murree road rawalpindi

Murree Road Rawalpindi -on the way to work

murree road rawalpindi Murree road  rawalpindi is one of the busiest roads of Rawalpindi and I pass through it every day while going to work in Islamabad. This road starts from TNT chowk, in front of General Headquarters Army and ends at Muree City. An extended part of this road lies in Islamabad which is not part of my route. Faizabad is the last point of this road that belongs to the Rawalpindi city. There are two flyovers, one on Chandini chowk and the other over 6th road. Muree Road has one underpass situated at the Committee chowk.

murree road rawalpindi

Despite being a very busy road, the traffic keeps moving constantly at a slow pace. When I pass through this road I get to enjoy the metro bus bridges overhead. There are many vintage buildings that I enjoy seeing every day. Buildings are in very bad shape but I believe with little effort Murree road can be made a beautiful road, because it has class.

murree road rawalpindi                        murree road rawalpindi


If you are into photography and can cycle too, then this amazing place is a wonderland early in the morning when traffic is thin.

                    murree road rawalpindi

All my photographs of Murree road have been taken from my car. It is on my bucket list to take photographs of this amazing road early in the morning

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While waiting at Murree Road

Metro bus ride

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  1. Amazing u find the vintage in murree road…

  2. awesome pics excellent proud of u my friend

  3. Great photography. Enjoyed reading the article. We need more people like you who have the knack to find happiness/amazement in their surroundings

  4. Excellent description and beautiful pictures!!

  5. Ashraf Chowdary says:

    Good write up on Murree Road well described pictures are very good

  6. I want to be on Murree Road right now

  7. Dr Ghazala Inamulhaq says:

    Great post ,someone who really appreciates the good things in life
    Keep up the good work

  8. Amazing, very nostalgic

  9. Informative post. Lovely pictures.

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