Cape Town South Africa.
  • Paragliding training is available at Khanpur Dam and Mangla Dam sites in Pakistan.

Why is Skydiving in Pakistan an absolute necessity?

I will go over 7 reasons skydiving in Pakistan is an absolute must

Skydiving -You only Live Once (YOLO)

There is something more to this life, besides degrees, higher pays, gorgeous wives, successful kids, and assets.

That thing is making the most of the cards you are dealt with in life. Skydiving is right up there on every bucket list.

Time is ticking and you are not getting any younger. What’s the point of floating in the air when you can’t even land on your two feet anymore?

Who would you brag to then? Go for it now, at least your grandkids will think granddad was the coolest.

It is very safe to skydive.

Contrary to general perception, statistics of the USA show that there is only one fatality per 166,000 free falls.

Skydiving accidents are rare.

Skydiving is a lot safer than road accidents and even accidents involving ladders.

Skydiving, believe it or not, is safer than plane crash statistics too.

How to assess the skydiving club?

Just check whether the para-jumping club is certified and licensed.

If you carry out a fair background check of jump-instructor, just forget about what could go wrong, and enjoy the free fall downwards.

No club wants to risk litigation, so they usually are professional.

How does a tandem Skydive jump feel like?

A tandem jump with an instructor is not as good as the real thing, but it gives you a fair enough idea about whether you’d want to take it up as a sport.

You also get the feel of the real thing.

So, skydiving Pakistanis don’t have to worry about accidents.

sky diving in Pakistan 3
sky diving in Pakistan 3

It’s not too expensive to jump at least once.

On average, the sky diving club of Dubaicharges

  • Rs 70,000 per jump over the desert and
  • Rs 85000 per jump over Jumeira beach.

In the Philippines,it is Rs 50000 per tandem jump.

In western countries, USA and Europe, the skydiving price is mostly in the range of $ 25 per jump.

In Cape Town, South Africa, it is $ 30 per jump. Pakistan doesn’t have any certified commercial jump club. Pakistanis (they are doing scuba diving) would rather buy a plate of biryani than jump out of a plane.

The total cost of a skydiving trip from Pakistan

A sky diving trip to the Philippines would cost around Rs 300,000 per person in total from Karachi, this includes budget accommodation near the takeoff zone and average meals.

This does not include the price of skydiving videos and pictures.

All Skydiving equipment is provided by the club.

You’d be testing your courage Sky diving

A sky diver is a certified bad-as*.

Only the people that let go of the illusion of control can really call themselves courageous.

The final plunge is a giant leap of faith reserved for the adventurous, alive and exciting – no bores can get it through.

A sky dive, even in tandem, automatically grants you the right of passage into the world of the brave hearts.

Make no mistake about it, anyone that jumps off a moving plane and plunges to the earth at 200 KPH is one crazy-courageous MOFO.

Skydiving changes your perspective on life

Free fall from a moving plane suddenly changes your perspective about life.

You’d let go of worry, minor irritants, toxic relations, anxiety, the past and the future.

Sky dive Jumpers become friends for life.

These are a different kind of people that see life with a unique angle. – the camaraderie stays forever.

You’d be please to realize that you are not alone and there are plenty of beautiful crazies like yourself in the world.

My instructor left his desk job to complete 9000 jumps that summer evening in 2014, it was inspiring.

This is one highlight of your life that you’d cherish at your deathbed.

The  memory of choosing to register, driving up to the place, getting briefed, rigging-up, flying to 18000 feet and then being pushed off from a plane moving at 200 knots, cannot be forgotten.

The time when your legs are dangling out of the side of the plane, the stillness of the air as you slide out stays with you.

When you look up and see the evening sun across the curved horizon, it is a sight you’d always remember.

You’d keep looking for the same adrenaline rush and the dopamine fix in all your endeavors in life.

Free fall is when you fly.

A 60 seconds free fall immediately after exiting the plane is worth every paisa spent.

You’d see the ground rapidly coming close and the air pushing you back.

 Ask for an extended free fall, the instructor would gladly oblige, if you ask them nicely.

The instructor also does a few maneuvers, skydiving games and tricks after the parachute opens, like the figure-of-eight and the pendulum maneuver.

That’s very exciting also.

The total jump time is about 5 minutes.

Skydiving for Pakistanis would be a piece of cake since we free fall every day.

I was undecided about jumping off a perfectly fine plane, then someone said,

  • “There is no such thing as a perfectly fine plane” and
  • added “do it, man!”

and I did.

I would jump out of a plane every day of my life if I could. E

njoy it while you are still young.

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