Casa Rica Restaurant in Bahria Phase 7 is the bomb

Casa Rica Restaurant
This restaurant has been shifted to DHA 2

In a quiet corner just behind Greenvalley mart is Casa Rica restaurant in Bahria Phase 7. We went there one Saturday evening and it was full to capacity. The place is tightly packed but new and well arranged. Friday through Sunday traffic at GT road towards Bahria Phase 7 is crazy, so get there early around 7 pm


The first impression is of the place is of a conventional restaurant — plain interior.

The thing I look for is a quiet corner with a view of the surrounding landscape — there wasn’t any. Not even a corner seat looking outwards. So that was a bit of a downer.


Then the playlist was passé. I think someone used an outdated and weak playlist right off YouTube.

Someone needs to tell the people of Casa Rica that the playlist is the second impression — get a professional to do it if you don’t have the taste.


The menu was a combination of continental, fast food and Chinese — good compact menu.

Prices were reasonable, around Rs 900 per person for dinner.


The waiters were courteous and prompt including the ladies. Someone has groomed them well

Casa Rica is a little far for the general public and just out of reach for the general folk; this makes it a more peaceful place to dine in quiet.

We ordered beef steaks, noodles & burgers — all three were well made.


The steaks were the best I have tasted in Rawalpindi till date. The meat seemed to be of better quality.

Noodles were non-homemade; which was a bit of a downer — but were delicious. Noodles were greasy, spicy and hot, just the way I like them. Homemade noodles would have just hit the spot.

Burgers were full and fresh. I liked the size of the beef Patty.


Overall, I’d rate Casa Rica 7 out of 10, just because of its tasty food and reasonable prices and clean location.

For more review on restaurant, do click this link.

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