Best DJ playlist to rock your clubhouse in Pakistan

DJ playlist pakistan

This is the best DJ music playlist for parties and Pakistani clubs that has been curated to perfection. Doesn’t matter if it’s 2020, 2019, or 2018. 

This is my compilation of the ultimate DJ beats that play in every Pakistani dance party, from Rave to Festival, in various combinations. I have aligned the playlist from slow to the fast pace that is bound to make your head spin. No slow pumping fillers in this playlist. No bull commercial Bollywood water-downed music, no junk Ibiza summer mixes, and no western sounds compiled by kids on turntables. This music is from the masters of the art of lifting up the degenerates, rejects, downtrodden, depressed, anti-social, and just plain junkies, to a new level of high.

I will also explain why every Remix, Trap, House music and Trance is so special…

First up is Manali Trance – Yo Yo Honey Singh & Neha Kakkar just because of the haunting ghoulish and pulsating sounds in the background while hard pumping beats light up the floor.

2nd is Furkan Soysal – Oriental in Style – Arabic Trap Mix is a good fusion of slow trap to take up where Manali trance left off. This track is trance-like, just enough to get the crowd interested in the proceedings of the club.

3rd is Serhat Durmus Ft Zerrin – Hislerim (Trap)  Check out the pipes on this Turkish lady — what a voice. I couldn’t understand a word she said though. No matter, the music and rising falling beats were more than what I was looking for

4th is Alex Mica – Dalinda (Burak Balkan Club Remix) with consistent beats throughout the remix, lots of Turkish lyrics in a heavenly voice. The way the lady mentions Dalinda, I feel like enrolling into Turkish Classes today. No wonder Bollywood stole this Burak Balkan beat in Hookah Bar.

5th, picking up the beat is Hayati – Furkan Soysal & Can Demir mix If I am not wrong the guy in the song says ‘Inta Hayati’, ‘you are my life’. Wow! So you have a romantic Arabic number with super beats.  

At 6th place is Kantik – Falak Donence Firefox (original) is a fast, skippy beat. DJ Kantik sure knows his trade. This track is a great filler to pick up the beat in the beginning of the show.

7th place is Burhan Balkan – Fi Ha (Sukru Kesim Remix) just because I know a little Arabic and it means ‘now’ or ‘right now together’. Then the unique sounds of Arabic shehnai and cockcrow can only be juxtaposed by a genius with an ear for the real thing. The last minute is just crazy rhythmic sounds that will force everyone to the dance floor.

8th DJ Kantik – Blue Dwarf 2, because of its simplicity and beats at the right speed. It’s rhythmic, melodious, and keeps up the momentum. As expected from Kantik, the last minute is amazing.

9th Arabic Remix – Khalouni m3ich (Yusuf & Ksioglu Remix), I like the beats and Arabic lyrics – good combination. The way the DJ drops the beat, mid compilation, is brilliant.

10th Vini Vici – Universe Inside. Tribu Zaouli. Costa de Marfil, is the ultimate show finisher. It starts off on a fast beat and stays that way throughout. I can’t think 0f a better remix to fit at the end of the show when everyone is on a high and need to blow some steam.

This is 30 minutes of pure dance music heaven. For all those that don’t like my music — I don’t care –you guys have no ear for good music.

The best DJ playlist for weddings in Pakistan is coming soon, right here. Finding the right Best DJ playlist from Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music Apps is a huge hassle. Especially considering the pompous people of Spotify haven’t activated it here. Downloading the best DJ playlist from a simple Google, Yahoo, or Bing search mostly produces music that you’d not identify with. For example, ‘DJ DJ I want to fly by DJ Tao Shaojun’

My previous Best DJ playlist of commercial music is pretty rocking too. I’d be coming out with the Best DJ hip hop and R&B playlist in right here, including a DJ playlist pdf. You can get all your free downloads from youtube. 

For all those interested, the recommended DJs in Pakistan are DJ Asif Butt, DJ Ali Safina, DJ Yasmin Yousaf, and DJ Alex Jade.

And for all my homeboys and gals, Enjoy! And do comment on this EDM Club Dance Music Playlist of mine for Pakistan. 

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