Diva Restaurant

Diva Restaurant Bahria Phase 7, Islamabad, Pakistan

Diva Restaurant Bahria Town Phase 7, Islamabad has consistently provided good food and excellent views to its customers.

Diva Restaurant Website

This restaurant doesn’t have its own website only a Facebook page 

Restaurant Contact Number 0333 6663482

Diva Restaurant Location Map

You will have to drive leisurely along the green valley road in Bahria town Phase 7 to reach this place. Turn right from the Clock tower of Bahria Phase 7 Islamabad.

It is behind Green Valley Cash and Carry

The road is wide and easily accessible with your own car or uber/careem.

Is Diva Restaurant in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

Right off the bat, I have to tell you that the Restaurant in Bahria Phase 7, is firmly in Rawalpindi, south of GT road. The Islamabad tag is why Malik Riaz is such a genius.

The other restaurant franchise is in Jinnah Park, Islamabad (read Rawalpindi).

Diva Restaurant

Best things about the Restaurant 

  • There is ample parking there.
  • Don’t forget to book in advance or you will have to wait for half an hour to get a table.
  • They have a top deck and a patio to have dinner in the cool breeze and under the stars. The place has a clean environment and the Soan River flows alongside it. It is quiet and romantic.
  • As it is nestled inside a residential area, there is dim lighting all around, and very serene.
  • It’s a little far so not too many people get there. This allows for ample opportunity for ‘alone time’, if you get what I mean.

Diva Restaurant Menu

Restaurant menu is pasted below.

The menu for Restaurant in Jinnah Park is similar

Diva Restaurant

Food of the Restaurant

They serve all menus from Pakistani to Chinese to steaks. I tried their chicken karahi and it was not too bad. The chicken was of better quality. The garlic naan were tasty. Their chicken burger is nice too.

Their steak could have been better with a little more focus on the meat rather than the secondary stuff around it.

Diva Restaurant Rating

Overall I would give this place 7 out of 10; a place worth going to.If you have enjoyed reading my review. i a sure you will like reading my reviews on other restaurants in Rawalpindi, Islamabad.

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Post Script.

Like all other ripoffs, this name  has been misappropriated from popular Diva Restaurant chain in Northborough, Chicago, Steamboat,Vancouver, NYC, Dehli, Philadelphia, and Toledo.

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  1. The food culture of Rawalpindi is very rich and versatile. Apart from many exciting places to visit and other tourist attractions, the food scene of Rawalpindi is definitely on. You can find innumerable sweet and savoury dishes in the city. Burgers, pastas, BBQ, soups, pulao, biryani, nihari… you name it. Everything is available in the city, and that too at affordable rates.

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