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‘Nur Singh Pawar’ or ‘Nursing Phuwaar’, as it is called locally is a Hindu temple and retreat nestled on a sharp ledge 300 meters above the canyon floor that runs towards Katha Masral town from the highlands of Soon Sakesar hills.

It is 2.5 hours from Rawalpindi when you get off Kalar Kahar interchange. It is not too far from Pail town.

High above this retreat is the actual granite rock cliff where we can park our cars.

The top cliff is just a short walk off the Sodhi Jay wali road after Keri and before Katha reserve forest.

Khudumi water falls is another 2 hours hike ahead.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to take your 4×4 jeeps right up to the gates of Nursing Phuwaar, as the track is quite narrow and not well made on the bends. Going down on a sharp cliff at a 40% angle is not easy even for adrenaline junkies like me.

The top shelf is an ideal ramp to jump off of for paragliding sports, as the canyon is way down in the abyss. The winds and updraft was quite strong in this hot summer month.

We got there in the month of June, and it was very hot. I hadn’t brought enough water to complete my hike down into the retreat and come back again. I was sweating like a convict on the noose.

To add to the misery, the local guide or tag along that came with me was constantly talking of robberies, casual muggings and disrespect for women by errant local kids.

I blocked out everything and walked down into the cool, green and peaceful Hindu retreat that is Nursing Phuwaar after a 30 minutes hike.

The temperature must have come down at least 5-7 0 Celsius at Nursing Phuwaar.

The place had a Hindu temple at one end, two ablution ponds in front, a functional natural water spring and several decrepit residential homes; or maybe they were pilgrims worship chambers.

The ledge on which this ascetic retreat was nestled was a total of 300 meters square. The spring water was flowing down over the ledge down into the canyon floor.

In the Khatri days, I was told a Besakhi mela used to be held here every year in the spring season. The small fields around the Hindu temple were used as pilgrim ground.

When the British left, all the non-Muslims Sikh and Hindus of the area left too and we had another abandoned ascetic retreat like historic Tilla Jogian.

The view from Nursing Phuwaar of the Soon Sakesar Mountains and canyons is breathtaking.

nursing phuwaar hindu temple

After exploring Nursing Phuwaar, we climbed towards our vehicle and my uninvited local guide suddenly started asking about my back ground, who I knew in the woods and how easy it would be to steal my watch. I could sense trouble but I kept my cool and hurriedly reached my vehicle.

I paid my guide a certain fee and then looked him dead in the eye and said, “you tell your mischievous boys around here, if they unluckily mess with a city guy like me, I will scr*w you and them Royally” — and drove off.

My friend Mr. Dagger, that I had on me, whispered a reassuring Amen in my ears.

Anyways, the place was worth the excitement and I would recommend families to have picnics at nursing Phuwaar.

Just keep the group size larger.

Peace Out!

Do enjoy the video too.

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